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Half Life : Climbox

Mod review

Unconsistent design, and bad gameplay setting. Random autosaves that got me in a loop of death. Sorry but I only liked the first room and the initial fight against the metrocop and his manhack.



Mod review

The Good: -Good introductional video. It got me excited
- Everything is custom content and not ripped off from anywhere.

The Bad:
- Too short
-Subpar level design
-No action
-Overused scares
-TERRIBLE performance problems thanks to small texture scales, which also show horrible repetition patterns.
-Way too obvious voice hints.
-Models geometry is alright but they are badly textured and have huge spikes in lod transitions.

If this was an experimental mod by a couple of game development students, then: Keep trying, but remember that huge amount of polygons and huge texture resolutions can´t compete good modelling and good texturing.


Duke Nukem Forever

Game review

Worst game ever. Ok, changed my rating from 1 to 5. I must have been really ****** off when did that. Well, that´s how I feel everytime I play this game, frustrated and ****** off.


G String

Mod review - 5 agree - 1 disagrees

I´m aware of the enormous work behind this mod, yet, the way it is implemented made it feel boing and sterile with many drawbacks that prevented me to enjoy it and so i quited very quickly. I know i can´t judge a 1.7gb mod by the first five minutes but sometimes the way something starts tells all about it. If i had to chose a rating for the effort, it would be 10 for sure, but here we are rating the product and not the work behind.



Mod review - 1 disagrees

When I saw this mod in PlanetPhillip´s hall of fame, i thought it was going to be something different.

Nothing outside the box, a strange looking feel. It makes you remember that the engine has been running since 2004. Most props are lit in the dark and are dark under the light. The lag is terrible even when efforts for improving performance are noticeable.

But what is worse is that there´s no ******* clue about how to advance in the first map. I´ve been playing without an EV suit for minutes being forced to use the last picked weapon and not being aware of my health. There´s nothing that hints about how to open the damn gate. I´ve been playing with the basement buttons and I had a motherboard that could not tell if it should be used somewhere. But nothing I did worked and ended giving up with a bitter taste. Would not recommend this mod to anybody, unless I want them to feel frustrated, sorry.

ah, also tried the forest bonus map. That one seemed a little better than the house in the coast IMO.



Mod review

Blood 2: The Chosen

Game review


Mod review
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