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Hello, its me!

(overhauled Aug. 25th, 2016)

I'm Rain! I'm a weird furry who likes old video games & drawing! Feel free to look around my profile, from time to time I post neat stuff in the images section, such as pre release screenshots of HL1 (always digging around for new screenshots!), indev screenshots of RainFall, modelling, & maybe the occasional drawing, or other stuff along those lines. Texture artist, modeler, level designer & a former cartoonist. I'm a cut content freak, New Vegas, Half-Life, Early Call Of Duty games (finest hour, big red one ya'know! good ones!), you name it, I'm interested in it.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom, I've got lotsa downloads for RF related assets & my other projects aswell!

Current Projects:

Paper Game: At The Edge of The World

The Edge of The World is a massive spire of energy created by the Dredge as a symbol of power, also serving as the main stronghold for all of their operations & battle plans. Located on the border of open range space (the Milky Way Galaxy) & the void. The Sergals, A species of anthropomorphic, intelligent beings & the creators of the "Golden Ring" came into contact with the Dredge & waged a long, brutal war with them. Death tolls on a near genocide scale for the Sergals.

Its 2024. Earth is dying, cities are becoming overpopulated concrete jungles, poverty & disease run rampant through the tainted & polluted streets. Excavation drones orbiting the Emerald Moon of Coral 12 locate & bring the "Golden Ring" to Earth, a power resource that could be used to stabilize the dying planet, this draws the attention of the Dredge, a race of sentient, technologically advanced beings, living conduits of energy, an evil yet to be seen by human eyes... A race with a manifest destiny to eradicate all life they come in contact with, in the way of purging the world for their "Reclamation" legacy. the Dredge waged a long & bloody war with the Sergals causing the remainder of the species to flee from their homeworld & eventually come into contact with Earth, warning them of the great threat the Dredge poses. The armies of Earth form a tense alliance with the Sergals in a united effort to repel a greater threat. After a long series of brutal defeats & setbacks, the two struggling species declare that the war is lost, and signal the "Hammer Down" protocol to be initiated, the Sergals & humans amass the remainder of their warship armada & attack the Edge of the World, thousands of warships flanked by fast fighters & escort wings participated in the assault. The mission was a failure of unimaginable proportions, nearly every vessel involved fell with the mission, the few who made it into the spire & past the massive flak belt surrounding it were faced with a second wave of horrors, Goliaths & area denial weapon systems stalking the hangar perimeter where nearly all vessels breached the spire took care of any, if not all resistance. A small group of Sentinels were able to slip past the defenses, but were quickly apprehended & jettisoned off of the station. After the failure of the offensive, Earth is declared lost & a global evacuation is ordered, the remainder of the global defense system ensured many were able to escape in the shuttles. The Dredge, via hyperspace, warped in the "Planet Killer", an enormous prototype pulse cannon that fires an amplified gigatesla warhead in the form of a beam. The towering monolith of energy laid waste to Earth on several continents before a Sentinel warship bared full speed towards the sinister device, and plowed the entire vessel into the firing mechanism of the cannon, causing the Planet Killer to jam & crumble into vapor as an already primed warhead detonated whilst still in the firing chute. saving the rest of Earth in the process. The Dredge have touched down on Earth, the global holocaust has begun. Wars over, their initial push into Earth concludes with the enslavement of humanity & the near extinction of the Sergals. 100 years pass, it is now 2124. Earth is a barren dystopia. Human collaborators known as the Synth Union, "police" (brutal crowd control in exchange for a bed & a warm meal) the overcrowded "Zones" or simply the living centers remaining on the planet, the aged, weathered remains of pre-war cities cobbled together, you'd be lucky to have a god damned roof over your head. The Dredge still continue to draw resources from Earth & several lunar mining plants. General Rain Silves, And Isaiah Faustin, two former war heroes & long time friends are awakened from cryogenic stasis by a group of resistance agents & informed of the events that have taken place over the past century. Determined to spearhead the global uprising against the Dredge, the duo emerge into this new world of darkness, and set out on the journey of their lives to purge the world of the cancer that has forced the strongest into submission, to put an end to the world's suffering once and for all, taking the fight to the Dredge on their front, at the Edge of the World...

