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So I'm enjoying Google Chrome right now, it's a pretty neat little browser. Javascript generated text seems to be showing up as a "missing image" on some forums, but past that it works quite nicely. I've read a few papers that talk about fearmongering of Google "claiming rights" to anything you post via Chrome. The *same* bullet of the agreement, however, says that I retain all copyrights to my creations, and that they only retain rights SO that the browser can actually function. So, it seems like a wash. Especially since the same EULA applies for using general google search, or any of their other programs.

It is raining like *crazy* here. Thank you Gustav! My streets are flooded now!

As for Zombie Panic, programming work is mostly done for the 1.3 release I think. Waiting on a few other things, and for good solid playtesting, then I think we'll be talking about releasing that. It will be in the public hands soon!

We've shifted work now to the Content Patch, so people excited for that can start getting excited. We may be doing it differently than previously announced.

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