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Report RSS The Reality Of The Situation In The Middle East

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hello, many of you have already heard whats happening in the middle east right now because of a anti-islamic propaganda movie : many protests in different countries like in sudan, lebanon, tunesia, lybia etc..... and many embassy buildings from many different countries like german embassy building in sudan, U.S embassy building in lybia etc... has been stormed and burned.

now what the media firstly told us :
terrorists attacked these embassy buildings because of the anti-islamic propaganda movie.

now in yahoo (german) i found a article about it that the german embassy building in sudan has been burned, and the article is very long, you can read it here but you wouldn´t understand a single word since everything there is in german :ürchten-gewalt-freitagsgebeten-051455370.html and there is NO SINGLE WORD ABOUT TERROR OR TERRORISM!!

what the reality is about the middle eastern protests :
MUSLIMS HAVE A RIGHT TO PROTEST !! this is what happen when a anti-islamic propaganda movie has been released, and then our governments thing that they are in right and call it freedom of speech, but telling the truth about 9/11 or the iraq war is a crime ?! wtf ?! and when muslims protest against something, they have the right for it, everyone has the right to protest against something bad, AND THE ANTI-ISLAMIC PROPAGANDA MOVIE IS BAD !!! and our governments call these protests "terrorism" and everyone believe that its terrorism, which is not.
if im a christianity and the government would release a anti-christianity propaganda movie, sure i would protest, like the muslims do.

oh and there are evidence (or proofs ?) that these embassy bombings and killings in lybia on the U.S embassy were mossad false flag attack, watch this :

my support goes to the muslims, you are not terrorists, you muslims are my brothers like every other good human (bad humans are like governments or bankers or zionists, they are all zionists).

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