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General_Hoohah Sep 13 2006, 9:08pm says:

Ew... all these guns look blocky and low res. If the guns look like like this when its done, Im not going to play it. Sorry, but I didn't pay nearly $300 for a nice video card to play low res games.

+1 vote   media: Dragunov SVD
General_Hoohah Sep 14 2006, 3:32am says:

First Impression:
I really liked the maps as the game started out on the first few levels. The maps were clean and very nicely made, and the enemy placement was top notch.

Game Play:
As game progressed, I started to ask my self "whats my goal?? What exactly is it I'm supposed to be accomplishing? My mission? Did I miss something? Should I go back?".

Then suddenly, out of no where it ended, and I said "What the **** was that!?!".

I had fun playing through it, until I realized at the end that despite what G-Man said at the beginning.... giving you the false impression that you are needed to achieve something, all you do is travel from point A to point B, and thats it. The End!

Normally I'd say the story has no depth, but there is no story, no plot, no nothing! I don't think I recall a single scripted event!

I do have a few small gripes. First, I don't like the fact that you can't go back to a previous map. There's always an invisible wall at the beginning of each level, or you can't go back because of the terrain or a door slams and locks behind you. The whole point of being able to go back in HL2, is so you can heal your self or reload, if you get into some serious trouble up ahead. Also I had a few crashes due to memory errors... and I've NEVER had this happen before with this game or other mods.

The sound and graphics are stock, and so is everything else... and the HL2 team gets credit for that. So all youre left with is the game play, which is pretty much up to the original HL2 campaign standards, but with no story, no plot, no scripted events, no acting, nothing. That really hurts this mod a great deal.

Conclusion: Fun to play at first... until you realize nothing has actually happened and youre not really doing anything but killing stuff. Just point A to point B. The maps and enemy placement are excellent, but the nonexistent story/plot/mission objective bring the score way down to average. 5 out of 10.

Nice try... but next time ask someone to write a story for you, if you aren't any good at that sort of thing.

+1 vote   mod: Penetration
General_Hoohah Sep 12 2006, 9:39pm says:

This mod is not only loads of fun, but highly addictive! Two thumbs up! The only problems lie with over half of the servers who change the settings in a way that ruin this mod.

The most common way is setting the weight of world objects WAY too low! This makes all the objects, despite their size, light as a feather and this makes barricades completely useless, giving the zombies an unfair advantage. They can just push down or pull out a mountain of objects down in a few seconds, that should weigh several thousand pounds.

The second way is changing the zombie_timer_max setting (which is how long until the first zombie appears after you can move at the beginning of each round), so that the first zombie appears almost instantly or too soon in each round. This completely ruins the experience, because the humans have no time to find a good spot and barricade themselves. Also, new players end up hating this mod when this happens because the round is over before they know what hit them, and they never get the chance to explore the maps, which are a LOT of fun if youre given the time to play them the way they were intended.

The authors of the zombie maps put all those objects everywhere for a REASON, to move around with your guns and barricade your self into areas, but a lot of servers are screwing the maps up in these two ways. It seems like most of the servers do this crap, and its really ******* me off, cause its ruining a GREAT mod that’s incredibly fun to play! When I can find a server that allows you to play the game CORRECTLY, then its tons of fun!

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Mod
General_Hoohah Sep 25 2006, 10:46pm says:

I think they're all doing it now, because I can't find a decent server. On every server I play, you only have enough time to buy you're weapons and find a spot, but not barricade it or set it up like the author of the map intended you to be able to do. You can only look at it, because a zombie is right behind you, then stand there wishing you would have had more time while staring at the spot you can't use. A lot of servers will say that the time they provite you until the first zombie spawns is plenty, but they don't take into account that a zombie runs much faster than a human player. So, they can quickly catch up to you.

I've also noticed that many people who can't play, who unfortunately are an admin are making up rules in this mod since they have no idea what they're doing. One of these rules is "tube camping". First of all, it's smart to "camp", because thats the entire idea of the game. You can't run away, you can only hide and stand you're ground. Whether you do it in a tube, in a room, or on top of a crate is no harder to reach for a zombie, if you know how to play the game. To reach a human in a tube, the zombies must form a line to keep the first one from being knocked back by bullets, alllowing him to progress forward and tag that human.

