Lead artist, animator and executive director at Frame 3 Studio.

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Frame 3 Studio on the GGJ 2014

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Game Jam: Development of a game prototype in a short period of time by a small team(On the GGJ, 48 hours).

From this past Friday 24th to the past Sunday 26th we took part -among many other developers around the world- of the Global Game Jam organized by the IGDA (learn more about it here). Costa Rican developers got together on the facilities of the Cenfotec University, and with the aid of insane amounts of coffee, loud music and practical jokes all around, seven new game prototypes were born.

We, the members of Frame 3 Studio, split among other teams to get to know other developers like us, and to experience different ways to develop games. From this experiment, three games were created in which we had involvement.

The games we developed along with other great national talents range from a casual infinite runner, a multiplayer-last-man-standing sort of game, and an experimental top down rpg style game with unique mechanics. The theme that was followed on the development was "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". We tried to look inside the concept of the "as we are" to reflect that into a mechanic, of course, 48 hours is a short time lapse to complete all that was stablished as a goal, but the process itself, the failures we had and the problems that appeared on the production itself was the real treasure behind this jam.

Frame 3 Studio is working on it's first upcoming title (which we will let you all know very soon), and many of the lessons that we got from the game jam are going to be put into practice on the production of our very own game.

Share the experience we had on this GGJ 2014 by playing the games we did! And share with us, from now on, the adventure of producing a game, which is for us, the fulfillment of a dream!

The Gray Girl
A Kind of Retro Game About Killing and Stuff

Hello IndieDB

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Hello everyone!

I don't want to make this long or boring, so straight to the point.

I'm a whole life gamer, and can't say I have a specific gender of game that passionates me, 'cause as long as the game is good, all genders passionate me. Games have always been my safe zone, and I came to Indie DB to share my new adventure as a game developer.

I got together with a couple of friends last year and we started a little team called Frame 3 Studio, and right now we're working on our first game with high hopes and ambitions!

I hope you guys care to follow us as we develop this game along side this beautiful community, and together we can make it as great as I know it can be!


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