Yes I lied about my age (this time I'm doing youngest instead of oldest) so I don't have to tell you my real age. Mods (I'm new to modding and stuff)Please read my Blog.I will really accept anyone. Read my blog and I need: Mapper Animator Programmer Beta Testers anything else for more information visit my group ^ up there

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Hello there i haven't been online for a while and I need to get back online but I'm talking about lockerz which is a free website where you can get prizes for free like an Xbox 360 elite, PS3, iPod, iPad, clothing, games for your consoles :) and hendheld gaming device (psp) if you want to be a part of this then send me a message with your email and also you pay with points and you get points by simply signing in, doing daily questions and inviting friends. Sound good? message me now.

Friday night

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Tonight, Sept.18, I went to see Jeff Dunham and he was hillarious and if you miss one of his shows you're missing out BIG time.So go see him he is FUNNY and HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! so go see him :D and btw I'm on twitter!

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PPL WANTED (more like needed)

6 years ago by GameGuy99 1 comment

I need:
Texture Artist

Anything else like I need everyone including an alternate leader to take control of things when I'm not there so I'm basically open to anyone so leave your Resume in comments or PM me or if you have PSN then that's great PSN me then: Game_Man99 Youtube: GameMan899 JTV:GameGuy99

Note: my E-Mail is for business ONLY and if you give me your resume then there's 99% chance that I'll accept you
So contact me somehow see ya hope ya join :)

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