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Gambini Jul 17 2014, 12:28am says:

Incredible visuals and breadth of vision. Loved the shinny textures and models, the concept is awesome too. Unfortunatelly it doesn´t play as well as it looks. Also it should be "Earth do you hear me?" or "Earth do you copy me?".

+1 vote   download: Mining Complex
Gambini Dec 9 2013, 7:53pm replied:

Hit the minus key (not the one in the numpad).

+1 vote   download: First DLC Level Pack
Gambini Dec 7 2013, 1:22am replied:

We´re not interested on doing that. Also, please stop spamming our mod with this, it´s the second time I had to delete a message of yours, inviting people to join your group. Try to not do that again.

+1 vote   group: Gambini & Mikko Sandt
Gambini Aug 2 2013, 8:17pm replied:

Sounds Awesome! So: You provide "all the quake 2 tools" and we provide all the work!

+2 votes   download: Duke Nukem Forever 2013 1.0 version
Gambini Apr 28 2013, 9:46am replied:

What do you mean with TX making a big fuss? And we didn´t have no strategy whatsoever. We published a trailer and it lived its own life. We didn´t expect anything from it more than showing what we was doing.

+3 votes   article: About the release
Gambini Mar 16 2013, 9:52pm says:


+3 votes   game: Orbital Contract Defense
Gambini Dec 2 2012, 6:46am says:

Hammer? looks like a fork to me.

+1 vote   media: Fork
Gambini Dec 2 2012, 5:55am says:

Thanks to both for your comments. I´m not changing the light here, it´s supposed to have that old/sick feeling. Apart from that, if I learned something of experimenting with lights is that never go too far from yellow lights.

+2 votes   media: Some shots from the trainyard and a few models
Gambini Oct 15 2012, 6:41pm says:

Best screenshot ever!!!!

+1 vote   media: Dr. Shaverea level design
Gambini Sep 16 2012, 2:16pm buried:


No. the "no offence" between brackets means nothing if you´re trying to offend (or instigate as in your case). I didn´t say all russians nothing. I said Exe files made by russians are suspicious. And that´s because many russians are involved in questionable internet things. Not all, but many enough to take safety measures.

-6 votes   download: Silent Escape v1.0.1 (Mod Edition)
Gambini Sep 8 2012, 6:48pm buried:


Again, if I have a prejuice it is based on previous experiences. But people dont seem to read between brackets. I wasn´t trying to offend anyone.

-5 votes   download: Silent Escape v1.0.1 (Mod Edition)
Gambini Sep 8 2012, 6:45pm replied:

chill the f*ck out. I´m not racist, plus I like russian people. Still a lot of russians are known to be warez and hackers. Most spam mails I get are written in russian and most suspicios exe files i got my hands on are russians. So no, i have nothing against russians except for those precautions i take because the aforementioned things. And the only Сука тупая here is you.

-3 votes   download: Silent Escape v1.0.1 (Mod Edition)
Gambini Sep 2 2012, 5:35am buried:


Well just installed, be sure my rating will be reduced by 1 because of the suspicious installer.

Nobody likes exe files, they dont make the installation process feel more cool. They take control away from the user, and that is suspicios, more (without offence) if the author is russian.

-14 votes   download: Silent Escape v1.0.1 (Mod Edition)
Gambini Jun 12 2012, 12:07am says:

Oh I remember that machine. It still gives me chills!

+10 votes   media: Screenshots
Gambini Apr 16 2012, 3:08am says:

And I thought my mod was taking too long :D I´ve been working on it for about the same time than you, the difference is that im a single guy doing everything.

Congrats anyway. Lets hope it doesnt become five in this same state.

+2 votes   article: Wilson Chronicles : 4th Anniversary
Gambini Jul 14 2011, 12:18am replied:

Eh... Wrong picture? this is an underground corridor inside a powerplant, everything 30 meters away in all cardinal directions is concrete, pipes and steam generators. There´s no way a tree can grow there. The upside down displacement could work though as some kind of dirty.

+1 vote   media: Some updates
Gambini Jul 4 2011, 8:58pm says:


+1 vote   media: Screenshots of April, 2010
Gambini Jun 26 2011, 5:21pm replied:

Thanks to you too!

+1 vote   mod: Southernmost Combine
Gambini Apr 14 2011, 8:54pm says:

Thanks for the comments

+1 vote   download: It Lives (v. 1.05)
Gambini Jun 12 2012, 12:05am replied:

Not only small, his arm is terribly big!

+1 vote   media: Screenshots
Gambini Jun 12 2012, 12:01am says:

HL2 Vortigauts have a friendly face. It will be a shame to kill them again with my 357

+12 votes   media: Screenshots
Gambini Jun 10 2012, 9:05pm says:

The tank could have used a few more polys! Even the wire that locks the lever has more detail! Other than that, great model.

