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General_Hoohah Apr 9 2011, 4:59am replied:

You got seriously ripped off. I payed $9.99 for it on steam and I still feel like I payed too much.

+2 votes     game: Far Cry 2
General_Hoohah Apr 9 2011, 4:54am says:

The douche bags at Ubisoft have again made it clear they don't give a flying **** about the communities of their games, and refuse to release the SDK. That means no mods. It’s a terrible shame. The game is definitely a work of art, and there are so many incredible mods you could make for it, but that won't happen now. This makes the game's value drop significantly in price.

Also the game tricks you into thinking that the many choices you're forced to make will affect the story. It does not affect the story or the game in any way, which really ****** me off and a lot of other players as well. This could be fixed with a mod. Oh but wait, Ubisoft won't let anyone do that. You can download cheats, trainers, some new maps... but that’s about it. Nothing worth being called a mod from what I've seen.

I had three major problems with this game. There’s no stealth system and the AI could always see me perfectly even if I was behind tons of thick jungle plants, and the weapon system is very restricting. It doesn't let you carry what you want in each slot like the first game, you have to carry certain weapons in their designated slots, which allows far less freedom of tactics and personal weapon choices like in the first Far Cry.

This is NOT Far Cry 2. Far Cry kept it simple. A stealth system that worked, intelligent AI that worked together, simple objectives, weapon slots you could use in any way you chose, beautiful scenery, fun vehicles, and a simple story that didn't pretend to be an RPG. Ubisoft totally ruined that recipe in this game.

And fixing any problem with a vehicle by tightening 1 bolt was just stupid. It’s worse than being able to fix a sentry gun in Team Fortress 2 by hitting it with a wrench. "Ug! Me caveman, me hit gun till fixed!"

6 out of 10. More than $10 and you’ve been ripped off. Sure the graphics are good, the weapons are decent and the vehicles can be fun... but that’s about it.

+2 votes     game: Far Cry 2
General_Hoohah Feb 16 2011, 8:42pm replied:

Double post.

+2 votes     game: Battlezone II: Combat Commander
General_Hoohah Feb 16 2011, 8:41pm replied:

A fairly active community of twats. Many of the veterans are good, some not, but most of the rest are bickering backstabbing immature children who cheer stupid ideas and boo all the good ones. I thought the Sven Coop community was bad... BZ2 community is worse. Also, I've heard a bunch of horror stories about people who were banned from the Battlezone Community Project boards just because people didn't like them... that's just wrong. The community needs a fresh start, to be completely rebooted. No more of the high school drama. I see that crap in every game community I find, but BZ2's is probably the worst I've seen.

+2 votes     game: Battlezone II: Combat Commander
General_Hoohah Feb 15 2011, 7:50am replied:

Also another clever trick. Bind laser pistol to a key you can press really easily and fast, and carry about 3 or 4 of them. You can rapid shot them with them on the high setting, by switching between them while the previous pistol charges for another shot. I do this and its great, I can kill huge hordes with no problems at all. And since you're carrying a small pile of pistols and using them all like one weapon, its like having that many times the ammo, so you can shoot a lot more than with just one of them.

Seriously though, I love the laser pistol in SS2 far more than the ones in any other games I've played. The way it looks, that cool animated skin, the sound... love it, always have.

+2 votes     game: System Shock 2
General_Hoohah Feb 15 2011, 7:35am replied:

Dude, steal ammo from the training at the beginning of the game, and smuggle it onto the Von Braun. :D Don't look at it as cheating, think of it as being a really clever thief in the game. I always do that. HE and AP

+1 vote     game: System Shock 2
General_Hoohah Feb 15 2011, 7:33am says:

This is in my top 10 list of best games. I love this game so much... but after beating it once, I always get bored when I finish all the Von Braun levels. :(

Did you know you can spawn any object in the game, and use those objects to build a fort? If you're good enough you can spawn a latter up to a spawned square mesh floor, and repeat, until you get a series of levels you can build a fort out of. You can also use psi walls as a temporary thing to stand on so you can spawn those floor tiles up in the air. Then just shoot them with spawned ammo to get rid of the walls. :) Then set off the alarm and the fun starts! How long will you last?

I did this with a friend once, it was so much fun! :D

+2 votes     game: System Shock 2
General_Hoohah Feb 15 2011, 7:26am replied:

Actually, I hate the archers a lot more. In the old BZ2, you could easily shoot it down, just have someone on bomber patrol with a double mag or some other heavy damage canon. It's big and slow, making it easy to kill. But in the community patches, they added rocket towers that shoot down bombers. So you actually can defend against them now. Just make sure you give your rocket towers a good sight distance though, cause they need to be able to see it coming. If you but them against a wall and the bomber flies over the wall, they won't shoot it down in time.

