Well howdy do. Not much to say here as yet, other than I'm a graphics designer and I'm based in Telford, Shropshire. Other than that, I'll update later :)

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Gavavva Feb 6 2013, 6:42am says:

Heads swap in and out via tagging, but I'm not sure yet, no promises. As it stands, this is just for fun, for me, but is actually fully done and would work. Nicolas and I are still trying to decide the best way to do custom heads.

+2 votes   media: 2x4b 523p
Gavavva Feb 9 2012, 9:52am replied:

There isn't any darker edges. You are looking at foliage being lit away from a light source, so the edges are of course going to be darker. Foliage is still created from high poly models, same as every other surface in the game.

+1 vote   media: Dem Pesky Mutants... - WIP
Gavavva Oct 6 2011, 3:24pm replied:

Rage uses one texture for the level load, its called a "mega texture". That means that every single object in the world, every surface, every POLYGON has its OWN UV space. Thats amazing because it means that you can create a world packed full of objects, and have zero tiling, even on multiple copies of the same thing, like a wall full of paint cans, they could all be different.

The problem is, they are HUGE files. Uncompressed Rage is like, 1tb worth of data... So they have to compress the textures down a **** load.

+1 vote   media: Its Getting Clooooooosssseeeerrr....
Gavavva Oct 5 2011, 4:30am says:

In Reply To:

Hell_Diguner 7hours 23mins ago replied:

"Could somebody explain to me why people seem to think Rage is a graphically spectacular game? Because I just don't see anything special in that department."

Because Mega Texture allows the entire world, and every object in it, to have its own UV space. Unless you are a texture artist you won't understand why thats so awesome. Of course, its far, far too early to be using it, so things like dynamic lighting are out, plus as you can see it takes up that much space it has a seriously reduced resolution... But in a few years time, it will look THE ****.

+2 votes   media: Its Getting Clooooooosssseeeerrr....
Gavavva Apr 10 2011, 6:32am replied:

There is no "downed" animation in this video. Animations are, in order:

Run Forward
Run Backward
Run Left
Run Right
Prone Move Forward
Into Prone From Standing
Crouch Slide enter, Loop and End as one Anim
Vault Over Tall Object
Prone Dive

+1 vote   media: Field Ops Animation Tests
Gavavva Mar 10 2011, 2:49pm says:

Yes, because there are no doors. That shot was taken in an SDK map used for testing scales, movement etc.

+1 vote   media: Dat Ass... >.>
Gavavva Feb 23 2011, 12:15pm says:

Thats called FOV 90, and its a twat. The doors obviously measure up. I knew I shouldn't have posted this, its already outdated, what with the wet effects, foliage and ****.

+1 vote   media: They're dead, Dave...
Gavavva Sep 4 2010, 12:17pm replied:

That was the plan, to just stay clear and let it work its way out, but bugger me, some people, its like pulling teeth lol.

As for the lower head, its actualy the same pixel ratio as the rest, so it might be something else.

0 votes   article: Meet… The Infiltrator
Gavavva Jan 1 2010, 3:00pm replied:

Man I love cake. I would have sex with cake if if knew I wouldn't get aids. But these days, you just don't know...

+1 vote   media: OverDose Title Screen And New Menu Music
Gavavva Aug 20 2008, 3:17pm says:

Well the site is currently down. Its been down a lot just recently. We are working on getting a new host :(

+1 vote   article: OverDose
Gavavva Apr 10 2011, 6:29am replied:

No game on the planet has zero clipping, trust me on this. And for a rig/animation set that works on all our player classes, made by a single person, for free, for an indie team that doesn't get paid and does this in its spare time no less, I think its good enough.

People are MORE than welcome to step up and do a better job if they think they can, I'm sure Ben wouldn't mind at all people sharing the work load :)

+1 vote   media: Field Ops Animation Tests Part 2
Gavavva Apr 9 2011, 2:22pm says:

Name me a game that doesn't have clipping in some form, and I'll get it fixed.

