GamerKnight is a professional programmer, who started programming when he was just thirteen years old. He was employed as a full time programmer at the age of seventeen. At the age of twenty one, he made the risky move of working for himself as a freelance developer, and has never been happier. He has worked as a developer in non-game related fields for many years, and is looking to break into the game dev market through small indie based games. GamerKnight has experience with multiple platforms and has developed software in a range of languages from .Net based applications on Windows, Objective C on the Mac, and C++ on Linux. I am always looking to meet new people who are serious about games development. Feel free to send me a PM with your thoughts or questions I will do my best to help out.

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GamerKnight Feb 18 2013, 2:18pm says:

I think I am in love with ALICIA.

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GamerKnight Feb 17 2013, 5:02pm says:

I think this is a solid idea.

Indie dev is all about the community. Not just the indie dev community, but also the indie gamers playing all the indie games.

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GamerKnight Feb 17 2013, 3:31pm says:

You have my greenlight vote, dam I want a mech.

I will succeed one day in building one.

+2 votes   news: Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire development update
GamerKnight Feb 17 2013, 3:24pm says:

Some interesting mechanics you guys have in this game.

The Fauna Recovery and Helper droids sound very interesting. Can we get some more information on the core gameplay mechanics?


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GamerKnight Feb 17 2013, 3:24pm replied:

I second that.

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GamerKnight Feb 17 2013, 11:38am says:

I want a Delton Colossus.

+2 votes   news: City of Steam Content Dev Journal - The Collossus: His Shiny Metal Past
GamerKnight Feb 17 2013, 9:31am says:

I knew there was always something missing in this game, ROCKETS!.

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GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 10:08pm replied:

I am afraid I disagree. Any information the botter has access to is an advantage, and any information the player can see on his screen or that is passed to the client (a players own health, or the position of an enemy) the botter will also have access to.

The automation of any task will also give the botter an advantage, if you take into account the average players connection latency + human response time this is considerable slower than a bot. To make matter worse a bot only has to beat this value by less than 100ms (very hard to detect), then he will win every time.

But please do not get the wrong idea, I applaud your effort, no anti cheat measure if fool proof. You guys are trying to make it harder which is a solid start.

A few helpful tips that you could implement are:
1. XOR any value that is shown to the player on screen
2. In your weekly code patches, add semantically null code in to important functions.

These will not stop a determined person, but it will slow him down.

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GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 8:20pm replied:

The information could be mouse position, enemy player position, health.

All of these things are useful, change the value and call any internal function that reads/writes that memory location and you have a simple bot that does head shots, or an auto heal bot that spams health potions when you are low on health.

The point I am trying to make here is obfuscating code will not stop botters, as most Debuggers or Memory scanners these days will find a list of functions that read/write to a memory location for you. Hell when you get down to the raw ASM its all about offsets and labels, function names are not important.

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GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 2:51pm replied:

Kill cams are helpful, and you are right on the money computers are very dumb. Its much harder to fool a human.

Wall hacks from what I have seen in the past are possible because game developers send to much information to the client. Information about what is happening in areas that the player is not current in or can not see.

But this is a two fold issue, because they may be heading in that direction, and if the information doesn't get there in time the game looks buggy. Also the information might be needed for sound effects, things the player can hear but not see yet. For example behind a door.

+2 votes   news: Network Security - Built in since day one.
GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 2:44pm replied:

Oh my no. How could you think such a thing of me :-(

+2 votes   news: Network Security - Built in since day one.
GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 10:24am says:

S2 Games make some Epic games. Savage is one of my favourite games I have ever played. Mixing RTS with FPS was a great idea.

Thanks so much for linux support.

+3 votes   company: S2 Games
GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 10:22am says:

Thank you so much for Linux support.

+3 votes   news: First public linux release!
GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 10:20am says:

Epic story, Electronic Forest no 1. Haha I want to visit this place.

I do like point and click games, but they have to be done right. Sounds like the story is right on track.

Look forward to some more detailed updates on the game mechanics.

+3 votes   news: Nando's World Ep. 1
GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 10:08am says:

Awesome news! Freelancer is a great game. A perfect example of a sandbox game where the player gets to choose his own fate.

I wish more games would offer such flexibility, and allow the player to aspire to become great in their own personal way. Rather then being forced down a linear path.

It is great to hear that there is still activity going on for this game. When I get some more free time, I will defiantly check this one out.