The archers are horrible. Its hard to find them sometimes and only players can kill them cause they land on top of steep high land formations where the AI can't get them. THAT'S CHEATING!!! I've always thought those things are a big fat cheat, which is why I never play against Scions. Besides... the ISDF has always just looked a whole lot cooler to me. :D

+3 votes     game: Battlezone II: Combat Commander
General_Hoohah Feb 15 2011, 7:18am replied:

Well, there's a few problems with the points you're making. You're leaving out the point that many new players in BZ2 who join strat games, DO NOT have the patience to sit around patrolling while you build an army to keep the enemy out of your base or scout without attracting too much attention to themselves, they don't listen to advice, and when they do follow you're advice... they're only saying that to keep you happy, and then they go attack the enemy base by themself and die after you asked them to stay away from the enemy base... wasting a tank, then get ****** when you don't have the resources to replace the really nice tank they joined in... and have to rejoin the game.

I used to usually play against the AI and this is what I used to go through every time I'd start a game. Either they just have a miserable attitude and are completely disrespectful and/or they just don't listen, and of course they're new so that makes it worse. Imagine a child joining a football team who's never thrown a football, throws a tantrum every time the coach asks him to do something, and runs at the enemy team like he has a death wish. I've had many games F'ed up by idiots like this. Its not just that their new, they're totally incompetent immature stubborn children who are in the wrong kind of game, and shouldn't be playing BZ2. They act like they're used to playing mindless games that take 5 minutes per level and require no patience or thought.

Don't get me wrong, I gave everyone a chance, and once that was rewarded with someone who actually wanted to learn (shocked), but that only happened once. Also... a lot of very small children joined my games, and I had to kick them. They were so young, they could barely type or play. (What the hell kind of crappy parents allows kids that young to join games and bother people like that?) I've seen that in a lot of games actually, its worse when they have voice. D:

+3 votes     game: Battlezone II: Combat Commander
General_Hoohah Feb 8 2011, 5:50pm replied:

And by the way yes, I give this game a score of Perfect 10, only because this game has an ENORMOUS amount of potential and is packed with beautiful hand crafted maps. The maps are so open ended, you can go anywhere you want, attack from any direction, there's wildlife, entire echo systems rich with numerous plant life, many different environments, the music is good, the hover craft physics are great.

Most of all the environments in this game are breathtaking works of art, consisting of hand painted maps rich with color and detail. Some consisting of brilliant oranges and yellows, lit by sun sets are just phenomenal, while others are beautiful lush green atmospheres with crystal blue water, or even a snowy tundra with icebergs and a brilliant sky. I've also seen environments that are dark and brooding but still very rich in color and detail. If you have an appreciation for this kind of thing, this is DEFINITELY a game for you. The shear number of environments, incredible skies, and the beauty of each environment had me roaming around enjoying every inch of each map the first time I played this game.

But seriously... the Battlezone Community Project Boards need to be completely overhauled, in terms of what kind of people they allow in there and who is allowed to be involved in the projects they busy themselves with. Some of them are enough to drive you up the wall, yanking your hair out, until you can't take it anymore and run away screaming. I've heard a lot of horror stories and I personally have had many bad encounters with that community. I just stay away now completely, and I blame them for ruining such a great game that I used to enjoy so much.

+3 votes     game: Battlezone II: Combat Commander
General_Hoohah Feb 7 2011, 11:44pm says:

I honestly believe 100% that this game would be popular again if two things were done.

A. Fix the memory leaks. They keep adding new stuff to it and improving it, but they never solve the core issue with this game in the community updates... AND THEY HAVE A CODER FROM THE ORIGINAL DEV TEAM working on the update, and this has been going on for YEARS. So why has this never been fixed? YEARS... think about that.

B. Restart the Battlezone Community Project Boards over again and kick out all the immature childish egotistical **** heads who ruin it for everyone else, or worse ban people "because they don't like them". I was creating all kinds of incredible vehicle model designs, testing, working on a map, creating textures, skins, working with the community patch team and a modder... but I couldn't stand some people in the community. It eventually got so bad, I told them off, and never went back. That was a few years ago... probably longer.

I still believe in this game, but many members of the BZ Community Project Boards are totally ruining any chance this game has. I really hope someone does something about it, but no one probably will. :(

There are so many obnoxious egotistical immature twats in that community, its just ridiculous. I regret not finishing the projects I was involved with, but I couldn't stand being around some of those people. Some of them were okay, nice guys... but a lot of other people ruined it, some worse than others. I think the fact that they allowed so many kids in the modding scene had a lot to do with it.

+5 votes     game: Battlezone II: Combat Commander
General_Hoohah Dec 21 2010, 5:06pm says:

Why didn't you fix the drawer handles from simple squares to more complex rounded shapes? That would have been nice. :(

+1 vote     media: FCAM 2 Textures By Darooz (WIP)
General_Hoohah Dec 8 2010, 5:35pm replied:

I know when something is frozen and when its not. I let it sit for five minutes, and this is a VERY fast machine, plus windows was giving me warnings that it wasn't responding.

However, I just tried it again and within seconds the setup window popped up. The last six or seven times I ran that program it never did that. My friend was also having problems with it, so there's obviously something buggy about it.

