I'm Fraser and I live in New Zealand. I make and play games. I love ModDB and I would really like to make a name for myself before I dive head first into the game design industry. That's it, so read my blog for more information.

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Ok so basically what battle forge is is a card game RTS, so thing of it like Magic the Gathering meeting Warcraft 3 and then them having a beautiful love child. Well thats what this is! Its intensely fun and completely free except for buying new cards which are also really cheap. So basically what im saying it what you should go get this game, if you do then PLEASE put my e-mail as the person who recommended, its abloke101@gmail.com this game is really fun and Im sure you will enjoy it. The reason Im asking you to put me as the person that recommended is that not only do I get some cool stuff to upgrade my units but we also get auto added to each others friends lists and I can have a game with you. So join up, its free and you have nothing to lose except countless hours spent playing it. Heres the link Battleforge.com And here are some pics

Nerds Have Better Taste in Music

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Nerds have a way better taste of music and I think I know why this is. It's because nerds don't care what other people think about their iPod contents, I listen to Katy Perry some times because it's catchy, but that dosent mean I don't like Iron Maiden some times. Most nerd also don't care if they're being original with their music sense, I listen to Owl city which is a reasonably not well known musician (check him out its really relaxed and catchy stuff =D Owlcitymusic.com). But I don't do it because everyone else does, I listen to it because it's relaxed and feel good music that I enjoy. I think people have to stop worrying about all of the views everyone else has, and start just relaxing a little bit more. I mean its pretty simple if you like it, listen to it.

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