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Whoever came up with that metaphor for team management deserves a trophy. Or a pizza. Or a pizza trophy.

Not that there aren't perks to being a team leader, of course; it's great seeing all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and it's fun to order people around sometimes. The downside is that you never get any peace. Especially if, say, you were also the person on the team responsible for working out how the mod tools worked, and making the tech demo.

I don't begrudge my team asking me questions, don't get me wrong. This is my job on the team, to fix problems they have. (And to export tricky things into the CryEngine, like weapons.) It's just a lot of pressure, and I'm not that brilliant at responding to pressure. I'm learning though, and the team is already gelled and tearing ahead on the project.

Hopefully we'll get the ModDB page up soon to show you all.

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