+1 vote     mod: Obsidian Conflict
General_Hoohah Dec 8 2010, 3:10pm buried:


After watching that video... I have no interest in playing this. It looks like its just remade HL1 deathmatch maps, with randomized enemies on it. Pointless and boring to me. I'd rather wander around City 17 landscapes and outdoor areas like from Ep2.

-6 votes     mod: Modular Combat
General_Hoohah Dec 8 2010, 1:43pm says:

I tried the download here, and one off your site, and they're both messed up. The app pops up and gives me a selection of three languages times two... so there's two English, and two of the other two. I select English, continue, and it freezes. A friend of mine said he was able to get it to work through task manager, but I can't recreate what he did apparently. We're both using XP... something is obviously wrong here. Can you re-upload the new complete installer?

+1 vote     mod: Obsidian Conflict
General_Hoohah Dec 8 2010, 8:34am says:

Another mod where Team A fights Team B..... how original.


+1 vote     article: Dev Diaries: In the shadow of Russia
General_Hoohah Dec 8 2010, 8:31am says:

I'm sorry, but that music sucks for a stalker game. Have you ever played Stalker? Last I remember, the only music comes from guys playing folk music on guitar. I think you need to go play through it. Try the Super Mod Pack when it comes out in time for Christmas. I think that will be a good experience for you before you really want this to feel like Stalker.

+2 votes     mod: STALKER: The Road to Pripyat
General_Hoohah Dec 8 2010, 7:54am replied:

They've already done it with Master Sword. Maybe he can just borrow the code from them?

+1 vote     mod: STALKER: The Road to Pripyat
General_Hoohah Dec 7 2010, 9:23pm says:

I liked the old one, a whole lot more skin and kinkier... you ruined it for me. 1/10 from me.

0 votes     download: Prostitute 1 Replacer
General_Hoohah Dec 7 2010, 9:21pm says:

I like it... but they look a little too glassy. 8/10 from me

+1 vote     download: Eye Replacer
General_Hoohah Dec 7 2010, 9:19pm says:

I don't like the before or the after. The first looks like a trailer yard junkie and the second looks like a starved pale chick dying of organ failure. And the hair on the second is awful. Looks like someone just painted it on.

+1 vote     download: Prostitute 2 Replacer
General_Hoohah Dec 7 2010, 12:47am replied:

I read in the forums, in time for Christmas.

+1 vote     mod: Super Mod Pack 2.4
General_Hoohah Dec 6 2010, 10:14pm says:

So is there a way I can make the artifacts glow? I'd really love to be able to do that. :) They did that when I first installed the game stock, and it was my favorite part of the gem. I really want it back, but I also want all the cool stuff you added too. :( Please?

+1 vote     mod: Super Mod Pack 2.4
General_Hoohah Dec 6 2010, 12:57pm replied:

I have no idea how it happened, but my comment was not meant for this mod... but somehow it ended up here. Really strange....

+2 votes     mod: Mandate of Heaven
General_Hoohah Dec 6 2010, 12:43pm says:

Wait a minute... I could have sworn I played a Crysis addon map called Lost Island about a year ago or so.

+2 votes     mod: Codename Cryforce
General_Hoohah Dec 6 2010, 12:42pm says:

Why does the damn look so fake? Is it just because of the way it was rendered or something?

0 votes     media: Damm wip
General_Hoohah Dec 6 2010, 10:24am says:

Okay I played all the way through... and I have to say, I was let down. :(

I liked it at first... then the maps took me underground. So I shrugged and thought its probably just a detour and I'll end up back in the slums. Well, it never happened. Why the hell did you call this mod Slums... if most of it doesn't take place in the slums? Sure, you start out there, but most of it is industrial, underground, drainage, and sewer areas... wtf?

+4 votes     mod: Slums 2
General_Hoohah Dec 6 2010, 4:30am replied:

Cool, I'm glad you got that fixed! What is this about a backpack I heard about?

And I'm not rating this mod till I play 2.5. I want to give you a fair rating. :) Seriously, I am a huge fan of this mod! When I meet someone who's played Stalker, but hasn't touched it in a long time, the first thing I do is tell them to go play SMP.

+1 vote     mod: Super Mod Pack 2.4
General_Hoohah Dec 6 2010, 4:24am replied:

I hear you on the anomalies, I can accept that. But Wolf, please tell me there's a way to make the artifacts glow? It's just something I really enjoy... like capturing fireflies at night as a kid, with a giant jar. :D

+3 votes     mod: Super Mod Pack 2.4
General_Hoohah Dec 5 2010, 6:11pm says:

Okay, I re-downloaded and re-installed, and its working fine now. I just played for an hour and quit for the night. Mapping was very good, not the best, but very good. There's an issue with the fires. Every time I see an area with a fire, my fps goes way down. I've played plenty of maps with fire in HL2 and other source games, and this never happened before. Only with this mod. I don't know what it is, but it should probably be fixed.

The music taken from Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, is a nice touche. One of my favorite all time games. :D If you guys haven't played it, you can get it cheap on several online download game sites. Be sure to install the community mod that fixes a few problems and adds a few things before playing it. :)

+3 votes     mod: Slums 2
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