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gazornonplat May 20 2011 says:

This looks pretty damn awesome. Like the nightmare sequences from Afraid of Monsters, only much, much better.

+1 vote   media: 2000 watchers! Here's your gift
gazornonplat May 20 2011 says:

This is really, really nice. Will you be using Impulse only for your own game? Or will you be releasing the updated version of Quake too? Because having seen the screenshots I don't think I could be happy without playing it.

+3 votes   engine: Impulse Engine
gazornonplat May 16 2011 replied:

3rd person view is the only thing that makes this unique. Change it and all he has is another clone.

+2 votes   news: Assault! V0.82 Released
gazornonplat May 9 2011 says:

Great job. Love the art style in this, and thanks for releasing the flash version. I was worried I wouldn't be able to enjoy this on my Linux netbook. :)

+1 vote   news: Pon full release!
gazornonplat Apr 3 2011 says:

This looks absolutely fantastic, hope to see this on steam when it comes out of beta.

+3 votes   news: Build 6: I love swords!
gazornonplat Mar 24 2011 replied:

Yeah, I have to agree with guywiththename and Argoon, LURK is definitely prettier, but that's not necessarily the best thing for an oppressive and frightening game like STALKER. I think that LURK with the Vanilla skybox would be fantastic looking though.

+2 votes   media: L.U.R.K. vs. Vanilla
gazornonplat Mar 15 2011 says:

**** these idiots, I know for a fact that nobody would "run away" from a project 10 years in the making, and if that really was David's intention he wouldn't still be here. Hopefully the development can continue unfazed, but sadly that seems increasingly unlikely. If you learn anything at all from this, it's to pick your team more carefully. Best of luck to SGS.

+2 votes   news: Miscommunication
gazornonplat Feb 24 2011 says:

Even for a very early Alpha, this plays very nicely. Clean interface (in a similar way to that of Minecraft), lovely pixel-art visuals and some really great animations and neat design. Can't wait to see where you guys take this project, but with a concept this clean and yet totally expandable, the sky's the limit. Best of luck devs. :)

+2 votes   game: Survivors of Ragnarök
gazornonplat Feb 11 2011 says:

Can't wait, whatever this is going to be priced at, I'll pay it, because you guys have well and truly earned it.

0 votes   news: Dear Esther remake to get commercial release
gazornonplat Dec 30 2010 says:

The older ones had far too much brown lighting, which made them warmer and less gritty. The new maps are also much more like Tokyo, which is great for a Cyberpunk mod.

+1 vote   news: Off Limits - styx before and after
gazornonplat Nov 27 2010 says:

The modelling for this is bloody brilliant, also voted.

+2 votes   mod: The Rising
gazornonplat Nov 27 2010 says:

This is wicked stuff mate. Your models are top-notch.

+1 vote   media: CMC Field Ops - Head Variants
gazornonplat Nov 27 2010 replied:

Are there any plans for this to be available for Linux? As well as a Steam gamer I'm also an avid Ubuntu user, and this would be an amazing thing to have running native. Cross-Platform play is a good area to consider with this engine, if you haven't already that is.

+1 vote   game: OverDose
gazornonplat Nov 26 2010 says:

Voted. Updates are amazing as always, but be honest, how far along is this really, completion-wise?

+1 vote   game: OverDose
gazornonplat Nov 23 2010 says:

Well worth that period of radio silence, this looks brilliant, very much shaping up to have the sort of atmosphere I was hoping it would. Kudos to you guys for staying true to the concept. Can't wait for this to go public!

+1 vote   news: The Rising MOD - Beta Gameplay Part 1 of 3
gazornonplat Oct 17 2010 says:

If you are bulding this on id Tech, then will it be available for Linux too? That'd a big plus for a lot of people.

+2 votes   game: OverDose
gazornonplat Aug 11 2010 says:

My god. You guys a ******* ace.

+1 vote   news: Spiral Game Studios - Opens Doors & Announces 'ORION: Prelude'
gazornonplat Aug 10 2010 says:

So can we take this to mean vehicles are back in? Because if they are then I ******* love you guys. I love you guys anyone, just more if vehicles are in.

+1 vote   media: Gladiator Assault Vehicle (GAV)
gazornonplat Aug 10 2010 says:

This is really going to be amazing.

+1 vote   news: ORION - Mystery Days Event - Cover boys revealed!
gazornonplat Jun 16 2010 says:

Dammit! April 2011?! I don't mean to be rude, but that really ****** me off. That's ages away!!

I will definitely buy this when it's released but jeez, that's a long wait guys!

+1 vote   news: Engine Test Release Date Set - Friday, April 9th!
gazornonplat Jun 16 2010 says:

Looks fantastic. I should hopefully get a chance to play this soon, all installed and ready to play, I'm just really busy with my GCSEs at the moment.

+1 vote   news: ORION Beta 1.2 - Play with the Developers - WEDNESDAY MATCH
gazornonplat Jan 11 2010 says:

Love the mod, absolutely stunning. Windows Game Reviews featured it in their nodding monthly segment

Also, for the sake of anyone getting that client.dll crap, configuring hl to run in OpenGL mode fixed it for me.

+1 vote   game: Naruto: Naiteki Kensei
gazornonplat Jan 9 2010 says:

I can barely begin to express my amazement at the visuals. I simply cannot comprehend the fact that this is goldsrc. Absolutely stunning. You amazing devs just earned yourselves another fan.

+1 vote   media: R1 Official Release Trailer
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