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General_Hoohah Feb 11 2007, 7:28pm says:

I mean to say, I have no idea how to fix it. I don't know whats wrong with it.

+2 votes   mod: Matto4
General_Hoohah Feb 11 2007, 7:28pm says:

Yes, that is how I loaded the mod from the mod menu, and when Matto 4 loads I do see the custom menu screen. But when I try to start a new game it refuses to play the mod. It only loads the stock FC levels. I have no idea how it works

+2 votes   mod: Matto4
General_Hoohah Jan 18 2007, 3:29pm says:

Another suggestion I forgot is something sporty, you know like a jogger, but still attractive. I'd suggest a more exotic figure with wider hips, toned (but not muscular) body, a trim waste, and above average chest, and short hair. For clothing, sneakers, some white black striped loose fitting jogging pants that fit loosely around the waste (so they are lower on one side of the waste than the other), black briefs, and loose fitting cut off shirt would be nice.

I suggest a different female figure for each female character. You know, like the one wearing the sweater vest could be slightly smaller and more petite than the others. The one wearing the sweats and fleece top could be younger than the others, etc. These are all just suggestions, based on women I've met who were all moderately or very attractive, which I’m sure is you're goal. Just keep in mind that adding more variety like the suggestions I've made, will make more people happy and gain more onlookers. You can't just have one stereo typed female character wearing a thong... I really suggest you do the same thing with the male characters. You know, different body types and ages, different types of clothing that suit different types of characters (comfortable and easy going, sporty, sexy, business, travel, work, etc)

+1 vote   media: Female Model (OLD)
General_Hoohah Jan 18 2007, 3:06pm says:

Ignore Makkon. If we all dressed, ate, talked, and acted like magazines told us to, we'd all be the same and every woman would probably be blonde. I don't care if a woman dressed like that. Its perfectly fine. Although most women will tell you, they hate thongs. lol Nothing wrong with what she's wearing though. But There should be other femaile player characters other than her. How about one wearing something relaxed like some sweats that are open at the bottom without the elastic, a colored shirt, and an unziped two tone fleece jacket? Also, how about a third female character wearing some jeans, a small sweater vest, and a colored shirt? I think those three choices, including the one above would make everyone happy. :)

+1 vote   media: Female Model (OLD)
General_Hoohah Dec 13 2006, 10:34pm says:

I meant to say, "with quad forward offroad lights mounted into the front of the hood".

Anyway, I've seen them race several differnt models. I like the WRX the most though. :)

+1 vote   mod: Hypersonic Source Raceway
General_Hoohah Dec 13 2006, 10:29pm says:

I'd play this game is some good Rally maps were added. You know, the type that have lots of different driving conditions, such as tarmac, gravel, mud, water, forest, dirt, sand, rock, etc.

I also wanna see a suped up Subaru (the ones with the quad forward offroad lights mounted into the front of the hood) for Rally Courses, and an illegal Dual Turbo Nissan Skyline R34 GTR for street racing!

These are pretty much the two best cars for those two different types of racing, and they REALLY deserve to be in this mod! It would be a crime not to add them. They're many enthusiasts' favorite cars, including me :)

+1 vote   mod: Hypersonic Source Raceway
General_Hoohah Dec 13 2006, 10:16pm says:

Whats that white line going through the picture. It looks like the picture is corrupted. :(

+1 vote   media: The Speedway track still WIP
General_Hoohah Dec 13 2006, 10:13pm says:

By the way, I didn't know this mod was going to have off road maps...

+1 vote   media: off raod humvee
General_Hoohah Dec 13 2006, 10:12pm says:

Now THAT’S more like it. I only wish someone would put as much passion into your maps as was put into this model above. I’m sorry, but the pictures I've seen of your maps really suck. The maps are extremely low poly with no attention to detail what so ever. They don’t even look like a real city or anything, but some crappy level a newbie made. I’m not going to even bother downloading this mod, until more energy is put into the maps. The models are looking great though... except for a few of the low poly ones, like that ****** charger model. Don't include that one in the mod. Have someone remake it or something.

+1 vote   media: off raod humvee
General_Hoohah Dec 3 2006, 8:27pm says:

The claws look like their too blunt and dull... not very menacing if you ask me. What’s he gonna do, give me a rug burn? Again the skin looks too smooth and smudged, and doesn't give him a 3D look at all. I'm sorry but I really don't like this model.

+1 vote   media: Licker
General_Hoohah Dec 3 2006, 8:23pm says:

I really hope he's not finished... the seam on the back of his head really ruins the model. Also the clothes look like they were painted on with too much smoothing and no texture. It looks like a glossy paint job for a car. The wrinkles in the clothing were done well though. Also, if he was wiping off blood on his apron, shouldn't his bloody handprint be upside down and tilted at a 45 degree angle? (I've seen a lot of bloody aprons, as I worked as a prep chef in a restaurant once.)

