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Wanna become a medic, pick those skills for healing, tank? engineer ? same thing applies. there will be a story campaign for you to follow with a set main character or characters. you can also follow their story in your single player mode, you would have to find them and ask to join them in their quest to fight the valor. this game will be using unreal 4. GOTA kickstarter Mon, 24 Jun 2013 14:27:57 +0000 articles131065 <div><div class="short_blurb">Gladiators of the Arena is a singleplayer Hack 'n' Slash game with RPG elements. Fight in the arena, buy your gear, explore the world.</div><div class="full-description"><strong><strong>OVERVIEW</strong></strong>Gladiators of the Arena is a third person, hack n slash game with rpg elements. The game is centered around addicting combat gameplay, as well as the inclusion of a host of other features such as character development, team management, survival elements, and tactical strategy to create a full and balanced experience.<div class="template asset"><img pro="1372096092dir" src="" alt="" /></div><strong><strong>GAMEPLAY</strong></strong>Beginning as a slave gladiator, fighting matches everyday in the ludus, fighting for your life. Slowly working your way from the bottom of the ranks, gaining strength, upgrading your character, winning acclaim, recognition, and eventually, your freedom.As a free gladiator, you traverse the open world, exploring, discovering secrets, and continuing your rise to power as you defeat powerful opponents throughout the Roman Empire. With success comes fame and money to recruit companions to aid you in battle, obtain new and deadly weapons to better slaughter your foes, purchase a home to serve as a base of operations and more.Though a rise to power and distinction isn't easy, and danger is present in many more places than the arena. In addition to fending off wild animals and thieves during your travels, it is important to keep your character, as well as your companions, well-rested, well-fed, and alert in order to survive. The combat system is dynamic, bloody and fun, utilizing directional attacks, parry, dodge, and similar combat functions. Issuing orders and assigning formations to your companions can help you gain the upper-edge in battle.Custom game modes are available for the gladiator who would like to hone his or her battle skills in a setting defined to their play style.<div class="template asset"><img pro="1372096092dir" src="" alt="" /></div><strong>FEATURES</strong> - Addicting gameplay - Customize your warrior by buying new weapons and armor to fit your play style.- Explore the world. An multi-level open non-linear environment populated with Roman villages, forests, and hidden danger.- Fight in arena combat with various game modes - Recruit companions- Win your freedom<strong>MUSIC</strong><div class="template oembed"><iframe width="639" height="166" src=""></iframe></div><strong><strong>MEET THE TEAM</strong></strong><div class="template asset"><img pro="1372096092dir" src="" alt="" /></div><strong>Ferran Tantinya</strong>I'm a programmer mainly , my favorite hobbies are skateboarding in barcelona, playing Rome total war with , and I would love to be able to dedicate my life to the game developing , in the creative oven indie team company we want to make happen .<div class="template asset"><img pro="1372096092dir" src="" alt="" /></div><strong>Michal Arendt</strong>I'm a 3d artist. I'm very passionate about music and movies as well. Other than that i play guitar and also spend lot of time modelling, texturing and designing levels. My dream is to be part of independent studio and being able to bring creative ideas in games to release fun to play games into the industry.<div class="template asset"><img pro="1372096092dir" src="" alt="" /></div><strong>Tobi Jessop</strong>I have interests in diving, cricket, electronics, website creation, game creation, film making, music history and books. I started animating from a young age using clay.<div class="template asset"><img pro="1372096093dir" src="" alt="" /></div><strong>Chris Kukla</strong>I create the music and sounds for Creative Oven. I enjoy music, cooking, craft beer, and building guitar pedals. Above those things, I love to compose and look forward to overseeing the audio in GOTA. You can listen to my work at <a href="" target="_blank"></a></div><div><h3><span>Risks and challenges</span><a href="" target="_blank">Learn about accountability on Kickstarter</a></h3>We understand how hard it's to complete fully, polished, playable game especially if it's our first one. We are on this project for a long time already, we are passionate about it and funding will let us work harder and faster. We might also have delay releasing the project , but with hard work we will make sure it won't happen. With your support we will be able to finish this project.</div></div><div class="NS-projects-faqs"><h3>FAQ</h3><div class="faq-ask-box"><strong>Have a question?