Currently living in New York, but was born in Canada.

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6 years ago by Frandude 0 comments

Click this link:
If you have no idea why you just did that, let me explain...

There is a game called Toribash. You're probably thinking, "What the hell does Toribash mean?". In fact, you're probably using much more "colourful" language. If you haven't clicked the link already, you probably should. Both of them. Toribash is an indie game. That doesn't mean it's based off an Indiana Jones movie, it means that it uses a unique game engine. Toribash is also an action/strategy game. And it's multiplayer. It's a pretty good game. Now, if you decide you wish to play the magnificent game called Toribash, you should probably know that you will not be good at it the first few minutes. Like all worthwhile things, Toribash takes practice.

For all you lazy people who don't want to be bothered to download a silly game like Toribash, I'll explain a bit of the core elements of Toribash. You can make your little guy do four different things to his many limbs. He can contract, extend, relax and hold them. Contracting and extending would do as the name says, they would contracts and extend the limbs. Relaxing a limb will make it limp and holding a limb will make it hard. That sounds disgusting, but that's not what i mean. Say your ragdoll fell, if all his limbs were relaxing he would hit the ground and his limbs would move around freely as they please, in relation to the rest of the body. But if he was holding all his limbs, when he hit the ground he would be like a stone and wouldn't move a muscle. You can use these four states to move freely around a designated area, unlike real life, it is very hard to stay upright in Toribash, it's almost as if your avatar was drunk. This being the case, it is necessary that this game doesn't need you to walk long distances. Probably the only logical way to go was to make this into an action game. So what happens in single player is fairly simple, you have the option to control two ragdolls, Uke and Tori. Although most people play as Tori to get better by beating up Uke, some people like to fight themselves. In this single player deathmatch, there really isn't an aim, although some people think the aim is to deal as much damage to Uke as possible. Although this is half true, other people use this single player thing to just dance around. Another thing you can do is go multiplayer. Essentially it's the same thing except with real people and maybe a different game-type.

Another thing you can do in Toribash is customize your avatar. Making him colourful is very fun in my opinion. But to customize your avatar, you need to buy items, and to buy items, you need TC. Getting TC is pretty simple. There are four legal ways of doing it. You can win multiplayer matches and get a little TC every time you win, you can give your address to random people and get lots of TC or you can pay real money. The fourth way to get TC is by getting people to click on that very first link at the top. You get 30 TC every time someone clicks on your link. It's like your steam ID but you get rewarded for people looking. Thanks for reading through that whole useless wall of information!

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Echo-Four Jan 26 2010 says:

If you are the leader of the Proudly Canadian group would you remove the american flag that Af put up

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Dr.Afanickton Jan 27 2010 replied:

ur mean eli

+1 vote     reply to comment
Frandude Creator
Frandude Feb 16 2010 replied:

Well it's not proudly American. :/

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figalot Oct 15 2009 says:

lovez that game on ur sig

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ninjadave Oct 12 2009 says:

I can't randomly drop in and say hi?

+1 vote     reply to comment
ninjadave Oct 11 2009 says:


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Hendrix Sep 18 2009 says:

An easy mistake to make my friend!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hendrix Sep 17 2009 says:

Jingo is a discworld novel mate...

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dafatcat Sep 14 2009 says:

Cool avatar bro

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Hendrix Sep 14 2009 says:

dude, your quote about the man on fire, im sure it was Terry Pratchett (specifically 'cut my own throat' dibbler) from the book Jingo.

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