+1 vote   media: Field Ops Animation Tests Part 2
Gavavva Apr 9 2011, 4:29am says:

There isn't a kick? Thats the vault over objects animation that plays when you sprint/jump into lower vaultable objects. The other odd ones are prone dive and crouch slide.

+2 votes   media: Field Ops Animation Tests
Gavavva Apr 4 2011, 3:15am says:

I'm so not happy with that hair/harline, I'll re-do the texture when I get home from work.

+1 vote   media: Field Ops Head - Mohawk
Gavavva Apr 1 2011, 5:39am says:

I can haz a moan :(

It's like having sex with jessica alba and then having Justin Beiber as a kid and nor being able to do anything about it :(

+1 vote   article: TBG In Search Of New Animators!
Gavavva Mar 31 2011, 2:22pm replied:

Quake 2 as a base, of course. Same way Rage is the Quake 1 engine really, its just updated over the years.

Anyway back on topic, there has to be some people willing to help? ATM, we STILL can't get any help. Nobody wants to bother, sadly, and what help we do get goes AWOL for no reason and leaves stuff half finished, so I'm telling everybody now this FACT...

If we don't get help that can actually do something within say, the next month, we are pulling the plug on the whole project. It’s as simple as that, sadly. We just aren’t anywhere we want to be with this, and that’s because the ratio of people moaning at us to people helping is 100,000:1.

Sucks... But it’s true :( I hope the next post I make is about how well things are going, rather than us closing shop.

+1 vote   article: TBG In Search Of New Animators!
Gavavva Mar 30 2011, 5:35pm replied:


+1 vote   media: CMC - Pistol - Textured & Posed
Gavavva Mar 20 2011, 5:31am replied:

No, its id softwares secret version of the idTech 4 engine that they added shadow mapping and vastly enhanced glsl shaders to, but only sent us the source. But sshhhh, its a secret, don't tell anybody :p

+2 votes   game: OverDose
Gavavva Mar 14 2011, 8:24pm says:

The game isn't public so neither is the engine source at this time, and wont be until release (unless we buy a licence). This conforms with GPL s requirements. Anybody who wants to work on OverDose can get in touch, but source isn't shared at this time. We obviously have our reasons for doing things this way.

+1 vote   game: OverDose
Gavavva Mar 12 2011, 4:42pm replied:

Usually I'm all for more detail, but in this case, that would likely result in just too much, oddly. It may even turn to noise, with it being on the side of a weapon held at an angle. I'll say that I'm happy with what its at atm, and that we should move on at this stage.

+1 vote   media: CMC - Pistol - Textured & Posed
Gavavva Mar 12 2011, 8:18am says:

100,000 hits! Took long enough lol! :p

Here is a very, very early tease, with no screen effects/movement and no animation blending:


+1 vote   game: OverDose
Gavavva Mar 10 2011, 2:48pm replied:

High praise indeed, thank you. Why don't you give our coder a message, I'm sure he would love to hear from you:


+1 vote   game: OverDose
Gavavva Mar 10 2011, 9:31am says:

It's the variant that will display in woodland/sand themed levels, that's all. We decided that, in this case, we didn't need a separate texture for these two on this weapon. The snow version obviously has much more frost on it. The hands will still be themed to the location even if the weapon isn't, and other weapons will change (for example the colours/camo on o37) but if it's not needed we dont need to make more work for ourselves.

+1 vote   media: CMC Pistol - Sand/Woodland Version
Gavavva Mar 9 2011, 2:12pm replied:

Aye, but it's from my mises. She wanted to thank you. She was pleased... Several times.

+1 vote   media: CMC Pistol - Sand/Woodland Version
Gavavva Mar 8 2011, 2:40pm replied:

Heart breaker :(

You will like the next stuff, its sexual... In a totally... Metallic moving way...

