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Strong bad mod eat your heart out (or something like that)

Strong Bad Mod 1 comment

We've got a few new screenshots for you, they are from the map SBM_Castle and it's looking pretty good so far! Our site is also fully working again after...

After 2 and a half month of downtime, our site is back

Strong Bad Mod 2 comments

Finally, after 2 and a half months of downtime, our site is finally back up, I couldn't wait any longer for the database to be restored, so i decided...


Strong Bad Mod 0 comments

Sorry for the site being broken for so long, I hate it myself too. Flagrun needs to restore around 50 databases and put them all in .sql files, and its...

New website layout

Strong Bad Mod 0 comments

The Strong Bad Mod website has gotten a new layout, with nice and smooth colors, so go check it out at We've added a Picture of the moment, and you can...

How to contact me

Strong Bad Mod 0 comments

Looks like i had like 5 pm's of people wanting to join. I check moddb like once a week, maybe less, and all i check is our mod profile, not my pm's. So...

New Strong Bad Mod Models!

Strong Bad Mod 6 comments

It's been almost a month since the last news post, and we got quite alot of new player models to show! We got 6 new models! Our coder is back from the...

Splash Screen!

Strong Bad Mod 0 comments

We got a splash screen now! Made by me, and the logo (The text that says 'Strong Bad Mod' will probably be changed later, but we dont have to worry about...

Strong Bad Modification

Strong Bad Mod 3 comments

If you didnt know yet, I'm making a mod based on the Homestarrunner flash movies. You can read what we are planning to do on our website. The Strong Bad...

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