This would be a great mod, if servers allowed people to play the maps the way the authors intended them to be played.... but to be honest... these issues are really putting me off from this mod, and I'm looking for something else to play. I'm tired of admins whining cause they can't play and making up rules, servers with zombie_timer_max settings that are too low, servers that change the weight of objects so zombies can flick things around like soccer balls that should way several hundered pounds, players shooting down barricades, players blinding themselves and their team mates with smoke bombs, and the many terrible, glichy, half assed maps that are common on the zombie mod servers. I'm changing my score... the lousy gameplay has really ruined this mod for me. Plus with "No More Room in Hell" comming soon, why bother playing a mod like this with so many problems?

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Mod
General_Hoohah Nov 8 2006, 2:01am says:

I built this system so it could handle anything this game, D3, FEAR, or Far Cry could through at it, and playing a mod with low poly models (most of which are poorly textured), would be lowering my standards.

You guys have really good ideas, but your models need a LOT of work! Take advantage of what this game can do, or just go back to HL1.

For those of you who are going nuts over these low poly, badly textured models...

...I mean really. What the hell is wrong with you? You need to look at the player and NPC models the guys are making over at D.E.A.D and No More Room In Hell. Then come back and look at the models over here and tell me if you still think they're as great as you thought they were.

+1 vote   mod: Synergy
General_Hoohah Aug 29 2006, 3:23am says:

As much as I'd like to use it, no one else has a gravity gun. There's only one of them and Gordon has it.... or does this story take place before or after the first part of the story, starring Gordon Freeman? If its not, Barney or who ever stars in this story has no business packing one. Its a hole in the plot, big enough to drive a mac truck through.

+4 votes   media: Chapter 11
General_Hoohah Aug 29 2006, 3:04am says:

Well, its ABOUT TIME! I really enjoyed the original, until my character stopped working because he "had too much stuff". Was this major issue fixed? If not, I'm not going to bother with it.

+1 vote   mod: Master Sword: Continued 1.2
General_Hoohah Aug 29 2006, 2:59am says:

Who made this, a 12 year old? I won't even waste my time trying it. LAME

+1 vote   mod: hammy-bob mod
General_Hoohah Aug 27 2006, 10:59pm says:

Its 90% done and there's no public beta??


Surely, you must have something to share with us by now...?

+1 vote   mod: Max Payne@University
General_Hoohah Aug 15 2006, 1:22pm says:

Man... this is the best mod I've seen so far. Incredible! :O Im VERY impressed... please just tell me it won't take until Q3 2007! ROFL.

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
General_Hoohah Dec 3 2006, 8:39pm says:

Why not ask DarkElf on FPS Banana for some models? He's made TONS of high quality stuff over there, and a lot of Resident Evil models for CSS too. You should really give him a PM and see if he's interested. Most of his stuff is a lot better than over half of the crap in FPS Banana.

+1 vote   mod: Resident Evil: Twilight
General_Hoohah Dec 3 2006, 8:32pm says:

Very nice models, but I personally don't like berettas because they only do 9mm damage, which is like a paper cut to a zombie. Are there going to be any .45 pistols in this game?

0 votes   media: Beretta 92
General_Hoohah Jul 13 2006, 9:23pm says:

Find some 3D artists to help you finish this mod. You've already got the mod working and the scripting mostly done. Artists are a dime a dozen, its the programmers that are hard to get, so this shouldn't prove to be too difficult.

You have a GOOD IDEA, and this could be an outstanding mod, but you've only done the first half, the programming. You haven't done anything with the graphics at all, and you've already released it as a public beta with no further information on what is to come. Why?!

Potential players are going to look at the gallery, then close out of the browser window and never look at it again. If you ARE working on the graphics now, then you should put something up in bold lettering and post an image that samples what is to come in the future. If you leave the page like this, no one will give this mod a chance and it will die.

There's no way most people (including myself) are going to spend any time even giving this mod a chance unless the graphics are overhauled. This mod could be great, but only if the graphics are redone, and the environments are redone. Everything looks blocky and flat, with no attention to detail what so EVER. There aren't even any street lights, or any pedestrians or onlookers. There are no people at all in any of the images! There are no trees or bushes, telephone poles, mailboxes, phone booths, manholes, power cables, parked cars, guard rails, grass, dirt, gutters in the curbs, etc. And what the hell are those giant grey blocks in the picture, "Little cop chase in the new City Level for Free Roam Mode!"?!

Also, in reply to myg02?s post, "looks good". Are you blind? Or does he know something I don?t? Take a look at some of the city environments found in mods that take advantage of the graphics this engine is capable of like Counter Strike Source, and take a look at the image gallery above, then tell me if you still think this mod looks good.

