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In Lucy's Eyes

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Very good! this FC had unique moments, the maps were really good and really well detailed, the story is also unique and very good!
but unfortunately, the creator didn't spent too much time on the ending, i through since he used some new models, he could also use the model of a kid and do more maps for the ending, even if for some cutscenes of the main character running, i mean, he did the cutscenes at the start of the story of him arriving the castle in-game, but well... other than this, this is a unique custom story(FC) and i recommend everyone to play this! it has unique moments,it has alot of scary moments that will make you shiver,and this FC have new monsters!



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it's a very good mod!,it is perfect and have 2 endings, there's no errors on the maps,and everything is okay, in except for 1 thing! some keys are too hard to find and after the middle of the custom story, the mementos stop to appear making you become confused!, and the keys are impossible to find without a walkthrough,that's why i'm giving a 8/10, congratulations!