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Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 8:08pm says:

Wacraft 3 and its Expansion both tried somthing alil' different from most other RTS games. They threw alil' RPG in them. With the ability to create and role play (with the expansion) up to 4 different heroes per race, and then maybe an added one there after from the mercanary set; you can try your luck by fighting RPG vs RTS. Warcraft 3 has got a great Story line, it nearly rivals SC potential but the game's over all cartoony feel that Blizzard has given the series ever since Warcraft 2 has slowly sort of, created a sort of dislike for the series in my taste. I dont really prefer the Cartoon-ness the game feels and its even more evident with this installment. The game features everything from humorous and sometimes childish Voice Acting (its all good though!) to Fruity Pebble Colors for the world you play in. The models look like **** detial wise cos Blizzard designed them so low poly. Not a bad thing to do but in'a game where you can zoom in close enough to see the colors of a troop's iris its horribly noticable that the kilt on the Footman is rather card board looking. The textures on this game are simply insane though. Think of that comment i just made... you can see the colors of the iris... Hell yes you can! On a RTS GAME no doubt! Dude, there is even a Pupil! and a lil reflection glint on the eyes too! btw, the footman has Blue Eyes XD. anywey... Yes the Textures on this game rock! It also features awsome partical effects and bad *** spell animations. Blood however is ... dumb looking. thats about it... and the Partical Effects for fire looks like some Indian is blowing circles from his pipe; just in different colors. Its pretty lame. Animations are detialed but at times some what chunky. They are how ever very very lively. Music wise the tracks dont match the thills you got from SC or from WC2. The tracks sound sort of idle but they do fit the universes Cartoony Gritty Universe theme instead of just being a bunch of up beat fanfares. The Night Elves have the best tracks in my opinion.
The BEST thing about this game is its World Editor. The Editor is simply insanely moddable. its a great foundatoin for any beginner modder and game creator. The System is SO useful that they are remaking Starcraft in its accurate form using the WC3 engine. Hell some of us have even made a flight simulator with the game in the star wars theme! ... okay maybe there was no altitude, But you were still throttling around at full speed dodging blaster fire!
WC3 X is more noted with its similiar cult following of the likes of SC and its map Editor which has spawned prolly the greatest modding communities ever with WC3 Campaigns and WC3search. Look for this title if your a strict RTS gamer. Other wise, you'll end up picking it up anyweys. I've gotten so many Foot Ball Varsity jocks hooked on this game its not even funny.

+1 vote   game: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 7:34pm says:

SC is is just... yeah. The Best Game ever for PC in my opinion. While Rome Total War comes very close in my eyes; its based off of History. SC is ALL origianal. The Story, the GFX, the Sound FX (corse at the time) Were insanely powerful. The Storyline i believe is the biggest contributor. SC Features one of the last great games to house a great thrill of the hunt for your story board. This game quite simply would make a great movie. As for game play? SC featured the first in having 3 races all UNIQUE. No CnC cheapness with simply renaming the same troops for 2 factions and having simple primitive stat changes. SC was and IS still truely a GOD in the RTS gaming world. The gameplay is Fast and Breath Taking. The heart pouding pulse of this Game's War Fare gets my viens to throb more than Halo or Doom EVER did. The Music for each race Fits to each Culture, ADDING Culture. The Sound fakes can shake your windows. This is the ONLY game ive ever blasted my speakers with. At the time it was Released, the Games GFX were rather top notch as Sprite games go. SC featured a unique engine at the time called Pixel Mapping; which ment that anywhere you clicked, is where your soldier was capable of moving. There are no noticable Unit Collision grids on this game aside from the Pathing Blocks from cliffs and Buildings. This game is just... simply... near Perfect. At the time it WAS PERFECT. Now however, it is easily dated. being sprite run and not in 3D and your Air Craft dont rlly act like air craft. They simply float. All these things could change with the technology thats readily avialable today. I still play this game til this day for much rush of excitment it offers. Its the ONLY game im Passionate about aside from WarCraft and Diablo... ironically... the other Blizzard games... SC is frankly the Competor to CnC, along with WC. Blizzard vs Westwood. We all saw who won though. Westwood fell by the way side, Blizzard moved forward. Each game they unleashed to the world came back with spoils of best PC game of the Year AND OR Best Game of the Year. If you're an RTS gamer... buy this thing. Even if you dont play it; show case it as a testiment to the Ultiment of RTS Gaming of all time that ALL RTS Game Designs now strive to achieve this game's level of epic proportion.

