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Glarg 7hours 47mins ago replied:

That's actually really interesting to know.
I alway love when the devs put their own strange humor into games.

+1 vote     media: New China Barracks
Glarg Jun 6 2014, 2:04am says:

Fantastic work. One thing to point out, the "green tentacle trees" [for lack of a better word] seem a bit off. Seems a bit too shiny and rounded when compared to the other flora.
You might consider adding some moss-like drips, or some kind of flowering bodies. I think yellow would be an good color for such an addition, to help add another compatible color to the scene and give the "trees" a slightly more forest feel.

While as a game I wasn't too fond of Tib Sun, the atmosphere was fantastic and the environment felt "full". I think you've done a good job adding to it.

CnC3 was a boring wasteland in comparison. While I understand that in practical terms, trying to fill a 3D RTS screen with flora is intensive in both asset labor and performance, the environment was just plain boring and forgettable. I found the "tiberium changed so all the fantastic previous life just died" excuse to be a poor cop-out.

+5 votes     media: Misc: Tiberium Flora
Glarg Jun 3 2014, 2:48am says:

That is an excellent model, of a dumb looking ship.

+5 votes     media: Challenger-class Revamp
Glarg May 30 2014, 10:21pm says:

David, if you are reading this, you're a real *******. You don't ******* volunteer **** that people are going to depend on, and then play "takesies-backsies" when someone waves a bigger wad in front of your face.

Yew- Don't try to make excuses or explain away what he did. It was a **** move motivated by money, rather than doing the decent thing. Seeming politeness, excuses and apologies do no change the act.

Going forward, you need to be absolutely clear with anyone that wants to "contribute", with possibility of payment or not, that said contributions are forever part of the game. Should you decide to have any helpers in the future, you'll need to find some sort of license for everything to be released under.

Gotta love these "learning experiences". Just remember, there will probably be more.

+2 votes     article: Development Setback 5/29
Glarg May 28 2014, 8:53pm says:

Have you considered re-scaling the seeker to be smaller? I think given their fragile nature it would be fitting.

+1 vote     media: Seeker Tank Squad
Glarg Feb 18 2014, 1:32am says:

You might consider doing a thorough tutorial on how to completely rig an infantry model for SAGE2.

I can flat out say that I have no intention/time of actually helping, but when I attempted to mess around with infantry into the past (when I actually had free time), I always ran into trouble from conflicting reports on how to actually do it correctly and ended up just moving onto something else.

Basically I'm suggesting that if you make rigging infantry straightforward, you will increase the likelyhood of someone actually being able to pick this up. Finding decent modellers is hard enough, but you are also searching for someone who has what amounts to arcane knowledge.

I do hope that you are successful, you've done a fantastic job with what you have.

+2 votes     article: Seeking Team Members
Glarg Sep 11 2013, 9:19pm replied:

In real life, mass amounts of persistent fire is fairly useful against tanks.
-It obscures or ruins the sensitive stuff on the outside. targeting devices, view prisms, maintenance gear, etc
-It forces the crew to stay buttoned up, and with the combination of the above, means they are blind and useless. They can't shoot, and moving is a risk.
-When you have enough of it by the engine's air intake, it chokes off the engine, and possibly ruins it if it can get inside. Don't think that a Molotov Cocktail is going to work on any modern tanks though, you need lots of fire.
-If you heat a metal box enough, eventually the dudes, ammunition and sensitive electronics bake.

+5 votes     media: 1.85 Screenshots
Glarg Aug 25 2013, 12:43am says:

Wow, excellent article Madin. This answers a lot of things I've been wondering about the formats.

+2 votes     article: Finding out what dds formats do for your textures!
Glarg Jun 22 2013, 6:00pm replied:

It's not a "dislike"

It's a "I disagree with that opinion but feel no reason to make a post"

It's just how these things work.

+1 vote     article: Exploding Things
Glarg Apr 17 2013, 1:39am says:

I really love the style you've given the Russians. It's the perfect mix of industrial and folkish. Great color scheme as well.