</strong> If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly. <a href=""></a> </div></div> ART: bad to ok Sun, 19 May 2013 14:56:49 +0000 articles128093 <img pro="1368981534dir" src="" alt="Image" /> <img pro="1368981535dir" src="" alt="Image" /> <img pro="1368981535dir" src="" alt="Image" /> <img pro="1368981535dir" src="" alt="Image" /> <img pro="1368981535dir" src="" alt="Image" /> <img pro="1368981535dir" src="" alt="Image" /> <img pro="1368981535dir" src="" alt="Image" /> <img pro="1368981535dir" src="" alt="Image" /> <img pro="1368981535dir" src="" alt="Image" /> <img pro="1368981535dir" src="" alt="Image" /> <img src="" alt="Image" /> <img src="" alt="Image" /> <img pro="1445205339copy" src="" alt="Image" /> <img pro="1368981535dir" src="" alt="Image" /> artist that inspire me Sat, 13 Apr 2013 03:19:40 +0000 articles125149 <strong>Feng Zhu and </strong><strong>Reynan Sanchez, <span>Martin Deschambault are the reason i am into art. <img pro="1373917095dir" pro="1365827863dir" src="" alt=":)" class="bbc_emoticon" /> they inspire me to become better. </span></strong> <strong>Reynan Sanchez work:</strong><span><img pro="1373917096size" pro="1365827864size" src="" alt="315987_1204348150_submedium.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></span><strong><img pro="1373917097dir" pro="1365827864dir" src="" alt="315987_1292911245_submedium.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></strong><span><img pro="1373917097dir" pro="1365827865dir" src="" alt="315987_1292912549_submedium.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></span><span><img pro="1373917097dir" pro="1365827865dir" src="" alt="315987_1292913774_submedium.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></span><span><img pro="1373917097dir" pro="1365827865dir" src="" alt="315987_1251815143_submedium.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></span><span><img pro="1373917097dir" pro="1365827865dir" src="" alt="315987_1277443234_submedium.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></span>The last one is my favorite. :3 check out his full gallery: <a href="" title="External link" rel="nofollow external" class="bbc_url"></a> Feng zhus work: <span><img pro="1373917097size" pro="1365827865size" src="" alt="gallery_image_269.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></span><span><img pro="1373917097size" pro="1365827865size" src="" alt="gallery_image_458.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></span><span><img pro="1373917098size" pro="1365827866size" src="" alt="gallery_image_255.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></span><span><img pro="1373917098size" pro="1365827866size" src="" alt="gallery_image_445.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></span><span><img pro="1373917098size" pro="1365827866size" src="" alt="gallery_image_440.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></span><span><img pro="1373917098size" pro="1365827866size" src="" alt="gallery_image_272.jpg" class="bbc_img" /></span>i love the last vehicle drawing. check out Feng zhus blog : <a href="" title="External link" rel="nofollow external" class="bbc_url"></a> <strong>Martin Deschambault work: </strong><strong><img pro="1373917098dir" pro="1365827866dir" src="" alt="project%2077-CA-Hidden_city-www.jpg?disp" class="bbc_img" /></strong><strong><img pro="1373917099dir" pro="1365827867dir" src="" alt="Project-77-CA-city-gate-WWW.jpg?disposit" class="bbc_img" /></strong><strong><img pro="1373917099dir" pro="1365827867dir" src="" alt="Project-77-CA-the-blade-WWW.jpg?disposit" class="bbc_img" /></strong><strong><img pro="1373917099dir" pro="1365827867dir" src="" alt="project-77-CA-Metropolit-WWW.jpg?disposi" class="bbc_img" /></strong><strong>Martin Deschambault blog: </strong><a href="" title="External link" rel="nofollow external" class="bbc_url">http://www.dechambo...._home_2.html#19</a> jobs listing Thu, 21 Mar 2013 00:23:22 +0000 articles123347 <span>2d artist- must be able to make pixel art and logos. (portfolio requited, both download able or on a blog.)</span> <span>programmer- able to code in C++ and able to make a engine from the ground up.</span><span>very skilled with networking and coding co-op as well online connections. </span> <span>texture artist- able to texture in a pixel style. </span> <span><span>animator- needs to be able to anime pixel characters, vehcales, cutsenses. </span> composer- needs to be able to make amazing and mysterious music. </span> amazing art 2 Sun, 24 Feb 2013 19:43:42 +0000 articles121439 <img pro="1369547875dir" pro="1361738607dir" src="" alt="Shadow Assasin" class="m" /> <img pro="1369547876dir" pro="1361738607dir" src="" alt="bunny" class="m" /> <img pro="1369547877dir" pro="1361738608dir" src="" alt="Cascade" class="m" /> <img pro="1369547877dir" pro="1361738608dir" src="" alt="Titan Echo Base" class="m" /> <img pro="1369547877dir" pro="1361738608dir" src="" alt="dubble sword" class="m" /> edited pictures Thu, 22 Nov 2012 12:40:19 +0000 articles114301 <img pro="1361510988dir" pro="1353594942dir" src="" alt="" /> <img pro="1361510988dir" pro="1353594943dir" src="" alt="" /> <img pro="1361510988dir" pro="1353594943dir" src="" alt="" /> <img pro="1361510988dir" pro="1353594943dir" src="" alt="" /> <img pro="1361510988dir" pro="1353594943dir" src="" alt="" /> Lobby - Reinventing How You Socialize Tue, 