+1 vote   media: Dat Ass... >.>
Gavavva Mar 7 2011, 3:22am replied:

Attachments have been planned (and done) for ages, so yeah, its getting a bit chilly around here :

+1 vote   media: CMC - Pistol - Low Poly Untextured - Ingame
Gavavva Mar 6 2011, 2:46pm replied:

Thats a pretty famous pic of UE3, so I would assume people would know, but yeah this is the internet. I may update the pic and slap a UE logo on it.

+1 vote   article: Development Update
Gavavva Mar 6 2011, 1:01pm replied:

Gamecode is a long way off, thanks to nobody wanting to help on the project, so you may be waiting a while.

+2 votes   game: OverDose
Gavavva Mar 6 2011, 11:13am replied:

Its almost like I used an already existing pic as an example of what the effect does...?

+6 votes   article: Development Update
Gavavva Mar 6 2011, 3:49am says:

If you can call it single player... I have plans that IF this releases and IF its liked then we could always move onto a new project OD related, seeing as the engine is there, but it wouldn't be "single player" as such, more a coop focused story mode of sorts.

+1 vote   media: OverDose ViDoc Four - Cross Processing
Gavavva Mar 5 2011, 6:24pm replied:

It will suport custom content and maps of course, we feel its insane OT to support those things these days. The game is 100% multiplayer, at lease THIS version of OverDose is.

+1 vote   media: OverDose ViDoc Four - Cross Processing
Gavavva Mar 4 2011, 12:48pm replied:

Wasn't mine, have to say. Every single pic on ModDB is "By Gavavva" because its uploaded by me. No need for the undertone Atree.

+2 votes   media: CMC - O37 Assault Rifle - High Poly
Gavavva Mar 3 2011, 12:07pm says:

Because with everything we have shown, you really think we would be so stupid as to do that? Of course its normal mapped.

+1 vote   media: CMC - Pistol - Low Poly Untextured - Ingame
Gavavva Feb 26 2011, 6:46am replied:

OverDose is in no way shape or form related to ET. Unless you count the Nazis. But they just work on the team.

-1 votes   game: OverDose
Gavavva Feb 26 2011, 5:58am says:

Its a game, you either have rain hitting the door, or you don't. Its all the same surface. To split it into multiple surfaces makes it more expensive, and at what cost? ATM the scene loads in less than a second for me. This is a UI scene, for the background of the main menu. That means everybody loads it when loading the game. If I keep adding and adding and adding, sooner or later we are gonna be left with the problem of people waiting minutes just to get into the game, which lets face it, nobody wants.

As of right now, the menu system all loads in 1-2 seconds. THATS GRAVY. I know full retail game with dev teams of 100+ that cant get simple 2d image UI's loading in less than 30, and don't get me started on the videos, too.

Quick and snappy. The real juice will come from in the actual game, mark my words.

+1 vote   media: OverDose ViDoc Three - UI Scene *UPDATE*
Gavavva Feb 25 2011, 5:46pm says:

Its a menu... I think some of you are forgetting that. Its an alpha tested sprite.

+2 votes   media: OverDose ViDoc Three - UI Scene *UPDATE*
Gavavva Feb 25 2011, 8:42am replied:

Weapon textures REQUIRE that the normal map be made from a high poly source mesh, and that the diffuse/spec is made with this in mind. Otherwise they will end up looking rubbish. Its far easier to make level textures. Unless you mean you cna do old school diffuse only stuff, which to be fair wouldn't work in OD.

+1 vote   game: OverDose
Gavavva Feb 25 2011, 8:09am says:

Its a game. Its also a UI scene, so I can't use things you would expect, particles and the like, its all hacked model surfaces. I only have so much memory to work with before it takes years to load and chugs, defeating the point.

Heres a changelog so far:

-Added green lights to the marine near his chest/wrist so cast some dynamic shading. Not sure why I forgot those in the first place.

- Changed the blood pool on the floor to be less pool and more "dragged".

- Re-worked the dude texture so hes more bloody, more beaten up, also shows on the normal. The space I have to work with is tiny for this to keep file size down, its not like the player model.