+1 vote   mod: Hypersonic Source Raceway
General_Hoohah Jun 23 2006, 3:32pm says:

Is anyone else seeing question marks in my last comment, where there should be apostrophes?

+1 vote   mod: DungeonDoom
General_Hoohah Jun 23 2006, 3:31pm says:

First, sorry for not getting back to you until now. I?ve been really busy working on models for the Nomad and 20th Century mods for Battlezone 2. It?s easy to forget stuff when you?re that busy?. especially me. :P

Anyway, I just sent you a link. Please don?t share that link in any forums, because of the bandwidth. It?s not my site.

+1 vote   mod: DungeonDoom
General_Hoohah Jun 23 2006, 3:30pm says:

First, sorry for not getting back to you until now. I?ve been really busy working on models for the Nomad and 20th Century mods for Battlezone 2. It?s easy to forget stuff when you?re that busy?. especially me. :P

Anyway, I just sent you a link. Please don?t share that link in any forums, because of the bandwidth. It?s not my site.

+1 vote   member: hellborg
General_Hoohah Nov 8 2006, 3:15am says:

What’s with the 20th century weaponry? Why would they be using a revolver over 300 years from now. That doesn't make much sense. They already have a laser canon so precise, it can surgically disarm a grenade by melting its weakest point and exploding it in a way that doesn't hurt people around it. LOL If they can do THAT now? WHY on earth would they be using revolvers and bullets 300 years from now!? That makes absolutely NO sense!!

You also think they're going to still be using combustible engines, gas ovens, and CRT monitors 300 years from now too? Two words, ENERGY WEAPONS. That doesn't mean I'm against projectile weaponry. What about a new more advanced technology, that works similar to a rail gun, but much more sophisticated, powerful, easier to control, and accurate? What about plasma? Chemical weapons?

-3 votes   game: E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy
General_Hoohah Nov 8 2006, 3:04am says:

you might want you round off the points on those joints.

+1 vote   media: Peregrinumform
General_Hoohah May 8 2006, 5:28pm says:

Would you like that book? I'd be more than happy to send it. (Just say yes) :) There's more to ninjas than just stealth, a LOT more. And I really think this book will help you tremendously. Did I mention it?s not that long?

+1 vote   mod: DungeonDoom
General_Hoohah Apr 29 2006, 12:45am says:

Um... I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade... but an RPG that reenacts what we all do on a day to day basis. Eat, go to work, dive, run errands... dare I say, pay bills? Um… I play games as a way to GET AWAY from that, not relive it over and over... I mean really. That sounds more like a description of “hell” to me than an entertaining experience. Have you guys really thought this through? When I’ve just gotten home after a rough day at my job, that I got up at 8pm for just so I could put up with people's ****, then got stuck in traffic for an hour on the way home where I can usually expect a bill in my mailbox for one thing or another... you really think I would want to play this and relive it all over again?! If you do, you've completely lost your MIND! This is one mod I will NEVER be interested in playing.

IF however, this mod is meant as a learning tool for kids, then GOOD IDEA. VERY GOOD IDEA!!

+1 vote   mod: Tough-Life
General_Hoohah Apr 23 2006, 3:15am says:

I think its obvious this mod is dead... They said they'd get back to it over two years ago. There are so many of these littering this site. Why don't they clean it up...?

+1 vote   mod: Spinal Knights
General_Hoohah Apr 21 2006, 8:40pm says:

Ew... AI can make or break any game, no matter how great the rest of it is. Obviously this mod needs some upgrades for the AI. You'd probably up your score from 8.5 to 9 if you did.

Sorry, but I'm not playing a mod if there's no difficulty because of brain dead AI. I'm sure a lot of other people won't either.

I'm not going to rate this game for now. If you upgrade the AI so they are challenging, instead of mentally challenged, then I'll play it. If I think its challenging, I'll rate it as a 10 to help even out the score to a 9. :)

+1 vote   mod: Operations 1942
General_Hoohah Apr 21 2006, 8:18pm says:

Comment posted by halo120:
"-Although I find the movement based on Condition quite realistic and interesting, I find it irritating that moving too slow in danger, try walking, it'd look like the enemies are the ones in Fast-motion."

