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YOU CALL THIS A FOOTBALL TEAM?? WE LOST 41 -6 AND WE ENDED THE GAME IN A FIGHT!!?? WHAT THE FUCK? for some reason my football team thinks its okay to start shit with the other team. one of our players punched the other coach, two of out players double teamed one dude (i felt bad for that guy), and worst of all the one of the other players on the other team got PARALYZED!! OUR FOOTBALL PROGRAM IS SHIT I CANT TAKE MY TEAM SERIOUSLY ANY MORE. IM NOT JOINING NEXT SEASON, not for this team.

My older brother (hes a senior) just left the feild when the fight broke out.hes like "fuck this you guys suck" lol what a beast. hes the star runner back and the best player on the team.

After the game in the locker room my team (not me or my bro) was cheering saying that "thats the way you end a game" im like what kind of team is this. then when my coach came in he said :

"i hope you guys are happy, theres a kid on the floor he cant feel his hands or legs and his mom is crying her eyes out. at first i wanted to say 'im proud of you guys for your hard work' but you guys make me sick i cant even look at you.'
- coach billy

then when he left every one started to screw around like ignorant bastards. i hope they go to hell, we just practically ended that kids life, he cant move forever. i feel so bad

God help this kid :(

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