One thing you might consider doing is adding some sort of ground decal under the buildings, so they blend better with the terrain. One problem I often see with 3D buildings is they are just kinda sticking out of the ground with no indication that anything happens around them. Very small dirt edges around the wall base and some short trail wear paths in front of ladders, door and garages are something that helps a lot in my opinion, as they break up a hard edge.

+6 votes     article: Architectural update #2
Glarg Mar 14 2013, 6:22pm says:

That's quite classy.

+5 votes     media: New C&C logo- Golden color (Fanmade)
Glarg Feb 1 2013, 3:53pm says:

Much, MUCH nicer than before. Well done.

+1 vote     media: Air vs Lazer
Glarg Jan 1 2013, 6:54am says:

Nice. I like what I see so far.

Do you have a particular place to post bugs? (I don't use facebook)

+2 votes     article: C&C Untitled 2.0 - 'It begins'
Glarg Dec 17 2012, 9:58pm says:

I think it may be a recovery vehicle

+1 vote     media: UAE tanks
Glarg Dec 15 2012, 5:31pm says:

Nice. I just hope there's an option to turn off lensflare. Lensflare and bloom are my two most hated effects.

+2 votes     media: More DX9 Improvements
Glarg Nov 19 2012, 3:45pm says:

My initial thought is 3. A video would be best because still images of constantly moving objects can be misleading.

+1 vote     media: Poll: Water-Bump Textures
Glarg Nov 9 2012, 12:59pm says:

That actually looks really nice for such a small change.

+5 votes     media: Infantry General Minigunner
Glarg Oct 28 2012, 10:27pm says:

If you are referring to camera high and angle, then 1.

+2 votes     media: 1 OR 2 ??
Glarg Oct 14 2012, 12:40am replied:

Remember, you can trust russians to be russian, but you can never trust the chinese.

+4 votes     article: Rise of the Reds Update #69: Risen from Ruins
Glarg Sep 30 2012, 10:26pm says:

Fool me once, shame on you....

+1 vote     media: Very soon
Glarg Sep 21 2012, 3:37am says:

Nice work

+1 vote     article: C&C : Generals Evolution : Meet The Total Overhaul
Glarg Sep 16 2012, 4:51pm says:

Selling ingame items for real money? Meh, no thanks.

+9 votes     game: Epic Space Online
Glarg Sep 14 2012, 3:05am says:

This is good to see! I have always preferred incremental and unstable updates to having to wait decades between "polished" releases.

Keep up the good work, I like what I am seeing so far.

+7 votes     article: Paradox Open Alphas
Glarg Sep 9 2012, 6:48am replied:

>in the _Global Liberation Army_

A sane general would never try to constantly pick fights with a USA that has space lasers and a China that thinks nukes are perfectly fine to use against a couple beat up toyota's with guns bolted on.

+5 votes     article: Rise of the Reds Update #67: The Suspense - It's Killing You!
Glarg Sep 4 2012, 10:34pm says:

I like the chassis and the PD turret, but the main turret and cannons just doesn't do it for me.

+1 vote     media: September Update Renders
Glarg Sep 4 2012, 3:11am says:

You might consider increasing the time between projectile firings, so as to make the shelling last longer, giving it an short term area denial use.

+1 vote     media: Artillery Barrage
Glarg Aug 16 2012, 1:52am says:

Go to ppmsite

I'm sure they will gladly help you host the models.

What would truly be ideal is a community effort to correctly extract (and convert to max[7/9] files with correct shaders and textures applied) and organize all the various standard models from the latest CnC games for modding use. I've wanted to start something like that, but I work 12-14 hours a day, I just don't have time.

+2 votes     article: TWF's conumdrum and Mod Status
Glarg Aug 15 2012, 10:19pm replied:

Just curious, will the bloom be easy to change (menu option)?

A little bloom can be subtle and tasteful, but all too often in games I see way too much being used (RA3 is the biggest offender that comes to mind, on some maps). This wouldn't be a problem, but there is typically no good way to dial it down to personal preference.

+2 votes     article: 0 A.D. Weekly Report #4
Glarg Aug 12 2012, 11:48pm says:

Nice update. Looks great.

+1 vote     media: UZE Updates.
Glarg Aug 12 2012, 6:48am says:

Looks good so far. Might need a few extra orky bits.

+1 vote     media: Grot tank
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