- Removed dudes left wrist, cut it off, and stuck it on the floor near him, made it whiter obviously, added blood and stuff to it as needed.

- Changed the light above the door to a rare random flicker, added flare to match as well as light.

- Changed light inside open doorway, now pushed back further but also added alpha tested character shadow of people running that randomly streaks over the screen in that room, making it look like theres action going on.

- Various other little tweaks etc.

In Progress-

- Add more surface impacts for rain, there isn't enough atm. More ambient stuff.

- Change all the surface materials to a "Wet" effect. Waiting on shader.

I knew I shouldn't have uploaded that video so soon.

+1 vote   media: OverDose ViDoc Three - UI Scene
Gavavva Mar 17 2013, 11:19am says:

Team? One person. Also the tree is old and being remade anyway.

+4 votes   media: OverDose
Gavavva Feb 19 2013, 4:20pm says:


You never...

You never finished Skyrim...? Fallout 3...? Vice City...? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude....

+3 votes   media: Colour... In OverDose...? Whatever next...? 3
Gavavva Sep 20 2012, 10:19am replied:

Ivy are made of simple planes, and then a few tris in random places over the face of the Ivy to give volume. Its actually a really low poly solution that fakes depth, its cheap and as you can see, fools the eye quite easily.

+3 votes   media: Out Of Order? 4
Gavavva May 22 2012, 11:49am says:

Its been toned down and changed lads, fear not :p



+5 votes   media: WIP Media 2
Gavavva May 22 2012, 8:45am says:

Already changed the colours and stuff based on feedback :p

+1 vote   media: WIP Media
Gavavva May 21 2012, 12:00pm says:

Normal mapped from a high poly sculpt... Gotta love modern day tech :D

+6 votes   media: Misc Low Detail Map Object - Body
Gavavva Mar 10 2012, 7:48am replied:

Well with Brink, they sadly stream lined the game way too much. It wasn't ET like it should have been, it was more like TF2, but without any of the fun. The game chugged, on even amazing systems, and even when it wasn't chugging it felt way too heavy. It was just dull to play, sadly.

It sucks because the art was just amazing, and they had a good go at things. But when you throw everything at a game, you need to make sure "everything" is polished. Sadly, it was a game with a million and one things, none of which were polished enough to work or be fun... Don't even get me started on balance.

+1 vote   media: OverDose - Promo Video
Gavavva Mar 10 2012, 7:17am says:

Without sounding too much of an arse... The more we distance ourself from Brink, in gameplay at least (not visuals, those were stunning), the better.

+5 votes   media: OverDose - Promo Video
Gavavva Mar 7 2012, 5:10pm replied:

De attachments are in progress matey boy and coming soon enough, give us chance old bean :p

+4 votes   media: Marauder "Bolt Gun" Concept
Gavavva Feb 26 2012, 10:08am says:

You get the game for $100. We see it as "You paid that much tp help the development, why shouldn't you get the game for free on release as well?"

As for the credits list, that may be true but its only fair :p

+2 votes   media: OverDose Is Now Accepting Donations!
Gavavva Feb 1 2012, 7:37am replied:

In between. Fast is Quake 3. Slow is Rainbow Six. Theres realistic tones here, you have iron sights, you can't sprint and shoot and hit anything etc... Think of it like COD, Killzone, Gears, you know a hint of realism, a hint of arcade, but its own beast.

+1 vote   article: Sound Track Previews And Updates
Gavavva Dec 31 2011, 9:00am says:

That's kinda the point. The original was just no good there, it was a cramped room with an odd layout... Seeing as this isn't a direct remake and it's more a reimagining, I took the liberty and went ahead in turning it into a more visually interesting shower room. The comparison is there to show you the general area.

