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gizzle Apr 26 2014, 6:20pm says:

Nice vid if i could watch it to the end ...
Please do no use the Moddb movie player it´s impossible to watch movies with it.
Bandwiths are way too slow even for a 30 sec video !?!

+2 votes   news: Rogue Stars new teaser video
gizzle Mar 1 2012, 9:24am says:

Nice video explaining new features ! Dling :)

+1 vote   news: NMRiH Beta 1.03 Release
gizzle Apr 25 2011, 8:35pm says:

Id say a combat system like in PVKII/Dark Messiah. Much work but best combat system melee has ever seen. Itemwise i´d say Diablo cause why change a running system ?

+1 vote   news: Media and more!
gizzle Jan 10 2011, 7:50pm says:

will this be with coop missions ? :)

+2 votes   news: Video update - walkthrough video
gizzle Oct 30 2010, 6:22pm says:

I´d suggest that every mod hast to upload a vid to you showing off their "biggest" feature (maybe only viewable to desura devs) aswell as some pics of custom content if there is any. That should give u an insight about what what direction the mod is taking and if its worthy to pick up. You cant make a system that automatically dis-/qualifies a mod.

+2 votes   news: Qualifying rules on Desura
gizzle Mar 3 2010, 4:14pm says:

Another question i got is will one still be able to preorder when beta launches ?

+1 vote   news: NS2 coming to Steam!
gizzle Mar 3 2010, 7:48am says:

Will the beta also be available over steam or ist is just for final ??

+2 votes   news: NS2 coming to Steam!
gizzle Feb 9 2010, 6:27pm says:

Best and most flawlessly working melee system ever seen in an fps ! Can´t waiiiiiiiit :) Keeep it up !

@Mkilbride posting sth. like this under fans, makes only u look like an idiot. If you couldnt master the controls and got ****** why even bothering spreading ur opinion, no one is interested in, here ??

+1 vote   news: 2.3 Release Around the Corner
gizzle Dec 26 2009, 11:56am says:

Pretty awesome, i really like the direction you are heading towards. But there is one thing i´d like to mention so you may change that in future (when not already planned). When theres masses of zombies and you are alone it looks a bit strange when all zombies try to reach you directly. Maybe you can build in a system where the zombies would try to surrender by bulding up a front. Also it would be neat not too see all zombies engage you so that some just walk idle around so you cant outmove em so easily (would be much more difficult when playing coop). Just a suggestion keep it in mind and continue the awesome work :)

+2 votes   media: NMRiH Developer Build Gameplay Video
gizzle Dec 23 2009, 8:38am replied:

Under the tree gifts enthrall,
But the nicest present of them all,
Is Jailbreaks new mode : Deathball.

Needed to be corrected :)

+1 vote   news: Jailbreak Christmas Giveaway!
gizzle Dec 21 2009, 11:42am says:

Under the tree the gifts enthrall,
But the nicest present of them all,
Is Jailbreaks new mode : Deathball.

+2 votes   news: Jailbreak Christmas Giveaway!
gizzle Dec 13 2009, 9:24pm says:

Pretty nice i must say, gettin much better fps but in the open map ive still got some issues. Keep it on !

+1 vote   news: Orion Beta 1.0 Released!
gizzle Jun 20 2009, 12:17pm says:

Why did you delete the first post ?

+2 votes   news: VPK and Left 4 Dead
gizzle Jun 20 2009, 1:44am says:

Yeah really a shame after all that happened, well perhaps we will se it a year after l4d2´s release :=)

-4 votes   news: VPK and Left 4 Dead
gizzle May 14 2009, 8:24pm says:

Nice keep it going, finally a lightgun mod :)
My EMS Topgun can´t wait !

+1 vote   news: Unreal Cop Beta Version released
gizzle May 1 2009, 9:39pm says:


+1 vote   news: The Haunted: v2.0 RELEASED!
gizzle Mar 15 2009, 5:17am says:

i did try it with ge__weaponset but theres no custom support this way just defaults, istn there a txt where you can edit defaults ?

