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Sadonikus Sep 14 2009, 2:40pm buried:


And another HL2 Zombie mod, wich is of course not like all the others at all.

Man Im really tired of all the Zombie-mods! Do something new...

-6 votes   mod: Situation Outbreak
Sadonikus Sep 14 2009, 2:36pm says:

Very Silent Hill-like.
Maybe too Silent Hill-like!

A bit more variation would be better...

-1 votes   game: Requiem
Sadonikus Sep 7 2009, 1:12pm says:

What about a new update guys????

+1 vote   mod: Dead Before Dawn
Sadonikus Aug 27 2009, 12:21pm replied:

uhm yeah, but they own tho JP-Logo, all the characters and the whole setting???

+1 vote   mod: Jurassic Life
Sadonikus Aug 26 2009, 10:08am says:

Yo, what about the license-problems that let Jurassic-Park-mod for crysis fall back to an Multiplayer-Game???

Didnt they say that the studio that owns the licence said they dont accept JP-mods as fan-art? Or did I get that wrong??

+1 vote   mod: Jurassic Life
Sadonikus Aug 23 2009, 1:58pm says:

Enterprise? Cmon, no Alien or Predator-Fan wants to see an Enterprise-Map. Star Trek is the stupid family-compatible alternative for Alien, much worser than Star Wars!

Pretty good mod though, nice work. Good to see that AVP2 is not dieing...

+2 votes   news: Test conclusions
Sadonikus Aug 17 2009, 6:23am replied:

I've read the poster and it isnt that "revolutionary", for me it sounds way too ambitious and Multiplayer if not perfectly balanced Co-op is very often nothing but chaos wich kills any atmosphere. I kinda think this would end up like that!
Besides I really think there are way too much Zombie-Mods for Source and CryEngine out there, its really enough!

I just can agree with all the others here, get a small project and dont overrate it so much with praising your projects.

+2 votes   mod: Apocalyxion
Sadonikus Aug 16 2009, 12:08pm says:

So many Zombie-Mods, I dont think this will be THAT REVOLUTONAIRY, cause the whole concept is getting to be unoriginal and boring.

Just play Left 4 Dead 1 and soon 2 and DO SOMETHING NEW!

Also most of the so ambitios and so revolutionary mods tend to be never released, so I definetly wont track this...

0 votes   mod: Apocalyxion
Sadonikus Jul 27 2009, 12:50pm says:

Funny, we got now 2 Multiplayer-Coop-games in the Jurassic Park universe.

The JP-Mod for crysis is now taking the very same direction after also stopping making an SP-Game.

You know what? Why dont work together and make a bigger mod for both movies, maybe the unreachable SP-Jurassic-Park-Game is going to work in this way???

+1 vote   mod: Lost World: Source
Sadonikus Jul 27 2009, 12:45pm says:

Well I understand your problems and dont wanna pass sentence on you, but HELL, I WANT A SP-GAME-EXPERIENCE FOR JURASSIC PARK!

My last hopes are on Jurassic Life, but to be honest I really doubt they will release it one day! Its such a shame!!!

In fact I hate multiplayer this mod is not so interesting for me anymore.

+4 votes   mod: JP Mod
Sadonikus Jul 25 2009, 12:00pm says:

I dont know if anyone has posted this here before:

When you wait a bit after the final sequence and "X9" appears on the screen, go to the place where the crates fall down and break the crate, then you can walk through an secret area where all the memories are resumed.

Both issues are really great, cant wait for the third one.
Why do some people say that handle with care is depressing or touching? Yes it delivers some emotions, but I think the whloe thing is more satiric. The message is: The only way to live in an marriage succesfully is to repress all memories and emotions that are uncomfortable, if you fail, the marriage is done. Kind of cynic I think, I like it! Cause everyone know you shouldnt repress anything cause its not healthy.

+3 votes   mod: Radiator
Sadonikus Jun 24 2009, 5:55am replied:

When the mod finally comes out you will be old enough to buy a new one :)

+1 vote   mod: JP Mod
Sadonikus Jun 10 2009, 7:11am replied:

Well, please dont put too many things from the novel in the game. 90% of the Jurassic-Park-Fans love the movie and not the book or doesnt even read it. I wouldnt want to see any giant mosquitoes because thats pretty out of touch of what the movie feels like, same thing would be a volcano-level like in Far Cry. New dinosaurs are ok but keep it close to the movie, please!

+1 vote   mod: JP Mod
Sadonikus Jun 7 2009, 4:24pm says:

Man, this mod has really a good design. The more I see the more I like it.

Did you guys ever thought of making an Indie-Game of it? I mean there should be no content from the original game anymore and the license for the Engine shouldnt be that expensive anymore. Because Zombie-Games are kind of in right now maybe there would be a possibility to put in on steam or D2D, like sell it only digital for a few dollars? I dont know how things like that work, just an idea. What do you think?

+2 votes   mod: Dead Epidemic
Sadonikus Jun 1 2009, 7:42am says:

Hi! First of all I love your work and I`m really looking forward to it. I liked trespasser too but I´m still waiting for a good Game with up to date graphics of the first and best movie!

BTW I found another JP-Mod based on the Source Engine wich could be great too.
Here is the link:

I would be interested what you think about it! Are they doing a good job?

+1 vote   mod: JP Mod
Sadonikus Aug 31 2008, 7:04am says:

Can you tell me how long the mod will be? How many levels will it have and how many hours will it cirka take to play it through?

+1 vote   mod: Dead Epidemic
Sadonikus Aug 26 2008, 11:04am replied:

Cool, thanks!

+1 vote   mod: Dead Epidemic
Sadonikus Aug 25 2008, 12:33pm says:

Yo cj, got an few questions.

First of all im really looking forward to your mod, there is really a need for good Zombie-Shooters for PC!

I found some infos of a cancelled game called "City of the dead", and when i looked at some screenshots, i saw that some of them are quite similiar to the screns of your mod, also the setting of an abandoned isle and some weapons are the same. I don´t know is somebody asked this before, but have you tried to recover some maps of that cancelled game or did you took over some parts of the settings and story, and if so, how much?

Heres the link to that screens:
Look especially at image 6 and compare it to your image called "dragunov"!

I also wanna ask if there is an Hospital-level in your mod, cause i love the depressing atmo of an hospital especially in an Zombie-game :).

Kind regards from Germany!

+2 votes   mod: Dead Epidemic
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