+1 vote   media: Beach Assault - OverDose WIP 7
Gavavva Dec 14 2011, 2:26pm replied:

Read the top right ;)

+1 vote   media: Beach Assult - OverDose WIP
Gavavva Jan 9 2011, 1:38pm says:

Its just a test rig. Why would we show you a rig of hands with no weapon in it that would be final? :p

Relax... Weapon shots may be coming soon, if we can get it up to snuff.

+1 vote   media: Peace, Mother ****er!
Gavavva Dec 21 2010, 2:51pm says:

I'll try and get some videos of the onscreen team orders after Christmas (As in, when you issue orders to your team such as hold, attack, enemy spotted etc, the left hand will actually do that action ala Vegas 2).

+3 votes   media: CMC Hands Test - READ NOTE
Gavavva Dec 21 2010, 1:50pm replied:

Radiant? Whats Radiant got to do with anything? :p

+1 vote   article: First Person Arm Models+Texture
Gavavva Nov 26 2010, 3:09pm says:

Sam Fisher invented head goggles. Tru fax.

That reminds me, I really need to get Conviction on 360. I totally raped the PC version but I want the chevos because I have OCD's or something.

+1 vote   media: CMC Field Ops - Head Variants
Gavavva Nov 18 2010, 3:12am says:

Thank you for being so descriptive in your feedback, I'll issue a refund to your account as soon as possible. You shouldn't have to buy a game looking like this.

+1 vote   media: CMC Field Ops - Ingame 5
Gavavva Nov 18 2010, 3:11am says:

No, nothing like Fallout 3's pipboy. Go troll some place else.

+4 votes   media: CMC Field Ops - Ingame 3
Gavavva Oct 30 2010, 11:02am replied:

Its not a bag, its a backpack.

+1 vote   media: CMC Field Ops - High Poly
Gavavva Sep 26 2010, 4:34am replied:

Well, theres a lot of info here: Team-blur-games.com :p

+1 vote   media: Foliage Lighting
Gavavva Sep 26 2010, 4:26am says:

All foliage selfshadows and shadows the world, same as any other surface in the game (Including alpha tested surface, something Doom 3 won't do for example because the tech wont allow it). However we don't use sprites for anything thats lit, because sprites don't containt the correct lighting info unless they are updated every frame (Expensive!). So, every foliage model in the engine has to be an actual mesh, which isn't expensive at all, quite cheap, and looks so much fuller and better than an always looking at you sprite.

+2 votes   media: Foliage Lighting
Gavavva Sep 19 2010, 8:36am replied:

Everything in OD has optional levels of quality, including off (with the except of shadows, you can't disable them online).

So you can turn it off if you don't like it.

+6 votes   media: Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)
Gavavva Jul 13 2010, 3:04pm says:


+1 vote   media: Stockpile - Style
Gavavva May 26 2010, 3:23am says:

Because the pic isn't ours, its from Crysis. I submitted the news before taking the shots. I'm updating them with OD shots as quick as possible. The parallax shot was just there to demo what the feature is really, but with actual OD pics its better.

0 votes   article: New Site URL And Update Features
Gavavva Dec 30 2009, 4:22pm says:

Currently Processing... OMGAH! ITS THE END OF TEH WURLD!!!!

Give it chance, ModDB like to check I'm not uploading porn and stuff.

+2 votes   media: OverDose Title Screen And New Menu Music
Gavavva Dec 20 2009, 4:18pm replied:

WITH THAT SAID, this man has no hair. But that doesnt mean hes bald. Quack.

+1 vote   media: Head Test
Gavavva Oct 5 2009, 6:18am says:

Man its depressing how bad this pic looks, if only you could see the new terrain...

*goes back to max*

+1 vote   media: WIP FuelDump 2
Gavavva Sep 21 2009, 4:06pm says:

Yeah, sorted that lol :p

+1 vote   media: WIP Fuel Dump
Gavavva Jun 9 2009, 12:46pm says:

Have you actually FOUND the five pics yet then...? That was fast, I should make it harder next time.

