im meka, also am a game indie game developer that just sketches for my own projects

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made by Yasmeen Yarkspiri
an awesome artist.

check her out on DA and her youtube account

there i was on the highest tower, watching the city burn. buildings explode, people killing one another.
chaos is king here, people will wonder what happened. why did people start destroying the city, killing people. that's what i am here for to tell you the truth. it all started ten hours from now.
i was in a cafe, when a guy came in with a full loaded shotgun. just started shooting people, i took cover in the bath room. the guy wasn't alone there was five others with him, i could hear him talking to them.

the guy that came in told one of his guys to the bath room, i walk into a stall. the guy walked in and started to look through the stalls, but he stopped to look at himself in the mirror. i slowly get out and rush him, push his gun to the floor. he punches at me, i block his punch and hit his arm pit. making him stop , i then hit him in the throat knocking him out. i pull his body into a stall and take his gun and combat knife. i slowly open the bath room door. i could see them talking, i get out and shot one of them in the head. they rush to cover and look up, they lose sight of me. there's only four of them left, the boss tell the two to go and get me.

they both walk down the hall to the bath room. i am hanging on the walls looking down on them, i take out the combat knife and pull one guy up . cutting his throat opens, blood poor out as i hold his mouth. the other guy goes into the bath room. the boss and the other guy, walk back taking better cover but losing sight of the hall. i jump down and walk into the bath room, i take cover on a stall. the guy is tying to wake up his friend but it not working.

i look at the knife and slowly and quietly walk to him. he don't know I'm behind him, i kick him then put his head into the toilet. he screams while i drown him, I'm shaking trying to kill him. he hits the walls and manages to get one breath of air, but i over power him and put his head in the toilet until the water turns red. i then stop at the sight of blood, i get up and take his combat knife. walk out the bath room and claim the walls with the knifes, i mange to get to the boss and the other guy. i look down on the boss and jump down stabbing him with the knife right into the neck, then throws the other knife into the other guys head. i pull out the knife slowly and walk out the store covered in blood, the city is in chaos and everyone is shooting one another. i get out the gun and reload it.

end of part one
hope you enjoy it ;)

an awesome video of art

the punisher fan made film
it is truly amazing
also go to there twitters

hes a good artist very good. i like his work

his website:

watch, learn, take it all in slowly.
open your mind and become free

i dont draw human characters. they bore me
and arent really important enough for me to get into.
ill stick with my characters, creatures,weapons and landscapes
so yeah i dont draw people and never will. im not going to art school actually
bc i would have to draw human characters so to avoid it. im just not going to an art school.
ill go to college for game deign and flash classes. but i wont draw any human characters. their boring and not need for me to draw.
i can hirer someone to draw them. so yeah :P i just wont do human characters even tho i am a freelance, i just dont draw human characters boring.

well if u read this thx

in the line of duty we have two choices, do we run away from the problems or stand.
the enemy take millions of lives, kill millions of people or do we fight against them
do we fight for what is right for what we must do to survive but that leads to a question what if we can't win the battle, what then.

that right there is true art. truly amazing
here is his page for DA and tumblr