+1 vote   game: StarCraft
Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 7:21pm says:

Armada 2 is by far the better of the Armada games and I prefer it as the better of any type of Naval Game, even tho it is Ster Trek. I personally do not favor Star Treks flavor but hey... with a race like Species 8472? ... hmm... Zerg?! WEE! Biomechanical Critters who live in organs! Sounds good to me!
The game is an RTS featuring a fully massive collection of fleets in the Star Trek Universe for you to wield. There's alot of ships to be gotten in this game for your thirst of multi phaser shooting frigates. The GFX are quite captivating. Visually speaking the game is... well... it looks like the damn shows and movies pretty much! unlike Armada 1, which looked rather cartoony; the Colors, Textures and Models on Armada too have a very "realistic" feel that their Origianal God would've loved to have seen (aka Gene himself). I do think the master of Star Trek would've loved this creation. Gaming wise, i found this game real fun, even tho im not a Trekkie. Its a good mix of intense war far and space naval engagment with Empire-like managment. You colonize tons of worlds and seek in hunger everywhere for resources. Having the Resources on Infanate Gathering and having your Techs and productions on Expensive and Slow makes this game a worth wild one to play for many hours in one Setting. Realistic wise? i dono wot to say... its... Star Trek... and while im not a Trekkie, i must confess, its pretty damn accurate to the Trek Universe. The only thing i thought was sort'a... strange was the Federation's Scout vessel which is called the Venture i believe. Its a mimic of the custom shuttle that Tom Paris from Voyager designed and created. It looks rather large to the rest of the fleet for being a shuttle that only has a crew of mostly 6 to man it. The Defiant Class compared to that little guy just... seems alil bit off. I personally think that an Obertha Class might've been better, but... eh, that class is real old... i duno, im no Trekkie. i dono wot else exists for the new **** now. The other issue is that I believe that Spiecies 8472 was... like... f'ing godly? In Armada 2, they are very destructable and no where near as strong. Its sorta safe to hear yes, you wont have to worry about having that ring of Spiecies Ships shooting that massive cannon and blowing up one of your colonized worlds (althuogh you do get to use that Ring of Ships thingie tho!, its just not as strong, ... NO WHERE NEAR). It makes good for game balance. thats the only reason why they were cut so far down.
The one thing i LOVED about this game is that it TRUELY Added a 3rd Dimension to the RTS Genre. It TRUELY Added it. Your map is actually a CUBE area, not a flat plane. By right clicking with your mouse, you can scroll a location up or down in Altitude. This makes it possible for your attack to actually riad from ABOVE and enemy instead of Head on from the Standard compass directions. That right made the games biggest impression on me and it simply changes the way you can rush in'a RTS with that ability in mind. Unlike most players who simply mindlessly rush and flood you stupidly with what they believe to be the strongest unit; this game allows you to out manuver them in any direction, warp around them and since nearly every vessel has atleast ONE unique "spell" or special ability? you garuntee you that you can counter any noob fleet of tons of Soveriegn Class ships that might be massing at you.
This game is a Good RTS for the Trekkie Fans. Maybe aside from Klingon Acadamy, i think this is one of the better games to ever hold the Star Trek title on its box

+2 votes   game: Star Trek: Armada II
Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 7:00pm says:

