I am the founder of Neotl Empire, an independent developer for the current project, Army Men III. I am also responsible for programming the entire game framework, most of the art design, animations, and music composition.

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Army Men III
Army Men III

1. Army Men III

2 weeks ago Released Apr 30, 2013 Single & Co-op Third Person Shooter

Army Men III is the conclusion to the never-finished original Army Men series that starred the original "Sarge" character. With the Insane Grey Doctor...

Zombies On A Plane
Zombies On A Plane

2. Zombies On A Plane

5 months ago Released Mar 28, 2014 Single Player Arcade

Zombies on a Plane is an exciting new title coming to Windows PC, Mac OS X and iOS. Players take on the role of the captain of a troubled jumbo jet carrying...

Bounty Arms
Bounty Arms

3. Bounty Arms

2 years ago Released Feb 2010 Single Player Platformer

Bounty Arms is an old-school 3d side-scrolling action game that utilizes modern technology from the Unreal Engine 3. Over the course of the final game...

Army Men Multiplayer
Army Men Multiplayer

4. Army Men Multiplayer

2 years ago TBD Multiplayer Third Person Shooter

Army Men Multiplayer is considerably the online multiplayer version of our first released independent third person shooter title, Army Men III. This game...


5. Prevalence

2 years ago TBD Single Player First Person Shooter

Lord Iheanacho's Prevalence is a jungle horror-themed, first person shooter game utilizing the Unreal Engine 3. The game serves as a tribute to the Unreal...

ECHO Squad
ECHO Squad

6. ECHO Squad

4 years ago TBD Single Player First Person Shooter

From the founder of the Halo 3 Team (H3T) of the Halomaps community, we bring you ECHO Squad - an independent, squad-based first person game created using...

Zombie Quarantine
Zombie Quarantine

7. Zombie Quarantine

3 months ago TBD Single Player Arcade

Uniquely test your mental ability in this fun puzzle-strategy game by guiding a swarm of survivors to the safe zones, while avoiding zombies and soldiers...


8. Knoll

2 years ago TBD Single Player Tower Defense

Knoll is a medieval game based in the middle ages of England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales. Copyright © 2011-2013 By Binary Sword Pty Ltd.

Infectious Life
Infectious Life

9. Infectious Life

2 years ago TBD Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Infectious Life is a FPS/RPG Zombie Survival Horror game being developed on CryENGINE 3. The Main Concept of Infectious Life is to provide a tactical...

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