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Im glad that this is the only thing i get to spam on. ^_^

I had a weird day.
To begin with, i got rick rolled in the morning while trying to look for iso version of F.E.A.R. (pc)
Then when i decided to play modern warfare on my ps3 my eyes played a trick on me and i thought i saw a fucking ghost! When i saw it i froze, wide eyed O.O Then i realized that it was some shadow my plant was casting, thats when i hit the light switch >.<'.
And finally when i was playing mw2 this dude iGotScpoe messaged me, saying this : "Hey abdel"
How the fuck does he know me? I then got a little scared because a random online dude knows my name so i started spamming messages back at him saying "Who are you, you go to my school? Wtf". O.o i'm starting to get the idea that im getting stalked.
(sniff)mommy(sniff) )':
then i rememberd that i posted my name on moddb so that igotscope dude probably's a member of moddb and found my psID on my page. :P

I just wanted to share this day lol
Abdel out..

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