im meka, also am a game indie game developer that just sketches for my own projects

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the speach

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my people, we have ben in many wars such as the void war and the gold war, and how can we for get the war on planet echo. but now we are being attack on our how planet earth. these valve creatures we know as the rog. we have ben fighting the rog way to long we need to end this once and for all. we will win this war. we will wipe them from the face rof the earth. my brothers, my sisters follew me and we will win this war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it only begins and nevers . it only begins and nevers. the war will go on forever. there is no hope, for our sirvival. we need stand and fight but people scraed. to fight things they fear. it only begins and never ends. one day it will end, only if the day was sooner. i have lost hope but i have to keep on fighting. when will it end when it end. when will it end. nothing is coming to save us. we are lost in war that we cant win.

thats all i have for now

one day the war will end. but it wont it wont end it will never end. people dying everyday and i dont know what to do. it will never end. know that myself, it will never end.

well thats all i can come up with you anyone wants to help you are free to try. good luck.

mass wars is a huge game im making. but the universe of mass wars is even bigger

mass wars it's a third person shooting that takes place in another planet known as echo. echo at first was safe place to live. there was two wars the gold war and the void war. our main character mar has ben in with his friends. cole, jon, jen and ket. they have ben through both wars together and won them together. but when an new threat comes they must fight to stay alive. planet echo isnt a safe place, the animals that live there will try to kill you and with the valor it just never ends. the valor came up from underground in 2077. in the game 3 years has pasted and you and your black ops team are looking for other black ops to keep the human race alive. there is an even bigger threat tham the valor and its the droth. the droth where in stories people would tell there kids to scary them to say in bed but they are real and they have come to take over

betor 1

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John and I were lost in the desert. Suddenly some soldiers were dropped off by a helicopter. One of the soldiers came to us and said we are here to help you. I said ok we are going in that building. The soldier said ok. I asked him what is your name, he said Jake. I told Jake to get the others he said ok. Jake said this is our team, Jonny, Jack, Jenny and Mar. I said my name was mike. I told them that we are going in that building. For one thing a virus is in the package. I told them that the virus is very dangerous. Jake asked why it is so dangerous. I said because it take over a person and turn them in to something more than human. So then I told the soldiers we are going in now. We ran to the building and when inside. I saw it the package I went to it and picked it up. But the some one shoots it and bowel the had the virus felled out of the package and started to infect everything. I said we have to get out of here. We ran outside. I said john did you bomb the building. John said yeah. I said then bowl it up. But it was to let it infected a person all ready and that person was john. The infection was in my best friend. I said im sorry john. Then I shot him. John was a good man he was the only friend left from the Great War. Then the helicopter came. Jake then shot me in the back. I felled to the ground dead. 10:30. I woke up alive. I was surprised that I lived. I continued walking in the desert alone my last friend die. It was my entire fault. I should have saved him. Now im alone, now my only friend is dead. As I walked I saw a gun in the sand. I picked it up. I then I saw a house. I walked up to it slowly and got in; I went to the bed and pulled out the bullet in my back. Then I looked for food there was some beans. I eat the beans. I went to the bed and flew a sleep. Then a guy came in it was mar. I pulled my gun out and said up your hands up. I said ‘who's there' mar said ‘its me mar'. I said you and your team betrayed us. He said no Jake did. We just watched. I said ‘why didn't you help me'. Mar said ‘because we had no chose'. I said ‘you all were having a chose'. Mar said ‘when you have to chose to save someone or let them die tell how it feels'. I said ‘ I had to kill my best friend, my only friend that survived the great war, now tell me if you ever in your life have to kill your best friend because of a virus'. Mar said ‘no I haven but I seen people die in nasty ways'. I said well the virus was not destroyed, we have to destroy it before it reach's any city'. Mar looked at me and said, "I'm sorry he died." I said, "I was my fuit

shot down

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i woke up and i was on an island. i got up and i see dead bodies ever where. i said what happened here, were am i. i dont were i am but i have to get out of here and soon who ever or what ever killed them will come back. i sarted to walk. as i walked i spoted a ak97 in the sand so i picked it up and truned on the flashlight. that was atached to it and kept on waking. i had a weapon to keep me safe. so when it gose dark. then something roared, it was close too and was coming. its only a matter of time when it catches up to me and kills me.


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i need help making my games vator one any one can i need a art designer, level designer, a sound track and a person to draw and model characters , weapons, creatures,vehicles. thats all i need i finshed the srtoy all ready now i just need a team to help design it heres a little of the story

i was walking to work. when two men in black asked for help. i said no i need to get to work. one of the men in black said thats taken care of. i asked what do you mean by that and who are you two. the guy in black said im Jace and he mark and we told you boss that we needed your helo for a secreat mission. i yelled what mission? Jace said you dont know. i said no dont know. jace said you have been picked to go to vator one. i yelled i throught vator one was only a myth. jace said no its real and we are going to take you there, here you'll need this gun. i took the gun. jace said get in the car

i then pulled his sword out and cut him in half. i run to my target. he said you loss is said no you do
i run to him and jumped. he moved out the way i broke throught the window. he said you miss. i the use my jet boots and fly to him and say did i. he looks down and a grande is behind him he said i hate you. boom!!! he blewed up. my job was done

i said ninja i hate ninjas. i started shooting but they where blocking the bullets with there swords. so i then put down my ak and took out my sword. i said lets fight. i started running to them. slid down pass them and i stabbed one of them. the other backed fliped a way from me. then he jumped on the seeling and started running to me. tak are sword clied. i kicked him and then punched.

boom i kick open the door and started shooting. when the dust clears eveyone is dead. i walk to the eleivtor and i pruss the bottun. boom!!! the eleivtor had ben cut. i have to use the stairs. 2 hours later i have made it to the top of the building and i see a army of people waiting 4 me. the target was waiting to. he said you have made it this far but you well die now. i said well your well to. the he said kill him and he began to walk. i took covered. i i took out my ak239 and i started shooting. 2 hours later. i am running after the target. he stopped and he said grads kill him and these two ninjas came out of nowhere. i said all shit. they had swords to shit.

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