+1 vote   media: W.I.P Zombie
General_Hoohah Nov 28 2006, 11:57pm says:

You don't need to make your own weapons. Just borrow them from other mods, and FPS Banana. Just make sure you give credit in the mod documentation to who ever made the weapon originally.

+1 vote   mod: Rebels: Source
General_Hoohah Nov 19 2006, 3:58am says:

Why is this mod under HL2? This looks like HL1...

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life: Visitors
General_Hoohah Nov 10 2006, 9:47pm says:

6 Months? Damn, you're way off. I'm just using a moderately priced 6800GT I bought two years ago. I don't plan to upgrade till the 2nd or 3rd generation DX10 cards come out. Anything else is a waste of money. I get excellent FPS in HL2, and this card is now pretty cheap. Don't you ever see the sales that NewEgg has? Last year they had 7800GTs being sold for less than 60% off for a whole week. I also got mine on sale there too. I just waited for a sale. You guys need to learn how to shop. I probably saved about $2000, simply by waiting for sales, and collecting my parts one at a time. You can make an account there, then find something you like and check off an option that emails you the second it goes on sale.

Also this other guy is comparing apples and oranges. You can't compare the reasoning for making a low poly game or a high poly game... its simply a matter of catering to different customer needs. That’s it. They make both, equally. I see PLENTY of high quality games come out. I’m not really considering the uber cheap games you can download for $9. Those are just cheap little games people trying to get into the business are making to get noticed. They need to build a portfolio so they can apply for jobs with teams working on the big games, and they want their name on something.

As for this game, I bought HL2 because I have higher graphics expectations, and it bugs me when I see someone release a mod with HL1 quality stuff for it and they don’t warn me ahead of time that its their intention to do that. Put a label at the top or something so people know what they're getting into, so they can just go somewhere else if they don't want something that uses lower demanding graphics for cheaper or older video cards. You’ll get more people interested in the mod that way.

I've seen lots of people complain about how they can't afford a nice video card, and they own HL2. So, I’m sure there’s a lot of people who would appreciate the work you guys are doing. I sympathize with you, because I was that age too when I couldn't afford a nice card so I missed out on a lot of fun games everyone was talking about and felt really left out. So don't get me wrong, I really do understand where you are coming from. But still, HL2 was designed to be capable of high quality graphics and most players who own this game are looking for mods that cater to that.

+1 vote   mod: Synergy
General_Hoohah Nov 10 2006, 9:17pm says:

Shoe textures and face textures look good, but the model it self is WAY too blocky. It looks like something that was converted from HL1. ADD more polies!

+1 vote   media: Synergy Character
General_Hoohah Nov 7 2006, 10:35pm says:

LOL, I think the percent complete actually went down... either that or waiting for so long is causing me to go mental. What the heck is taking so long? Release some kind of beta already. I don't care how unfinished it is. I just need something...

All these other minor zombie mods like Zombie Mod and Zombie Horde for CS:S are getting VERY repetitive and BORING. I've been trying for a week to find a multiplayer mod to hold me over till this is done, but NOTHING is finished! Everything is still being worked on. :(

I’m getting so bored I’m starting to slip in and out of consciousness! Help!

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
General_Hoohah Nov 5 2006, 6:33pm says:


+1 vote   mod: Sven Coop
General_Hoohah Nov 5 2006, 5:42am says:

I meant to say add at least one other weapon, other than the rifle.

+1 vote   mod: Rebels: Source
General_Hoohah Nov 5 2006, 5:40am says:

The combine soldiers die waaaay too quickly and the maps are so tiny, but I see a lot of potential here. I have a few suggestions:

- Bigger maps
- A few maps with mounted weapons
- Map with a destructible fort that you have to protect
- Soldier should start with a hopper mine and one grenade. The hopper mine isn't THAT much of an advantage, because I've seen soldiers dodge them, so the soldier shouldn't be unbalanced.
- What about all the other great weapons in the game? How could you leave out the revolver!
- Add at LEAST one new weapon. Just one. Something that a lot of players look for... something popular. This would help add popularity to the mod. There's a lot of weapons like this... like the P90, the berretta, Desert Eagle... or maybe something modern and high tech, like the XM29 OICW. There's lots of fun choices, and many of these have either been created in other mods, or created as new skins by enthusiasts for other mods. Take your pick, there are plenty of them. Just make sure you give credit to who ever made them, unless you're having someone work on new weapons already. I recommend a nicer SMG for the Medic. That little SMG really does suck… I never liked it in HL2 to begin with.
- This mod really needs a rifle! I recommend something simple... but nice, nothing over the top like a magnum or anything. Something with a scope, like one by Steyr, Beretta, Galil, Parker Hale, or Heckler & Koch. :) There’s lots to choose from, many that have already been made for other mods by either the mod teams or enthusiasts. I don’t remember what they looked like… but the Substance Mod for HL2 has a few rifles. Maybe you could borrow one from them? ...As long as it doesn't look crappy.
- The Soldiers should increase in numbers and in stats, depending on how many players are in a game and if they are dying too easily.
- The machinegun should hold more ammo per clip. I was reloading like crazy! I'd rather spend more time shooting and enjoying the game, than reloading.