+1 vote   media: Fire Extinguisher
Gambini Jun 6 2012, 9:03pm replied:

Thanks. I´m really glad you liked it. Wasn´t you who emailed me about this map? I think i recognize your name. The ending is rather obvious on purpose because in the 1.00 version lots of people got stuck... So i had to make it easier. About the amount of enemies, I wish I´d had put less of them, at least in the beginning. But well, that´s the way it ended up being. With "texture galore" i assume you mean "texture combinations" because there´s no additional content on this map.

+1 vote   download: It Lives (v. 1.05)
Gambini May 27 2012, 10:40am says:

This is what i posted in the review:

This is an improvement over previous works by Aspik. At least there are some hints about what to do. Until some point where all becomes confusing again. Design is good although, again, very cramped.

For next mods I´d suggest to get somebody with more experience in english to check the grammar. Some lines were very bad translated.

+1 vote   mod: Notes: Surrender Cut
Gambini May 26 2012, 10:12pm says:

I looove how the awesome can be improved.

+1 vote   media: Mission Improbable 1 - Lighthouse comparison
Gambini May 26 2012, 10:09pm says:

Downloading but considering it was made by Aspik, I already foresee irresolvable puzzles and lot of frustration.

+2 votes   download: Notes: Surrender Cut
Gambini May 14 2012, 10:52pm replied:

Thanks for the suggestion. I want indeed to use weapons from the era. but the AR2 will stay because combine still have all their top notch technology. I´m using a sort of AK47 in replacement of the SMG, I´d go with the model you suggested if i knew how to create a weapon. I can model it, but i have very little experience in animating and rigging models. And I´m the only developer here.

+1 vote   media: A few models
Gambini Apr 21 2012, 3:12am replied:

I don´t see why he should.

0 votes   media: More Teaser Shots
Gambini Apr 13 2012, 7:32pm says:

whoa love those libraries!

+1 vote   media: Making of the church: Step three
Gambini Mar 25 2012, 6:26pm says:

I think the floor looks great, like if it were phong reflection.

Would you share your vmt details? is that made out of a high contrast reflection?

+1 vote   media: Mental Hospital
Gambini Mar 25 2012, 6:25pm says:

No money to take care of the paint but two air conditioners!

Looks great BTW but i doubt a house like that would have two split air conditioners!

+1 vote   media: A house...
Gambini Mar 25 2012, 6:22pm says:

Best mod ever!

+5 votes   mod: olo......
Gambini Mar 17 2012, 2:04am says:

Yeah, i got scared but actually the model doesnt impact on performance at all, you can see another screenshot where it is put in the middle of a rather complex scenario and nothing changes whether it is there or not.

Thanks for your comment

+1 vote   media: Bus 99.99% done!!
Gambini Mar 17 2012, 1:57am replied:

heh good question. This mod is actually set in the southernmost country of the world, which is Argentina, where I live. You may be thinking of the southernmost part of Argentina or Chile with snow and such. Well, that´s not exactly what I was aiming to.
What I hope this mod will resemble the place I´m being inspired by is the amount of referencial elements I´m putting into it. I have modeled desk phones like the ones used here in 80´s, public phones, gas pumps; cars, a moped and a bus; bottles, shovels, a guitar, water closets, money, a complete train, train signals, ads, cookies crates, benchs, punchclocks, fans, fire extingishers, magazines, manhole covers and some other stuff i may be forgetting. Everything has been inspired by real objects from the aforesaid country and era. The powerplant instead (that large indoor building with archs in the roof) is inspired by a north american power plant, but i love that building so much that i wanted to put it there anyway. The landscapes though, are limited to what can be done with Source (and my skills). You know here are all kind of landscapes from snow montains to sand deserts, so it is not easy to remain consistent.

Ah, and finally the mod is not alpha, i´d say it is about 70% done but it´s just that I barely take screenshots or care to keep updates of every progress I do.

+1 vote   mod: Southernmost Combine
Gambini Mar 16 2012, 12:56am replied:

You say that because you´ve not been in the Phantom Express

+3 votes   media: thorough
Gambini Mar 15 2012, 8:05pm says:

And not a **** was given that day about color schemes :P

+9 votes   media: Screenshots
Gambini Mar 14 2012, 11:47pm says:

I don´t know what is all about this but the screenshots look fantastic!


+1 vote   mod: CUBE
Gambini Mar 4 2012, 10:30pm says:

Cool tip about the blob effect I hate when the light is so bright that literally hides the lightsource.