I've been waiting for SO long for someone to FINALLY make an RE mod for HL, but after reading the comment I just quoted... there's no way I'm playing this mod unless that’s an option you can adjust, either through the options screen or by editing a file. If this doesn't exist or never will, I’m sure a lot of people will be very aggravated by this decision, especially me. This type of feature is one of those things that's a "required taste". In other words, if you like this sort of feature then you'll love the game play, but if you don't like it the game play will probably be very aggravating. Don’t get me wrong, I understand it’s your creation and you’re passionate about it, since you managed to get this mod released, while most mod projects fall apart. But, still you are making this for other people to enjoy, and they should have the ability to adjust this sort of feature themselves so they can enjoy the game. Unless this changes, I’m not downloading this mod. I really hope it does though because I love Resident Evil!

I'd think that after fighting zombies and stuff day after day, you'd get used to it anyway. You wouldn't be as scared as you first were, when you saw one for the first time. You'd get hardened by the repeating experiences... this is another reason I don't like this feature, since it sounds like it remains as a consistant unchanging factor.

+1 vote   mod: Resident Evil : Cold Blood
General_Hoohah Dec 3 2006, 8:36pm says:

Good attempt for a first time mod... but they don't look very scary at all. The skins are very blurry with no detail. Sorry, but I'm finding a lot of these player and npc skins to be of this quality. I really hope once you get this mod released, someone will release some higher quality models.

-2 votes   media: Cerberrus
General_Hoohah Apr 23 2006, 12:23am says:

I love the direction you guys are going with this mod, and it’s a GREAT idea! We need more RPGs! I’ve been playing this mod for a week, and unfortunately there are MANY problems!!!

1. The key combos for the ninja don’t work most of the time and even if you do use them, you’re dead before you can complete the combo even if you are fast at it. (Yes, I’m doing it correctly. Yes, I have a good keyboard. Yes, none of my keys are stuck. No I’m not talking about skills like Helltime that are only successful a certain percentage of the time.) The game just doesn’t respond most of the time. I’m begging you, please allow the player to assign skills to different keys! Having to practice key strokes just so you CAN play a game is stupid. I’ve never understood the use of key combinations on any game… when there are much better ways to use skills with assigned keys? I usually avoid games that use key combinations since I hate this so much, and a lot of other people do to. Its really unfortunate that you chose to use them… please, PLEASE, change this?!

2. The wilderness is extremely plain, and it all looks the same. There’s nothing but flat terrain that’s all one texture, and a few dead trees… There needs to be different elevations, more texture usage, rocks, cliffs, valleys, gullies, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, swamps with water and mud, etc.

3. The experience starts to count backwards after a short while, making it impossible to finish the game.

4. I’ve read about ninjitsu and one day I’d like to learn a little bit of it, so I’m more familiar than most with this form of martial arts, and the ninja in this mod is anything but accurate. First of all, “katana” is the name for a certain size of a Japanese sword. There should be other sizes. Katana is largest, wakazashi is medium, and tanto is smallest (I think). When he uses the katana, he just swings it around, like he has no idea what he’s doing. Also, most of the skills of the ninja in this mod don’t have anything to do with ninjas. Some research should be done on them and better skills added. I have a good place to start, a small online book about the art of ninjitsu. If you’d like, I’d be more than glad to send it to you. :) Even if it’s small, I’d like to contribute anything I can to this mod. I’d really like to see it go somewhere. There’s some truly incredible things ninjas are capable of doing, like hiding in plain site, advanced forms of meditation, walking, running, jumping, landing, and rolling without making any noise, jumping off walls, picking locks, observing enemies, planning attacks, climbing up a pipe an inch thick up several stories, etc. They also practice very effective ways of disarming and quickly killing an opponent, even if they have been caught and are being held at gunpoint, turned around with their hands against a wall. They practice ways of imitating common objects like rocks, chairs, etc, bending and manipulating their bodies to allow them to hide right in front of someone, using the darkness so all you see is a shape. There are ways they use objects to trick the human eye, like crouching between two tall objects, causing the human eye to miss them. There’s a LOT more. There is tons of information out there that can be used to greatly enhance this character.

5. There should be other quests that take you into the wilderness… the dungeon thing is great but… the wilderness can be just as fun. I prefer leveling out in the wilderness than in the dungeon. The farther out I go the harder the monsters get, so I can take my time, and slowly adjust how hard the challenge is, or go after really hard monsters to build up some cash.

6. The player should only have to identify magical items, not normal or used items… but still, in this mod you have to use a scroll for EVERY item you find, whether its magical or not. This is really annoying.

And please, add more quests? :)

I've decided to hold off on giving this mod a score, since it's no where near finished. I'm going to wait till a lot more has been accomplished.

Good luck!!

+1 vote   mod: DungeonDoom
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