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Project Black Sun

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The graphics on this are great, as is the soundtrack and the overall idea for the project.

However this isn't a "Nintendo hard" game, it's just poorly designed. Unlike in say, Castlevania, where everything in the game is built around the clunkiness of your character and their attacks, this is just lazily put together in many ways. Being unable to move and reload, or jump and shoot are huge problems, and in general the game just feels really unfair. Most of these control limitations would be fine, if not for the fact that one of the game's most basic enemies (the bat) can just move through walls and own you. Pretty much every enemy in the game is faster than you too.

This could've been really great, but it just isn't.
Maybe this developer will get it right next time though, because the only thing really ruining this game is lousy controls and movement.

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