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Things I've been working on to make the mod less glitchy and better.

Ga-Knomboe_Boy Blog

UPDATE 17th of May for the next version

I've been going through the flowgraph and I'm working on some new features that should make the game run better, look smoother, and animate better.

Here is a rundown of the wip new stuff

Camera is aligned to the centre before it is rotated cinematically. This just makes it so the camera doesn't jerk around. The way I've done it is by setting the camera to take directional vectors and scale them down until the camera points straight forward. This operation takes about 0.2 seconds, so unless you are looking straight down before vaulting or wall running you will barely notice it.

Camera rolls with wall runs - before the camera wouldn't rotate with wall runs due to some code left behind from free-aim.

Edge grab testing system. Now when you grab an edge the game will shoot multiple rays forward with different pitches. It will place a camera target at the wherever the last ray hit, and then lock your view to that point. What this means is you will no longer see your hands grabbing and holding onto nothing in the air. If the game is about to grab nothing in the air it will automatically cancel the hand animation or lock your view to something close enough to grab.

The parachute is being edited as I found the system for working out whether you could mid air parachute would half the frame rate. So expect the next version to be more system friendly.

Momentum and Mirror's edge

Ga-Knomboe_Boy Blog

I've noticed that my mod has been posted on a few news websites. Unfortunately there needs to be some clarification with what Mirror's edge flowgraph means.

Mirror's edge is by Dice, and it uses the frostbite engine. Momentum is for the Crysis engine. Flowgraphs are the in-map code for crysis. This in map code is much easier to set up than learning c++.

The mirror's edge flowgraph was code written by Darkwish to emulate mirror's edge in Crysis.
My mod updates this flowgraph to add animations and new moves hence why it has been referred to Mirror's Edge upgraded.

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