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When I say retro I mean 2 things here. One, The visual style & simple mechanics & 2. it being very hard. VVVVVV, or i'll call it V 6 times isnt that long of the game but the game does take a bit getting used to. If you're not a fan of hard games this isnt for you. Though there is a god mode that nulls any damage taken so I guess you could play through it.

What I love about V 6 times is that it allows you select where you want to go & explore most of the time. This allows you to challenge different levels first then come back when you're ready. The pace of the game is pretty fast which I like & keeps you learning about the worlds vast environments. The game comes with an amazing chiptune Soundtrack which is well worth the purchase. You can find it on the game's site or if you bought this game in a humble bundle then go to the soundtrack tab & download the Music.

The Only complaint I have with V 6 times is that sometimes it feels that your character slides a bit making it annoying at times when you accidentally slip off the side. Though I sat down with some friends & they argued that This adds to the difficulty of the game I dont know how strong this point may hold up to some people.

VVVVVV is a wonderful experience & is available on Desura for 4.99. This game is defiantly worth it.

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