+1 vote   news: GoldenEye: Source 3.1 Patch Download!
gizzle Mar 15 2009, 4:19am says:

i did try it with ge__weaponset but theres no custom support this way just defaults, istn there a txt where you can edit defaults ?

+1 vote   news: GE:S Beta 3.1 Patch Releasing, Friday 13th!
gizzle Mar 14 2009, 12:31pm replied:

plz read first

There should be little difficulty in creating a GUI menu that allows interactive selection of weapons. A number of drop-down boxes would provide the necessary functionality, as could one large menu of weapons, which could be clicked on to activate the weapon's name, and then buttons corresponding to the weapon spawn classes would assign the weapon to that spawn.

* This menu could also handle starting weaponry. (Id est, option to spawn players with slaps, Tazer, or Knife)

but there is none

+1 vote   news: GE:S Beta 3.1 Patch Releasing, Friday 13th!
gizzle Mar 14 2009, 8:08am says:

It would be nice if you could choose just 1 weapon as loadout, for example cougar magnums :)

+1 vote   news: GE:S Beta 3.1 Patch Releasing, Friday 13th!
gizzle Feb 24 2009, 3:40pm says:

Hi do you work on that project lately ?

+1 vote   news: New Master Blasters Server!
gizzle Feb 19 2009, 7:29pm says:

Server option to ban any player who surpasses a kill:death ratio specified by server admin., this is meant to help newcomers play without the pressure of experienced players.

Why did u add this ? I mean is only dump players play the good ones aren´t able to play ! Totally senseless players who aren´t able to play good have do adept thats life

+5 votes   news: Fistful of Frags 2.5, almost like a fresh start.
gizzle Sep 27 2008, 8:13pm says:

Dont u wanna try to release via steam ? Could come in quite handy

+2 votes   news: GoldenEye: Source Update 09/27/08
gizzle May 10 2008, 2:57pm replied:

MointFilesystem (421)failed: SteamMountFilesystem(2080,421,...) failed with error 106: Failed to resize the cache file
did extract the mod files to sourcemods, anyone gets the same error ?

+1 vote   news: Heart Of Evil: Source Updated: Orange Box engine, better animations, and more
gizzle Feb 24 2008, 7:49am says:

Which mods do run fine with the new engine ? Does it affect performance ?

+2 votes   news: Source SDK Base - Orange Box released
gizzle Jan 15 2008, 11:01am says:

Why don´t u stick to the people of hl rally source ?

This might be a base that could be used for many mods nice work !

0 votes   news: Online vehicle code works and Jeep Vehicle WIP
gizzle Jul 24 2007, 8:14pm says:

Damn good work, keep it up :P

+1 vote   news: Nuclear Dawn Progress Update
gizzle Jul 1 2007, 2:47pm says:

Serously still the most unique mod out there :P Keep it up !

+1 vote   news: Pirates Vikings, and Knights II - Announcing Beta II
gizzle Jan 9 2007, 3:46pm says:

NS was such a nice game in times of hl1, i would appreciate a public release for free for the source engine.
But since now much people say NS:S is coming for money is that right ? Well if it will be a retail game i think the community will shrink and something like in dod: s will happen : "ONLY" NOOBS ARE BUYING THE GAME, your idea of gameplay will not fullfill because most of the buyers didnt even play NS and have too much money to spend on games. Look at DOD:S now its hard to find an esl match, public doesnt make fun anymore because most people dont even know that they have to take a flag instead of just fragging everyone and having the best stats. This is just an idea that gave went to me right now and thus there will be much detailed hard worked mods for the hl²-engine and they are all coming for free (PVK2, Golden Eye, Empires, Dystopia .... just to name a few ones) so the community will spread over theese mods instead of high anticipated NS:S .

+1 vote   mod: Natural Selection
gizzle Jan 3 2007, 1:09pm says:

Punctually to my Birthday nice present ;P

Really a nice beta so far, with just a few bugs, plays really nice and stable, meele system rocks, never seen such a high detailed kickass knight in any game, lokking forward for antoher release.

greetz gizzle

+1 vote   news: PVKII Beta 1.0 Released!
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