Gavavva May 22 2009, 4:50am replied:

What issues do you have with Q2E? There is still a Q2E section at the forums :p

+1 vote   article: Post Process Effects Editor
Gavavva Apr 18 2009, 11:21am says:

I think you need to re-read the plot of OverDose a little closer, and see that this weapon does indeed fit perfectly.

+1 vote   media: CMC M108 Sniper Rifle
Gavavva Mar 29 2009, 11:31am says:


lol no, just for display :p

+1 vote   media: Marauder Infiltrator Concept Art
Gavavva Mar 22 2009, 9:19am says:

He has a face only a mother could love... Reminds me of somebody I know actually.

+1 vote   media: Marauder Locum (Medic) Final Artwork
Gavavva Feb 18 2009, 4:26am replied:

Not at all, still needs to be made.

+1 vote   media: OverDose Credits Music
Gavavva Feb 14 2009, 7:24am says:

Looks nothing like Nemesis lol

-1 votes   media: Marauder Drone Concept *FINAL*
Gavavva Jan 30 2009, 5:35pm replied:

These guys are mutants, what would you like, skin care products as weapons?

Read the game design doc before slagging it off eh?


+2 votes   media: Marauder Technician Concept
Gavavva Jan 26 2009, 3:22am replied:

Erm, yes of course, lol. Think of it as Doom 3... With soft shadows.

+1 vote   media: Per Pixel Lighting & Shadow Maps
Gavavva Jan 15 2009, 12:17pm says:

No idea, but its not been converted yet for use, so don't read into any of that uglyness and stupid polyflow.

+1 vote   media: Pistol Early WIP
Gavavva Jan 12 2009, 6:52am says:

ModDB's high compression does wash out this pic some what... CLick it to enlarge it! :p

+1 vote   media: WIP Shots... MOER!!!121234
Gavavva Dec 11 2008, 9:38am says:

Whats that picture supposed to be...? It looks like a slab of cheese with some potatoe slices next to it...


+1 vote   mod: Killzone 2 Mapping Project
Gavavva Nov 27 2008, 2:33pm says:


You can tell I put 80+ hours into that game already :)

+1 vote   media: Test Media
Gavavva Nov 25 2008, 5:58pm says:

TBH, Level editors have had a 3D view for years :D I started mapping with Qoole, for Quake 2, so I cant say before that, but even that had a 3D view (Just not realtime because of lightmapping, so it was always an unlit 3d view, fullbright).

+1 vote   media: OverDose Project Update - ODRadiant Is Born!
Gavavva Aug 21 2008, 11:39am says:

Its almost like it is Doom 3's Hellknight... Oh wait... IT IS :p Its shown here as an example of the engines rendering ability.

+1 vote   media: MD5 Mesh and MD5Anim Support
Gavavva Aug 20 2008, 3:04am replied:

Wait wait wait... "Marcus fenix-wannabe bullet shooter"...

Oh man... That has to be the new tagline :)

Come on Cheap Alert, play fair. At least let me slag off Open Arena first before you dive right in there with the low punches. (Which I haven't done, its sitting on my HDD, has been for a while).

+4 votes   article: OverDose
Gavavva Aug 19 2008, 12:04pm says:

Without sounding like a knob (Something I've been told I have a hard tiwe with) its better than HL2's water, because for some reason HL2's reflections go really ugly and blocky up close. Very pixelated. Here, we dont have that problem :)

We can also simulate waves too very easy in the material file.

+3 votes   media: Realtime reflective/refractive water
Gavavva Aug 19 2008, 8:41am says:

Well, its not Quake 2 anymore ;)

But sure, why not? Our previous work, "Quake 2 Evolved", had bump mapping, spec map, vertex/fragment programs and Doom 3 style per pixel shadows.

+1 vote   media: OverDose Tech Map Test - Base1
Gavavva Aug 19 2008, 8:40am says:

Nope. I kinda re-made the tile texture and used it as my temp texture. A lot of people say "Thats UE3, right?" lol. Its just a temp texture. But no, thats OD in-engine.

+1 vote   media: Tree Test
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