I am the founder of Neotl Empire, an independent developer for the current project, Army Men III. I am also responsible for programming the entire game framework, most of the art design, animations, and music composition.

Summary List Popular Mod Development
MidEast Crisis 2
C&C3: Tiberium Wars

1. MidEast Crisis 2

1 year ago Released Feb 22, 2009 Single & Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

Mideast Crisis 2] (MEC2) is a total conversion for 'Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars' set in the near future, letting you use modern technology (such...

C&C3; A New Experience
C&C3: Tiberium Wars

2. C&C3; A New Experience

5 months ago Released Dec 31, 2011 Single & Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

Relive the Original C&C3; Tiberium Wars Universe, from a new perspective.

MidEast Crisis
C&C Generals: Zero Hour

3. MidEast Crisis

3 years ago Released Sep 17, 2007 Single & Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

MidEast Crisis is a total conversion for the EA game Command and Conquer Generals : Zero Hour. It is a mod featuring Israel and Syria in a hypothetical...

Iron Grip : The Oppression
Half-Life 2

4. Iron Grip : The Oppression

3 years ago Released Oct 24, 2007 Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Iron Grip : The Oppression has a completely new kind of gameplay, combining First Person Shooter with Real Time Strategy elements in a way never done...

DragonBall Z RTS ( Prototype)
C&C: Red Alert 3

5. DragonBall Z RTS ( Prototype)

2 years ago TBD Single & Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

Relive the old and new adventures of Z worriers, in their fight against evil, from the perspective of a Strategy Real Time Game...

Army Men Sarge's Heroes HD
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

6. Army Men Sarge's Heroes HD

2 years ago Released Apr 24, 2013 Single Player Third Person Shooter

Sarge's Heroes gameplay just got more intense! Prepare to charge on the battlefield in a guns-blazing glory or go out with a loud bang. Explosions everywhere...

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