im meka, also am a game indie game developer that just sketches for my own projects

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the end

5 years ago by ghost59 0 comments

when you less know it. it happens you die. it could be small as a dime or big as a build but you wont notice it coming untill its to late. death is all ways watching even when you think hes not. but there was one man who defined death, one who to challenge him and won and that man is named voldermen. and voldermen will get his revenge on the ones who turned on him. but he will need help form a greater power to do so. he will need the help of the voiders.

when you think its over its not. it has only begun once again. you thrught by killing there leader you would win the war thats is where you are wrong. there will all was be an new leader. they will never stop untill the human race is destroy once and for all. but the crazy thing is we are fighting our selfs.

PCE is the new company that will be developing mass wars and furture games in the universe. Mass Wars will be the first game PCE will release in 2012 for pc, the xbox 360 version of the game will be release some time in 2013 . also in 2013 we will be announce a new game that is in the mass wars universe, it will a come out late 2013 and we have Decide to go multiplatform with this new game. so that means xbox 360 ps3 and pc will get it. now lets talk about mass wars pc version. it will come with a planet editot and lots more. thats all i have to say. about mass wars and my new company PCE. thans for reading


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war changes people thats the truth. i have seen it with my own eyes. my friend killed himself in front of me and his family becease of war. becease of what he saw and what he saw wasnt even human. how do i know becease i was there in russa with him. fighting for humanity and geuss what its not over. it well never end it will only begins

my father told me war never end only begins. im starting to believe him.

i have ben in this war for seven years. i lost some many people in this war. my wife, my kids , my brothers and sisters, my friends, my father and mother all dead. i dont know when this war is going to end but im going to see to it that it dose end. even if im the only person fighting, i will never give up. not now. we have to end this war because if we dont planet mars will be destroyed. ending this war means everything and it will end once and for all.


5 years ago by ghost59 0 comments

actor classes>navpoint>coverlink

this is how to get ai to take cover.

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  • i asked my father that when i was 7. he told me would see not hear about it. now im 27 and i have not faced fear. i dont know what my fear is. im not scared of anything. oh well. i work with a company called plasma. my first mission is to go yo a spacestaion called vito. i am flying the space ship to vito. the captain lands tells me to land. i land the space ship and get out of my set. i walked out of the ship. the cptain didnt see me go he was telling everyone to get ready. as i walked i could hear something moving but what. i was going boom boom. i look up and there it is in my face looking down at me. i start yelling . it grabs me. the captain runs out the space ship with his gun. the monster looks at the captain and it drops me and starts to run after the captain. booom !!!

    she did the thing that no one could. the thing that everyone fears to do. she gave her life to save us. for the most dangerstest thing in the galaxy. she saved me, she saves everyone. but no one cares. that she gave her life for them. they will never know what it is like to lost someone you love. but i will.

    my name i Cole and this is about my life. i was born on a ship called the vin. on the ship. i meet my friends mar,jon,jen and ket. when i was 18 we found a planet called echo. mar,Jon,Jen,Ket and me was the first ones to walk on the planet. in the year 2074 a war broke out called the void war. it happened in space. i was in it to. i was only 23. after the war ended. i got a girlfriend. her name was jenny. we was in love. in 2075 another war broke out called the gold war. i fought in the war. in the war i lost my brother and my sister. the war ended in 2077 march 5th. in 2077 June 1 another war broke out but we did know what we was fighting. i lose my girl gfirend jenny shes out there waiting for me to save her and i will save her. i will never stop looking for her where ever she is.

    if you get this message they found me. my name is fred and im in the war on the planet vinco. the war started in 2099. the year is now 2103 and the war is still going on. i lost so many people, my familyand friends. im the only one left on my team. im the only one fighting. i have to. if you get this message please come and save me. they are going to kill me. soon.