Rome Total War is justly rated by some as the best PC game to ever graciously befall us PC gamers. In all intensity, realism and lucious endevures; the thrill of this game begins to rival the womens' thirst for chocolate. Getting a fix to play this game is just so hard to refuse. The game is simply nearly endless. You create an empire in a sort of Civilation/Risk invironment, then Battle during attacks in real time with absolutely stunning battles of over 10thousand men in some cases- and yet your computer will still run the game at a playable frame rate if its a slower machine. The game in my opinion? Its another MUST BUY. I COMMAND you to Purchase this Title cos I said so.
The game features A TON of realism that i've always wanted. Archers fire in Vollies. Troops have morale. Men can get tired. Horses can trample. Its just... so frigging awsome. The Historical accuracy is unbelievable aswell. Its so accurate in both Visuals and Stats for each troop and unit that the HISTORY CHANNEL used the game during a Series they played to portray battles accurately. This is game is simply a must have. I cannot find much wrong with the game personally. And in my eyes, it rivals SC as my all time favorite game of all time.

+1 vote   game: Rome: Total War
Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 6:40pm says:

Its an Okay game but its just... so... clunky feeling. nothing to enjoyable about it in my opinion. Just like in other CnC games u sit there... spamming ur stupid unit production icons. thats ALL u do, there is nothing else. This one adds alil bit more but adding super weapons... so ... yeah, u sit there spamming thoes production orders til the timer ticks around to nuke some helpess bastard. ... wow... CnC is just getting old now n i rlly didnt like anything WestWood put out besides 2 games, Tiberian Sun and Battle For Dune. other wise... just like the rest Westwood released, its another repeate with different sprites. Woopty Freaking Doo.
oh... and corny *** Acting... i actually found thoes rather enjoyable tho! honestly!

+1 vote   game: C&C: Red Alert 2
Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 6:48pm says:

FreeSpace 2 is just quite simply put, the absolute replacement of WingCommander. For any whom are lucky enough to Pilot this game? Wing Commander quickly takes its last flight... right out your window. This game is absolutely INTENSE. And it ironically fits the "Wing Commander" title better then Wing Commander itself did. U can actually very accurately order different wings and squadrens in flight with so many different orders and options. The fact that u can do it to each single fighter flight aswell means total control over your wingmen. The GFX are just insane; even now, in 2006, this games gfx are awsome. They are fast paced, breath taking, least at the time and are quick 'n fast. The sound is just enrichingly poisoning. The music is vastly epic feeling and extremely dramatic, the blasting effects of your fighter, guns, the explosions, shake you down to the rickets of your floors. This game just owns all Flight Sims for the Space Themes. I honestly could not find much wrong with this game what so ever. The partical effects for when your vessel is dmged is the only stupid looking and ... complaint i have about this game. Other wise, i command you ppl to buy this game. I dont care if you dont play Sims, Buy the damn thing cos i told you too

+2 votes   game: FS2_Open Source
Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 6:29pm says:

Empire Earths is actually Ensamble Studios secret creation because they were surprisingly not happy with their Age of Empires Series. (which i wasnt either, but hey)
EE Is what i deemed the attempt to capture a Military Simulation for ALL Epochs. Its not rlly civilization in any way and you have far less economy uses in this games. Its purely tactical and battle only mainly. I quite enjoyed EE over AoE A TON more and Even will still play EE over the new release Rise of Nations because of its larger scale and alil more realistic combat system. I found EE addicting becuase it was like AoE mixed with Total War. You can have one hell of a populatoin limit in this game, sprawling all the way up to 800! Its not hard to afford ur military either and u have no need to expand any supply. just start gathering with a few civilians and make a huge army. WOOT! The Partical effects, i will confess, also did me in. Like... DOOOD! SO MUCH SMOKE! WEEE! I loved the Industrial Age XD. Insanely smoky and everything.
Okie to the real deal here.. in actuallity, DO NOT ZOOM IN WITH THIS GAME. Your Textures look like ur men are made of legoes and attempt to resemble characters from Giligans Island. ITS Horrid. Accuracy? Naturaly judging so, cos it cliams to be a Historical Game; Is a... bit... f'ed up. AGAIN battle ships shoot frigging peach pits at you! I MEAN WTF?! AND SO DO THE TANKS! ... im gunna rlly strangle game creators. this is getting annoying. The Sound sux... heh... seriously it sux. i turn off EEs music everytime and play somthing on the Windows Media Player instead. I simply keep the FX on just to locate areas of active engagments only.
All in all tho i rlly liked this game, i still find myself zooming in to view the massive sprawls of ware fair that can literally fill a whole huge island on a large map in a 1v1 counquest. it gets pretty insane.