Long story short, the project is on hiatus. A graphic novel that I was writing a loooong time ago, even dates back to my days in middle school! The scope of it was too overwhelming for me to complete, but know that some of the ideas I had in store for ATEOTW are being worked into RainFall. UPDATE: I've started drawing concepts for several new ideas for this project, it may be coming back but RF will continue to take priority over it for the time being, if significant interest is shown, I'll make time to put in a few hours a day on bringing this long dead vision of mine back to life. For one I love drawing, & it would be a great way to get back into the groove of working on actual paper. Addressing a question that was asked a while back, why is it called Paper Game? Your guess is as good as mine, me and a mate of mine were drawing and the name just came to be, I decided to run with it, it fits in a way since the whole thing started out on paper I reckon, heh.

ALL RIGHTS to the character Rain Silves & the sergal species goes to Trancy Mick. No worries, the story will always be free, I never plan to ask money for any of my projects. This is only my take on a timeline not canon & unrelated to the Vilous novella & in no way should be taken seriously along with the lore established by Mick & her creations! I've been using the persona of Silves for so long, I reckon some of her influence has spread to some of my own works, heh.

Paper Game: Worlds on Fire

After many hours of laying awake at night, tossing and turning, thinking of what to do for a sequel even though the first damn installment isn't finished, I've concluded that it will be a prequel, detailing the struggles of the Sergals & their war with the Dredge, their journey to Earth, and the war that followed them there. Revealing the past of Rain Silves & Isaiah Faustin, showing how they came to be friends, the primary focus of this installment is going to center around their part in the turning point of the war during the failed Iron Horse Offensive against the heavily fortified Dredge Resource Spire on the Emerald moon of Coral 12. Heavy influence for this one is going to be from the movie Fury, depicting an almost helpless fight against the American tank commanders against superior German tanks & weaponry.


My bread & butter! A beta recreation mod that aims to take a different approach to the content cut from HL1 & HL2. Development is going smooth as silk! And yes, I promise I'll update Uplink whenever I feel that a significant number of changes have occurred. EDIT: A significant number of changes has occurred, It won't be long folks, It'll deliver in time, currently polishing every last bit that I can find, the Uplink maps are also in complete ruin & need to be updated, after those are taken care of, it'll be good to go.

RainFall will also have a documentation/synopsis released alongside it going into deeper detail with the female scientist arc in the Communications Center, revealing her relations with the G-Man as a proxy & along with her involvement with the resonance cascade & the HECU behind the scenes, a very early script has been wrote & can be downloaded here:


Small project that I work on in my free time to better my mapping skills, I won't be making a page for this one, but when the maps are done I'll either post a link to them here, or upload them as an addon. EDIT: I'll never finish this, gonna update this post later with the links to the maps & their source files. Feel free to do as you please with them! Edit again: Ya'll enjoy em!

Links to my other crap below (Also quick links to all downloads posted above)

YouTube: (Additional RF Goodies are hidden on my channel.. Can you find them?)

Gamebanana: (dead account pls don't judge ik the old skins are on par with zelroth god damnet)

ATEOTW Archive: (Outdated) (I'll never know why I thought tumblr would be a good place to document the progress of a book... Mistakes. Were. Made.)

RainFall Female Scientist Script:

RainFall Prefab Scrapyard (Seriously this is alot of prefabs, great mapper's resource.)

RainFall c1a0 & c1a4 green silo textures (Modified Arrow textures & some of my own)

Dark Orbit (2001) Ending Sequence MIDI (mp3 rip)

Old Aleph model (very old, early 2015 or something like that)

Prospero Maps & their source files:

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blood , dead people make a good game , not clean dark blue-ish places... remember... blood and dead people...

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Hey i was going to reply you on my Finest Hour addon but i accidently ended deleting it D:
I used Psound to extract almost every single one of them and some of them i recorded in-game when there was no noise in the background at all.
By the way i sent you an invite on steam :3

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GeneralRain01 Creator

One year ago today, I released the clusterfuck of a mod which was RainFall: Uplink, bless. <3

Reply Good karma+5 votes

Dude, i dont even know you and i allready love you ♥

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GeneralRain01 Creator

Mwah! At your service, my dear :3

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Have you got a Steam Account?

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GeneralRain01 Creator

shoot me dead i played undertale and loved it ;w;

Reply Good karma+7 votes

Hey! Do you has Steam?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Ah man, I just came back to ModDB to find the day of boners removed.

Did I miss something important?

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GeneralRain01 Creator

Heh, some things are better left to rot on my harddrive. Perhaps one day it will return to claim the crown.

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