im meka, also am a game indie game developer that just sketches for my own projects

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now there are 3 more multieplayer mods here they are one it take over take over is were 6 teams well have to take over a city but theres something in it. dont die becase you have one live and you wont have a lot of amo. so you may want to join focse with the other team becase that something out there is not alone. the second mod is call inofmaion its were three team one is not human so you if you a one of creators you well have to kill the other 2 teams the humans well have to go in the base where the creators are in. so you may want to join fosces or kill the other team but the creators well out number your team alone. the last one is break in were one team well beark in a base that has ben expraitming wih people but thats not all they expraited with

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