+1 vote   game: Empire Earth
Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 6:16pm says:

DS and its Expansion is a certinaly new additoin to the rush of constent RPGs that are now flooding the MMO sections. This game is no MMO but its RPG Engine stands alil different in that the biggest thing about this game is that its possible to take your character and form him into anything you desire. No character classes to limit you, no worthless little stat points, nothing. Simply use logic and you're under way to making a Mage, Archer Cleric, Worrior or anything in between. The more you use a Bow, the more ur Dex and Archery goes up. The more you fight Melee, the more your Stregnth and Melee goes up and so on and so forth. Pretty Nice actually and i enjoyed that sort of realism that makes your characters even more unique compared to your cometitors than other games.
GFX wise the game was sort'a... okay. Yeah it was 3d but the textures are very faded, even under high ressolutions. There was not enough vibrance in colors either, the game seemed sorta... Dull appearing visualy. The particals in my opinion are rather cheap. A little bug explodes and the blood is more like a few poofs of red powder than liquid. and the particals are so few on this animation that there is absolutely no sense of mass in the detial either. This happens to stand for alot of its animations. The sound is alrite, gets sort of annoying tho and u WILL be turning it down or off eventually. The music is catchy at some points but hard to follow in others. My biggest issue with this style game is that its wot i refer to as a LAZY RPG. Its no matter to most but just a term i made for myself. On DS, you simply point and click, or, ... just click. hell u dont even have to micro, u can just macro by having ur mage switch from his battle spell to maybe a healing wind spell with one click, then back again later. things are so automatic and ur party attacks overwhelmingly on their own that i got very bored of its sit back and drool game play VERY quickly. I played the game 3 nights in'a row. Got so bored that i took my main character only n soloed the rest of the game with him til i got to the last level to kill the Boss. I brought the rest of the party in and attacked. sat there ... watching... mindlessly... for about 7 minutes as they hacked on him. corse he rezzes himself and then MORE sensless boring watching hacking. I quickly handed it over to my brother n wlked away. Havnt played the game in 2 yrs aside from turning it on just recently to make a female character with the intention of soloing the whole game on her own...

+2 votes   game: Dungeon Siege
Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 6:01pm says:

D2 is simply a major Kick *** RPG game that I enjoyed intesly. I so wish this game went MMORPG. The mixture of Arcade Combat with a rich Character Developement is an astonishing ideal. The game however does get alil boring at time because of its limiting world and just simply not having enough origianal things to do besides kill kill kill... and kill. The added quests however for Multi Player and the Multi Player in generals does add quite abit to it. I just wish this game was much more massive and was MMO. would be so much better.

To thoes whom were just tlking, the so called FPS was SC Ghost, in which the D2 Team (Blizzrd North) WAS NOT Creating. Blizzard hired the team who made Vampire: The Mascarade; which i believe was Vivinde Software. About halfwey thru the Ghost Project, Blizzard Fired that team, saying they failed to reach the requirments. Blizzard, having release WoW by that time, attempted to succeed on the project on their own and ended up dropping the project as of this spring. SC: Ghost was there for Canceled. Blizzard North ceased to exist as of the early 2000s but reformed only a few years ago for a new project that is an RPG in a 3D format. The plans were mentioned that it was another MMO and since i was lookin with job interests, they were looking for 3D Designers with talent in Beastial Creatures and the like at the time. That was alittle before WoW's expansion. the MMO Project they possibly refered too was prolly WoW X.

