Hey there, i'm a gamer and game developer, Level Design is my choice, but i also do 3d models. I've been making mods and other stuff for Men of War and Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2 (both games are in the same series). i've also been making 3d models for showcases.You may know me as a moderator on the Digitalmindsoft forums.

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This is an update for those that know me or are from the Men of War community/modders.

Firstly, those modders who are waiting patiently on the 3DS Max tutorials, I am really sorry, a few months back I upgraded to the latest version due to work interests, but by doing that, I can no longer do anything using 3DS Max for the game or the tutorials.

I am now waiting on new upgraded exporter plug-ins for 3DS Max, so I can export my models to the game and do other stuff, which shouldn't be too long of a wait (I hope). Once I get my hands on the upgraded plug-ins, I will do my best to do all the tutorials for those that are still waiting patiently for them, again I am really sorry and I will give an update to those still waiting as soon as I get the plug-ins.

Secondly, due to the issue of above, I am still thinking of doing GEM editor tutorials for the time being, as many would really like them, would also give me something to do and is easy for me, these would range from the really simple beginner stuff to more complex expert stuff. A good example is, the beginner will teach you about the editor and how to do simple things that you can do, the more expert stuff will go along with complex scripting to making a mission.

As I want the tutorials to be more professional looking, I am also looking into and thinking of using 3DS Max and getting some video editing software to make nice intros and polish up the videos a bit. If anyone can recommend any good video editing software that is really good, then please do say in the comments section, I am currently looking at Sony Vegas but i'm unsure of what great things I can do with it.

Lastly, my life has been a bit rocky the past few months, many things have been happening which has really hit me hard, which has affected my motivation and I have been feeling down, this has caused problems in me wanting to do things, which is causing a few delays (you would've also seen i've not been very active in places I am usually around, such as the DMS forums and here).

I am starting to get back to my normal self and want to be doing stuff again, getting all i am planning done, such as that mentioned above, so if anyone wants to do some gaming with me, have a little chat, that would be a great thing for me to do.

This is the end of this blog, will update you again soon.

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