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Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer's Key

Mod review

Man, another Doom 3 mods that raised my standards. You guys did an excellent job especially for such a small team. Take all the time you need to build up your game.

Mapping: I love the art style and atmosphere of the surroundings. Unfortunately there were some rather nasty glitches with the switches and the light fairy, making noclipping necessary to continue due to a script trigger failing.
Story: There's a setting but not much plot, but that's to be expected of a demo
Gameplay: Combat is nice and solid but rather difficult. Bomb bastards were real tough but thankfully some power weapons solved them. I can't imagine how hard the game is on Grimm difficulty

Overall, a must play for Doom 3 fans.



Mod review

Actually found this mod really fun, half life 2 beta content is far and few between these days. It's not as elaborate as Missing Information, but you're recreated a lot of stuff I have not seen from Missing Information. Hardcore was fun for half of the mod when enemies could remain unalerted to your presense, but I think it was frustrating in the second half.


Random 17

Mod review

Welp, I played this mod expecting some City 17 action and I got exactly that. It was shorter than I expected though, and for some reason I couldn't bring up the console. Other than that, very nicely done.



Mod review

You had me play Flappy Bird with a watermelon, 10/10.

(Good mapping btw, puzzles were nice too)



Mod review

Pretty nifty single player map, pity the time recording mechanic wasn't used at least one more time, would've been nice. As usual all your maps have soul.


Hallowed Mod

Mod review

Oh man how I've been waiting to write a review for this mod. Your mod was pretty annoying.

Story: The nicest part of this mod, little email quippets bring some light to the plight of our hero.

Gameplay: Spawning waves of enemies in tight corners defending npcs with no power weapons is the nail to this mod's coffin. It's absolutely infuriating to barely survive one encounter using the last of my rocket ammo to have it immediately follow another with more bullet sponge enemies. Is the game meant to be played on the easiest mode? Because that seems to be the only viable option.

Graphics: The mod refuses every line in the console and vpak to turn the screen settings to widescreen. As a result the mod looks pretty garish.

Mapping: Very well done, but extremely tiny

Overall, a stable Doom 3 mod blighted by absolutely frustrating gameplay and visual bugs.


Mission Improbable

Mod review - 1 agree

Oh man, this was a very awesome mod. I played the first level before when the mod was only one map and it was very well done.

Story: Not much, but new characters and actual pacing in the game are present, which already makes this game an apple in my eye.
Gameplay: Mod is actually kinda hard, had to restart certain instances when my health was low so that I could survive the next encounter.
Mapping: Obviously the focal point of this mod, and it is absolutely beautiful, very intricate and very well done. Might have been heavy handed with the fog though.

Overall, an absolute blast of a mod, and one that harkens to the depot of the half life 2 beta. I loved every minute of it. Thanks to the guy who came up with the steam pipe patch, he's the reason why I finally got around to playing this mod.


Hexen: Edge Of Chaos

Mod review

It's a shame that I wasn't able to play this mod much much earlier, but sadly I didn't have a good computer back then. Now I do, and I finally got to play this mod. It was exquisite:

Story: Wonderfully done, the little note scraps and the voice acting(quite rare these days) really helped with the immersion. Some of the models for the dead bodies can be improved though as they're all stuck in the civilian pose.
Level Design: Wonderfully intricate and massive, some areas harkened to the story, a little bit arena esque at times but only in a few spots. Backtracking through the first level felt off though since some areas felt like they can only be traversed in one direction, and were a bitch to cross in the opposite way.
Gameplay: Only a handful of enemy types and weapons, but the puzzle solving and exploration made up for more than its fair share in the game. It was serviceable.

Overall, a very excellent Doom 3 alpha still in development. I'm looking forward to the final product.



Mod review

This has been the most stable Doom 3 mod that I have played, and on top of that its a very good campaign. Typically my experience with Doom 3 mods have always been a source of compromise, but here you have spared no detail in your design. A very wonderful mod that has raised my standards. Breakdown:

+Painless installation and stable gameplay
+Good game pacing that ended with a high octane climactic battle
+Immersive sound design
+Intricate maps that reward exploration

-Lack of story
-Little quippetes for each hiding spot found were patronizingly frequent
-Samey map design.



Hazmat's Portal Map Pack

Mod review

It's alright, does involve a little puzzling, most of them were simple. Maps though are very claustrophobic and the color choice is rather painful for the eyes.

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