Well howdy do. Not much to say here as yet, other than I'm a graphics designer and I'm based in Telford, Shropshire. Other than that, I'll update later :)

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[Portfolio] Gavin Stevens, Texture/Model Design

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Hey guys, first of all let me just say that I've kinda avoided a portfolio for a while now as I've never really thought my work was much good, and while I still don't exactly have faith in my skills I figure its time to actually knuckle down and get a portfolio online.

Can you give it a look over, and see what you think, both in design of the site as well as the content?

Also, a quick point I sadly feel I have to make... You will notice a light water mark on some images. A lot of the art is over a year old, and all of it is what I've created for the OverDose project. Now, let me just say I HATE stealing art, and people that do it. Can't stand it. If you want to design something from scratch based on something else, cool, but don’t just steal the assets, that’s wrong. Because all the media is on our public SVN, a lot of it has... How can I put this... "Walked about"? I'm not the best artist, granted, but that doesn't mean it doesn't annoy me when I see somebody else had stolen my work And I've had to send a few mails off before to people who have done such. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is all my art you see here is 100% from scratch, nothing is anybody else’s work, so if you spot something and think "I've seen this before?" and it’s the same asset then please let me know, thank you. (Does that make me sound like an asshole…?)

Anyway enough blabbering... Here’s the link, flame away! :p


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