With a little more work, this could be a GREAT mod! I'd also like to see a few RPG servers set up for this mod. Now THAT would be fun!

0 votes   mod: Rebels: Source
General_Hoohah Feb 6 2007, 4:15am says:

I've played every single Matto mod released to date and was really excited when this one came out, but I've tried installing it and the patch several times and it WILL NOT load the campaign! It only loads the FC intro movie and the FC campaigns! :eek: WTF! I really wanted to play this! :( :(

I never had this problem with any of the other Matto mods! So why is it happening now!? I PROPERLY updated FC all the way to 1.4. :eyebrow:

I need HELP!!

*sniff* I really wanted to play with that Aug...

+2 votes   mod: Matto4
General_Hoohah Nov 6 2006, 3:47am says:

Um... it would be nice if you actually had a description and some pictures. There's no way I'm just going to download something and put it on my computer, without knowing what it is, or if Im actually interested in it.

+1 vote   mod: Iris
General_Hoohah Nov 8 2006, 1:45am says:

Now this IS better than the other player models, especially that guy with the big helmet. The legs and hips are well blended together, so they don't look like pegs glued on. However, the polies are still a bit low. This isn't HL1 guys. You need to go a little farther than this. The arms need a lot of work, they are especially blocky.

+2 votes   media: Synergy Character
General_Hoohah Nov 8 2006, 1:47am says:

Might as well hang a bulls eye around his neck. Try a green brown instead of neon green.

0 votes   media: New player model (2.0B Player Model)
General_Hoohah Sep 16 2006, 5:07pm says:

I just noticed it was released at 40%


+1 vote   mod: God Damned Undead
General_Hoohah Sep 14 2006, 4:18am says:

The description above looks like a 12 year old with ADHD on a sugar high wrote it.

It doesn't even make any sense... he's just babbling on and on like a hyperactive child with an overactive imagination, completely unaware that his asinine ramblings are like nails on a chalkboard to everyone around him.

I looked at the pictures, then noticed the 6.8 score and thought, “What the heck, I’ll give it a shot.” Then I read halfway through the description… because that’s all I could take, before I started feeling dizzy from the sheer stupidity. Doesn’t ModDB have an age requirement, before you can post a mod?

How old is he? If he really is a little kid, I'm very surprised he pulled off finishing any HL2 mod at all! People don’t take them seriously when they want to mod… for obvious reasons. LOL

+1 vote   mod: God Damned Undead
General_Hoohah Sep 13 2006, 10:47pm says:

Im about to try this mod and it sounds wicked!

From the sound of it, this mod would completely dominate other mods if it had multiplayer coop support! I'd love to play a mod like this along side a good buddy on the hardest difficulty! Watching eachothers backs, sharing ammo clips, using practiced stratigic manuvers, or even one having to leave the other in a hiding place while you go try to find a medical kit for him because he's dying! Man... talk about the ultimate gaming experience!!!

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life 2 Substance
General_Hoohah Sep 13 2006, 10:27pm says:

I got really excited until I realised this is just another deathmatch mod. Yuck! I like fighting allong side a team mate. More fun that way. If there were some way to ally with someone, that would be a start... but just running around aimlessly killing players, without any other reason for it other than that, gets really old really fast, and feels like a complete waste of time. Give me an objective... or a mission goal.

+1 vote   mod: Art of Ascension
General_Hoohah Sep 13 2006, 9:56pm says:

Why is everything so blocky and low res?

+2 votes   media: dm_roaches
General_Hoohah Sep 13 2006, 9:32pm says:

I just don't like the pics Im seeing in this gallery. The texutres all either look flat or generic, with no shading or anything. Like for instance, the round brass things at the bottom of those objects, have a flat texture and it makes it look crappy. All you need to do is take some pictures of some peices of furnature, edit them slightly, then apply them. Its not THAT hard. It looks like very little time was spent on these maps. Sorry, but Im not interested until you get some nice textures and the objects in your maps and the maps themselves look less blocky, but higher res instead. Take advantage of the HL2 engine, otherwise not many people will play this mod.

+1 vote   media: English ale at it's best
General_Hoohah Sep 13 2006, 9:17pm says:

That clock looks like crap.... and the floor tile textures are all blurry. Did you guys put any time at all into the maps?

+1 vote   media: Screenshot 6
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