+1 vote   game: Diablo II
Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 5:52pm says:

Civ 3 is another achieving installment to its series and you'd think after Civ 2 and then the Test of Time Flop release; that you wouldnt want much else. Civ 3 is actually rather worth it for you TBS Civ gamers who love to warm their chairs for winter after sitting at a game for 16 frigging hrs to beat one scenario. There are quite a few new things in Civ 3 that change the scope of the game alil. First is that units have range now. If u have a Howitzer Division, u can actually bombard a city from several grids away. Same with the Battle Ship. Another lil' add on is Cities are virtualy limitless in size almost. instead of just growing up, the begin to sprawl out aswell within their radius. Adds to the game play mixture when ever you have several squares that our City instead of just one. Thoes are just a few triats the Mr. Sid added.
HOWEVER, much like Civ 1 and 2... and yeah even Test of Time counts... I wish Sid would watch a few War movies to learn how things works militarly. I simply do not See how Industrial Age RifleMen will get killed by Archers of the Classical Age type. Gets Worse when i had a SINGLE KNIGHT unit Besige ONE of my cities which was equiped and fortified with 2 TANKS, 3 Artillery pieces and 7 Riflemen. . . and yes ppl, the damn Knight Won! THAT was the last time i ended up playing them game. Even under Easiest the game has got the Stupidest F'ing stats to ever try and RESEMBLE Realism and so in my opinion; this game is better as a Sim City Empire Builder than a friggin military stratagy game. Its still agood Civ game, dont get me wrong; but u'll find urself cussing more than gloating.

+3 votes   game: Civilization III
Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 5:42pm says:

CnC Generals is a great RTS with fast paced combat that takes you intensly into a rich invironment with its powerful engine. The game has quite afew things to master, making it an interesting game for awhile atleast, the combat is fast and furious and the FX, both sound and visual rlly spice it up. Its awsome to play this game with a 19 to 23 incher screen (if u plug it up to ur wide screen TV, woot!) along with dobly 5.1 ATLEAST for surround. the game supports it all for some really awsome cinema feel. The game has however 2 issues that got on ppls nerves. They introduced the Bottom Console which is similiar to Blizzard's Designs, ASWELL as a similiar building scheem aswell. Each barracks is an individual building. I for one enjoyed that change, but i do like the side Controls better. The other issue is Accuracy. Im getting rather tired of CnC games never learning wot a d*mn Tank is supposed to do. WOuld you like to stand infront of a f'ing Smoothebore Cannon and see if you Live from one SHot?! I mean, Holy sh*t... for crying outloud... com on ppl...
yeah.. eh hem...
anyway... FUN GAME!

+1 vote   game: C&C: Generals
Gloryn Jul 27 2006, 5:31pm says:

A History Based RTS that attemps to mix the Turn Base Giant of Civilization with Age of Empires and Empire Earth. Pretty interesting formula. Best result from its unique design was the territory system. The game itself is good, but for Historical Accuracy? Ew... not exactly the greatest in any matter. How can the p-38 Lightning be included as a unique unit called the Hawk Fighter? And the Eagle Fighter is a bloody A-10 Thunderbolt; an Army Air Support Fighter that CANNOT Attack Ground unless its equiped with 2 Side Winder Missles =/. The American's dont have the M1 A1 Abrams tank, making the Info Age Tank for the Germans own everyone, Which is SOO wrong; and for some reason EVERYONE can Build the B-2 Spirit; the AMERICAN ONLY Stealth Bomber. There are also a few Tactical Inaccuracies aswell. Fusilers for example should be a front line Formation soldier, not back line; Dreadnaughts and Battle Ships shoot f'ing pebbles for bullets instead of 18 pounders ATLEAST... its real gay.
I'd reccomend this game to any RTS gamer n' thoes who are looking for some thing to add with EE or their AoE series. In my opinion, the game is too fast. You rush through ages so quickly that you hardly get to enjoy the eras involved til' ur alrdy nuking ur enemies. Cuts down on the game's worth of playing again later on BADLY. If you do single age combat, the game is too limited. Over All these little things everyone over looks begins to eat the game alive. I stopped playing it within 2 weeks but do enjoy good 1hr skirmishes with my brother every once in'a while.

+3 votes   game: Rise of Nations
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