Wannabe who wants access to the valve repository, never gonna happen for 10,000 dollars

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So, a while ago I found this thing that makes video game names and found what the next games will be in 2018, enjoy.

Savage Stapler Gone Wild

Great Typing in Vegas

Remote Cheese - The Dark Descent

NBA Blood X-treme

Kinect Drug-Dealing Rescue

Ye Olde Snowboard GT

Indian Piano Encounter

Alcoholic Sunshine Wranglers

Hardcore Donkey Domination

Disturbing Vocabulary Jamboree

Charlie Brown's Acid Dreamland

Religious Kung-fu 3D

In Your Face Midget vs. The Space Mutants

Dance Dance Sandwich Restaurant

Wrath of the Hippo Camp

Hazardous Chicken Fun

Silent Monkey All-Stars

Telekinetic Ostrich Punch-Out!!

Heavy Metal Mahjong Planet

Stealth Dance on the Oregon Trail

Interactive Stapler Trivia

Jamaican Burger Maxx

Maniac Ice Cream Fighter

Scottish Plumber Tale ///sounds like a new mario ripoff

Hazardous Bingo Rampage

Electric Bedtime Slaughter

Electric Piano Boxing

Weary Sandwich Yoga

Rockin' Duck Demolition

Italian Mutant Academy

Battlefield: Kart Special Edition

Indiana Jones and the Vampire - The Card Game

Pixellated Fun Noodle from Planet X

Irritating Rodeo with Friends

The end for now, but if you want to create some go to Videogamena.me and post your favorite in there comments.

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