+1 vote   news: Autoturret brought to Freelancer for players!
GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 10:02am says:

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GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 9:59am says:

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GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 6:02am replied:

I have seen this happen in other games before, some people are just very skilled at gaming. Being banned for getting head shots or playing for extended periods of time does not make you a cheater.

But there are limits to human responsiveness, and to humans are prone to make mistakes.

If a player has made nothing but head shots for 30 days straight, or has not stopped playing for over 30 days changes are something is wrong.

+4 votes   news: Network Security - Built in since day one.
GamerKnight Feb 16 2013, 5:54am says:

Sounds like you guys are putting some solid work into anti-cheat measures. Which is a great idea.

But a lot of what you are doing seems to by at the high level of the development lifecycle.

I personally don't see how these measures are going to stop someone opening OllyDBG, and dissembling the code into ASM. Or reading the raw memory values straight out of memory.

Heuristic is a solid idea, measuring players against players to pick out anomalies is definitely going to pick out a few of the more stupid cheaters. But again I don't think this will prevent wide spread use.

I would be very interested in hearing your feedback. The purpose of this message is not to condemn what you are doing. I an fact, I think it will have an impact. I would just like to learn more.

Also one last thing, a lot of the people who write these cheats do it for fun, for a challenge. You may have just inadvertently challenged someone to best you :-D.

+3 votes   news: Network Security - Built in since day one.
GamerKnight Feb 15 2013, 6:07pm says:

Haha, love the trailer.

The design style and idea of using origami style character is great. I look forward to release.

Paper fish, crazy idea but it works really well in this context. This is a perfect example of why I like indie games. They are always trying to be different and push the boundaries of reality.

+2 votes   news: Derrick the Deathfin Released on Desura
GamerKnight Feb 15 2013, 5:14pm says:

Also 3.29 in the sale, that is a bargain.

+2 votes   news: Recruits - Helicopter in Attack mode!
GamerKnight Feb 15 2013, 5:13pm says:

Very nice work guys, the old Desert Storm and Jungle Storm games come to mind when watching the Helicopter Gameplay video. I used to play DS and JS for hours at a time.

I might pick this title up just for flying combat.

+3 votes   news: Recruits - Helicopter in Attack mode!
GamerKnight Feb 15 2013, 5:09pm says:

I like the art style and casual game play.

+2 votes   news: Dirk Dashing: Secret Agent! Special Edition is released!
GamerKnight Feb 15 2013, 7:24am says:

Great intro, I wish you the best of luck.

I also want to start training as a blacksmith, I love making things with my hands. I should really start putting some more effort in to finding some places that will train me.

+2 votes   feature: Meet the team: Rob Steele - Creative Director
GamerKnight Feb 15 2013, 7:13am says:

Thanks a lot for you insight Christopher. I am also trying to make an indie game and being able to read your story helped a lot.

Good luck with your future projects.

+1 vote   blog: Hamster Chase Released: How I got ten thousand downloads in eight days
GamerKnight Feb 13 2013, 5:47am says:

Dibs on a Dragon!

+2 votes   game: Epic Pets
GamerKnight Feb 13 2013, 5:43am replied:

Variable overflows FTW! That's 1% right there.

+1 vote   poll: Indie or commerical?
GamerKnight Feb 13 2013, 5:36am says:

Noooo, dont do it please, not the porn.

Epic game, you can have my money.

+1 vote   game: Destroy the Porn
GamerKnight Feb 13 2013, 5:23am says:

I often feel as though when I am playing an MMO that the actions I preform have no meaning. Fighting my way through a dungeon, or even completing a story line quest just gets reset ten minutes later. It is very disconcerting.

Dungeons and Dragons Online had an interesting concept. After completing a series a story lines quests and you freed the dragon, the weather in the whole area would change from dim and snowy to a bright summers day.

The only issue was people who had not gotten as far in the story line quests as you would not see the bright summers day, and also could not join your party. Its not a great idea but a step in the right direction.

You make some solid points about flaws in modern MMOs, I look forward to reading your suggestions on fixing these issues.

+1 vote   blog: Writing for a MMORPG
GamerKnight Feb 13 2013, 5:13am replied:

I agree, I have come up with what I thought where the best ideas to hit gaming since Mario saving the princess Haha. But once you start to really develop the idea and write it down you realise just how terrible that idea really was.

Thanks for the advice.

+1 vote   blog: How hard is Games Design?
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