13 Nov 2012 02:33:26 +0000 articles113711 <h3><img pro="1360575440dir" pro="1352777356dir" src="" alt="What is Lobby?" width="580" height="150" class="cboxElement" /></h3><h3>Lobby - A Social Experiment</h3>It seems that in today's world communication with those around us has become ever more simple and "dime a dozen" social networks have appeared everywhere. Yet all of these communication platforms are missing something very important, to make communicating with those around you simple.The idea came to me around 7 months ago when I was sitting in class watching fellow students using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It was then that I started to realize that many of the people they talk to, follow, or even glance at are either many miles away or strangers to them. It was at this moment Lobby was born.Unlike many of the current social networks used today, Lobby takes the approach of communication differently. Users download the app onto a supported device, create an account, and are instantly able to communicate with everyone else around them who has also downloaded Lobby. They can view everyone in their surrounding area, send messages, and even view how compatible they are based on commonly shared 'likes'. The main purpose for Lobby is to allow users to join or create 'lobbies' to communicate with others in their local proximity. From there all the joined users can talk to each other on anything, such as every student in a school being able to talk to every other person there. Lobby is communication with the people around you simplified.<img pro="1360575440dir" pro="1352777356dir" src="" alt="Here is our Goal" width="580" height="150" class="cboxElement" /> <h3>Our Goal</h3>After much research into mobile app development and receiving many quotes from different companies the goal to create Lobby is $10,000. Even if we are unable to meet this goal any and all funds raised go straight into app development. Remaining funds will help to fund servers and possibly with advertising the app's launch. Lobby will be free for all to download and use!Contributers of just $1 will receive an advertisement free version of the app providing that we receive enough information from you to send it. If you are wishing to donate more you can qualify to become an alpha and/or beta tester!<img pro="1360575441size" pro="1352777356dir" src="" alt="We want to change the world" width="580" height="150" class="cboxElement" /><h3>Or at the least, how it communicates.</h3>Lobby is the future of social networking. As of now it is somewhat difficult to communicate with every person around you, especially as a large group. Imagine the ability to go to any public place (mall, airport, movie theater, etc.) and be connected to everyone there whether it's asking for a good resturant to eat at or seeing how compatible you are with the cute girl a few feet away. The possibilities with Lobby are endless.<ul><li>View and connect to every person around you without needing to know usernames or emails.</li><li>Send messages to keep in touch after you leave the local area.</li><li>View your compatibility with those around you based on commonly shared 'likes'.</li><li>Communicate in large groups like never before.</li></ul>It's time to change how our world communicates.<img pro="1360575441dir" pro="1352777356dir" src="" alt="Spread the word" width="580" height="150" class="cboxElement" /><h3>Other Ways You Can Help</h3>Can't contribute money? That's okay, you can still help!<ul><li>Get out there and spread the word about Lobby! The more people that know about our project the more likely it will be a success.</li><li>Indiegogo has share tools that can make spreading the word even easier, make sure to check it out!</li></ul>Thank you everyone for your contributions, support, and encouragement!<ul><li>link to the indie go go -</li></ul> Reynan Sanchez- a really good artist Mon, 03 Sep 2012 05:40:39 +0000 articles109203 <img pro="1354726448dir" pro="1346656982dir" src="" alt="Reynan Sanchez" title="Reynan Sanchez" width="680" height="935" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-15656" /> <img pro="1354726448dir" pro="1346656982dir" src="" alt="Reynan Sanchez Illustration" title="Reynan Sanchez Illustration" width="680" height="952" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-15660" /> <img pro="1354726448dir" pro="1346656982dir" src="" alt="Reynan Sanchez" title="Reynan Sanchez" width="680" height="879" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-15657" /><img pro="1354726448dir" pro="1346656988dir" src="" alt="Reynan Sanchez Illustrations" title="Reynan Sanchez Illustrations" width="680" height="952" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-15601" /> <strong>Reynan Sanchez</strong> conceptartworld, cghub and tumblr college Wed, 22 Aug 2012 18:26:23 +0000 articles108439 i went to a college yesterday, the art institutes of atlanta, im going for media arts and animations, game art & design etc. right now i have zero anatomy skills, some perspective and shading. so im going to wait until i go to college to learn human anatomy. still going to stick with my teachers style badbloods style, it speaks to me.