About the saturated red it´s just a small part and the red has been toned down already with a little bit of green and blue. Pink would look silly methinks-

+1 vote   media: underground pipeline
Gambini Mar 3 2012, 8:30pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Gas station
Gambini Mar 3 2012, 9:30am replied:

Heh the scene where this prop is going to be used will have a small humour touch although subtle.

+1 vote   media: A few models
Gambini Feb 26 2012, 11:54pm replied:

It´s Argentina but I´m leaving room for speculation so people can think it is the country they want.

+2 votes   mod: The Northern Resistance
Gambini Feb 23 2012, 9:39pm says:

Well I´m working on the southernmost mod and you in the northern resistance. We have all flanks covered :P

+3 votes   mod: The Northern Resistance
Gambini Feb 18 2012, 10:12pm buried:


can´t get out of chair in the first level WTF

Who releases a mod with such a stupid bug and without building nodes BTW?

-7 votes   mod: Mistake Of Pythagoras
Gambini Feb 3 2012, 9:05am says:

This shot looks quite good

+1 vote   media: Das Roboss
Gambini Feb 2 2012, 9:28pm says:

Finished. Loved all the easter egs and jokes, and surprisingly the level design was pretty good. Considering most joke mods always overlook that aspect.

+9 votes   mod: Santa's Revenge 2
Gambini Feb 2 2012, 7:14pm says:

Does anybody know why my character has the neck broken?

I play the mod but the screen is rotated about 45%. never saw that before.

Also, in the intro Santa´s face is completely black.

+3 votes   mod: Santa's Revenge 2
Gambini Jan 24 2012, 8:13pm says:

Donate for a mod that isn´t done? mmmh. I´m fine with people making some profit of their hard work but i´d ask for donations giving away special content like this weapon ONCE the mod is released.

+3 votes   article: Donations
Gambini Jan 6 2014, 10:11pm says:

Great to know this is still on development!

+4 votes   media: VES Advanced Rifle test
Gambini May 7 2013, 11:39am replied:

Are you implying my system is old? >:(

+4 votes   article: Install Instructions
Gambini Dec 3 2012, 6:43pm says:


+1 vote   article: Southernmost Combine is not dead!
Gambini Dec 2 2012, 6:12am says:

I always respect the intention of creating your own custom props. Even if they are quite basic, they unstick your mod from the overused hl2 assets collection.

+5 votes   media: Few Custom Models In-Game
Gambini Aug 25 2012, 1:57am says:

heh looks a lot like your TROR map, which is cool BTW

+3 votes   media: The Evasion - Waste
Gambini Dec 9 2011, 8:46am replied:

I´m sorry after uploading the video Youtube said it wouldn´t be watchable for people in Germany. I´ve also reuploaded it as a moddb regular video but for some reason isn´t working.

+1 vote   article: Moty 2011 Trailer
Gambini Aug 22 2011, 5:18pm says:

Nice picture, now make the model!

oh wait!

+1 vote   media: Browning
Gambini Jul 14 2011, 12:25am says:

This is an old picture, there are stalker corpses hanging in those archs at the left that´s why the blood decals are set high. And unfortunately the blue light is dynamic, and yes it hits performance. It is supposed to be the light emitted by an arch welder that a combine is using to torture the guy tied in the seat. I have managed however to avoid all kind of performance issues by enclosing this area with portals.

+1 vote   media: Some updates
Gambini Jul 14 2011, 12:21am replied:

Exactly, placing props there would make things awkward. And increasing the brightness of the light is only an option if I desaturate the green paint in the walls texture, otherwise it is way too green!

+1 vote   media: Some updates
Gambini Jul 7 2011, 12:08am says:

The generators room. One of the maps from my mod is also inspired in the Richmond Powerstation.

+1 vote   media: Off Limits media update / playtesters!
Gambini Jun 28 2011, 7:32pm says:

Haha i beat you on that. Decals of leaking water were alraedy added :D

+1 vote   media: Some updates
Gambini Jun 10 2011, 7:55pm says:

Why nobody rated this map yet? it´s very good looking (at least by the screenshots). I hate L4D (both) and its empty unsatisfying gameplay system. But I will try this out just for having the chance of walking around the map.

+2 votes   mod: Suicide Blitz 2
Gambini Dec 9 2010, 8:58pm says:

The area is a lot bigger than what it looks like in the screenshot. Will show a top shot later maybe. I´ve been working on the optimization a lot and there´s no performance problems yet in my old dual core. So, I think it´s safe to say most users will enjoy a smooth playthrough.

+1 vote   media: Bird
Gambini Dec 9 2010, 8:55pm says:

The car isn´t that close to the tree. May be the screenshot angle but it´s like one meter away or more.

+1 vote   media: Old Ford Falcon Cruiser
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