im meka, also am a game indie game developer that just sketches for my own projects

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boom!! i had lost the leader of the shadows had won but then Electric started to come out of my right and then fire on the left i had the power of Electricity and fire. i the shocked the leader of the shadows and i set him one fire. i ran to him and kicked him out of the window i jumo out we was fighting in the air. i kicked him with fire on my foot. boom!! he crashed into a car blood all over him

some of the thing you well be facing are the volk the zolk zomci and more but lets talk about the volk the volk are very smart and strong but there are even bigger volk that are smarter and faster. you should watch out for them the volk come in three different types the volk the volkl the vol and last the volk leader the volkl can trun there color to wait for there pray and then they attack

as i fight the volk i had flashbacks of my team dieing killed by those monsters. i well never let that happen to them i plan get them out of here. i have to i need to. flashback over. i stab the volk in its eye and then start shooting. i jump of and pull out c4. it runs to me i then jump on its back and then plan the c4 on it boom!!! blood splats everywhere now its dead now i have to save the other team mate no matter what.

we are walking and i hear more of those sounds. we where not alnone it was with us watching and wait to take another preson but thats not going to happen i have another flsh back its my wife this time and shes being killed by those things. i come back from the flashback. and its attacking us i pick up my gun and start shooting

i see them ivy was cut it pices and jonny was eatan my wife was the worst we was running to the pods and its attacked her stabbed her in her back and started to cut into her. i was in the pod she prass the bottun and the pod left. i love her and she loved me but she knew that one of use was not going to make it

im not letting him die i have to save him. flashback i see my wife melinda and my two kids ivy and jonny. i loved them so much but its to late there dead theso thing killed them. i was the only one to live every one died. those thing toke my kids and my wife i was a lone no one to talk to no one to tell to hear me out. i should have saved them ishould of died not them why them i love them so so much they was my family and now there gone forever

there are more then 1 vator theres ten and they all have cretors in them and they are all different and some well be smarter than the other. there things you wont want to see in the other vators thats more dangerus than the volk and they well attack you. i well tell you one of them. the zolk are like the volk but bigger and stronger.

i said to Jake we need to go now. Jake said everybody lets move out. we started to walk but then someone screamed someone got killed. there was something with us and it just killed one of are members. i said everybody arm your gun and turn on your flash lights . we started to move watching out for the volk but we don't know were it is or what it look like. i could hear sounds coming from every were. a constant sound of something breathing heavy. it was watching us i know it i can feel its persuasion it slowly walking around us watching waiting for the right time to strike to kill one of us. i know it well try to kill us and its my job to see these people out of here and in safety. i cant let another one die. but then it attacks. it was in front of my face. i looked into its eyes and it looked it into my eyes. i said"whats good fucker". i then shot the fuck out of it. it started to run i jumped on its back and started to stab it with my combat knife. i stabbed it in its head five times and it went down. Jake and the others ran to me. Jake said good job we kill it. but then another one came out of the darkness. it got one of the members. it takes him away i need to save him

i said yeah jake we well find them. jake asked what happened in Atlantics. i said it went wrong these thing came from no where they killed every one i got out a live.

we trun on are flash lights and start walking. then something passes me. jake said what got you into this i said money. jake said im doing this for my family. i said i lost my family in a city that was underwater called atlanticis. i could of saved them i should of saved them but it was to late. jake said im sorry man i have to find them here i just cant see them die