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i recently just entered 9th grade and i have to say.... well it sucks! first of all i hate my damn class i was put in. its filled with cocky show offs and slutty whore girls who are such tryhards. second of all my teachers dont know how to teach ( feel like im wasting my time in class) and they dont know how to control the students so we're always wild in the classroom. third, is that all my old friends dont talk to me any more because they think just because they're in high school they have to act differently. ( probably because of peer pressure but i dont give a shit). fourth, MY HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM SUCKS ASS, 0 - 6 GAMES WE LOST OMFG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT. EACH GAME WE GET BLOWN OUT LIKE 34 - 0 POINTS. I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK!! fifth, home work is piling up and i have to focus on school more harder since grades really count this year. and lastly the school administration changed the vice principal to a more stricter person so all the rules can be enforced and followed. ( uniforms have to be in order, class on time ALWAYS, no talking at all, etc) I JUST REALLY HATE HIGH SCHOOL. maybe itll change or things'll get better since this is just my freshmen year but over all im not looking foward to the rest of my high school year. :\

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