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Mod Review on Mar 6th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Pretty good mod, the weapons and disciplines in particular are well done. To be honest I didn't notice a lot of the new content aside from those and new enemies. I'm not sure if they were just further off the beaten path than I went or if the additions are still fairly minor at this point.

The mod can be buggy at times, though for the most part I didn't run into any real gamebreakers. The most common bugs were graphical, with floating/invisible furniture in my SKylines Haven, or weird glowing lights appearing in the streets of Hollywood. Near the end things started to get buggier, with a nasty NPC squad bug constantly causing a crash for me near the end of the Society of Leopold.

Overall a good mod, just be warned it's buggy at the moment and feels unpolished in some areas as a result.

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