Hello there weary traveler, welcome to my ModDB profile, my main profile for modding games. My name is Sasha and I live in Republic of Srpska. I'm a proud Yugoslavian and long time video gamer. I like playing and modding video games but since I've finished college, I don't have much of free time to do what I want so games and modding are suffering because of that. But still from time to time you can find me on the battlefieds.

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FoxFort Dec 6 2014, 11:45am replied:

Thank you my friend. I'll release new version in a few days. Right now, I'm talking with sgt_prof with helping me to make better lighting for maps.

+1 vote   mod: Global Storm
FoxFort Dec 5 2014, 4:29pm replied:

Have you tried the workaround, read my first comment.

+1 vote   download: Global Storm Special Forces v0.4 [RETIRED]
FoxFort Dec 5 2014, 12:38pm says:

YEAH. I was waiting for BIS to make something like that. Awesome !

+4 votes   media: Headset
FoxFort Dec 5 2014, 11:10am replied:

Thanks :)

+2 votes   media: PKM
FoxFort Dec 5 2014, 5:31am replied:

Since EA-Dice and Activision are not on the list, I don't think they would allow any porting from their games.

Plus modding is about making a new stuff, not stealing someone else's work.

+4 votes   tutorial: Porting contents
FoxFort Dec 5 2014, 5:21am replied:

Thanks, I tried it and it works. I'll try to set up my server for this mod.

+1 vote   media: Global Storm V0.8
FoxFort Dec 5 2014, 2:44am replied:

Dose main Global Storm crash?

+1 vote   download: Global Storm Special Forces v0.4 [RETIRED]
FoxFort Dec 4 2014, 2:23pm says:

Importing from any, any video game is illegal. Even importing from BF2:SF into BF2 and other way around is illegal. But luckily, EA and DICE never bothered with that. ;)

There's is one plus to all of that. If you are not going to earn money on it and since support for BF2 from EA and DICE has been terminated. You can get away with it. Unless someone reports you to the owner of those games (We gamers are not owners of our video games, we only paid to use their software, we don't own it.)

Also since BF2 is now old game and with MP shutdown it has gone from worlds "radar" and the big companies now "turn a blind eye" on small illegal things. But again you are still at risk of being criminally prosecuted.

+2 votes   news: development team
FoxFort Dec 4 2014, 1:52pm says:

Imate manju grešku. Nije "Republic of Serbian" nego "Republic of Serbia"

+3 votes   mod: Battlefield 2: Bure baruta
FoxFort Dec 4 2014, 7:03am replied:

There is a software called "DIEsoft lite" that you ran with BF2.

+1 vote   media: Global Storm V0.8
FoxFort Dec 4 2014, 7:01am replied:

Now you have to use programs like Gameranger or Tunngle for online play, these programs use ingame built LAN to play the multiplayer over the internet.

+1 vote   media: Global Storm V0.8
FoxFort Dec 3 2014, 11:34am says:


+4 votes   media: M-97 with balaclava
FoxFort Dec 1 2014, 6:24am replied:

First make BF2.exe shortcut, then right click on that shortcut, select properties, go to shortcut tab and you'll find Target. In that target section add command. You can see this is ReadMe file.

+1 vote   mod: Global Storm
FoxFort Nov 29 2014, 10:56am replied:


If you want to get in contact with WW try via his YT account.


+2 votes   member: FoxFort
FoxFort Nov 28 2014, 5:33pm says:

Great mod, I do have one reguest if possible. Can you make better textures for Relic vanilla Germans infantry textures. To remove white and that blue-ish infantry textures. I find that e.g. "HISTORICAL SKIN MOD" has great German textures, can you make something like that and make it as an optional repleacment?

+1 vote   mod: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
FoxFort Nov 21 2014, 12:22pm replied:

Hvala druže !

+2 votes   media: My A3 retextures
FoxFort Nov 16 2014, 4:58am replied:

I also use Ak-12 with Pka-s and HBAR, but in Locker, Silencer and Kobra are good way for CQC and to flank the enemy. But problem in BF4 is that you can't hide in the dark because of silhouette glow. In fact you can see other players from a mile because of the glow. Sucks

+1 vote   media: BF4
FoxFort Nov 14 2014, 6:38am replied:

Hope so. In BF4 I have memory leak problem, SP loading times is quick ~1 min, but MP ~5mins. Weapons looks weak to me. I just don't like it, game to me looks like it's in Open Beta phase. Just don't like it, the game needs a lot of working on. It does have a lot of potential, but in this state, it's ****. For me the major dawn factor is memory leak, it's hammering my gameplay. But I've tried it and I'll never buy it.

+2 votes   group: Battlefield Fans
FoxFort Nov 11 2014, 11:43am replied:

Sad baš na wiki sam vidio da i Zolju nazivaju wasp, to nisam znao, mada nikad mi nije ni palo napamet kako se naša zolja kaže na engl. Znam za LAW.

Uglavnom dobar model i opavezno kodirat da poslije pucanja ju automacki baci.

+2 votes   media: M-80 "Зоља" (wasp)
FoxFort Nov 11 2014, 5:49am says:

Zar nije M-79 Osa "wasp" ?

+2 votes   media: M-80 "Зоља" (wasp)
FoxFort Nov 10 2014, 6:19pm says:

I've just started with 7 days trial of BF4. And thank you EA for trial I was soo close to buy BF4 on last Friday, but now after an hour of Trial time with BF4 I would made a big mistake with buying BF4. I just don't like BF4, Don't like the visuals, don't like weapon control.The game has cartoon like visuals, gameplay dumb down. After BF2, It took me short time to adjust with BF3 and now I like BF3, this BF4 is ****. Then again I played too much of ArmA III, so my standards got little high. Sorry people, but BF3 has better maps, weapons, visuals and gameplay. But BF4 dose have some animations better.

+2 votes   group: Battlefield Fans
FoxFort Nov 9 2014, 3:07pm says:

For all you PC gamers, have you heard that, the PC version of METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES will be released via Steam on December 18th, 2014.

And That MGS V: Phantom Pain will also come to PC...

+2 votes   group: Metal Gear Solid Fans
FoxFort Nov 9 2014, 3:01pm replied:

I don't know. Have you installed all updates for BF2?

+2 votes   mod: Global Storm
FoxFort Nov 4 2014, 10:06am replied:

I love Arma series, but still my favorite is Cold War Crsis :D

+1 vote   media: My Avatar
FoxFort Nov 4 2014, 4:48am replied:

I've just downloaded and tried archive. It works with no problem. Have you tried to open it via WinRar?

+2 votes   download: The Last Storm
FoxFort Nov 2 2014, 12:07pm replied:

Thank you. Good to hear you like :)

+1 vote   mod: Global Storm
FoxFort Nov 1 2014, 3:54pm replied:

Thank you :)

+1 vote   download: Global Storm Mod V0.6.5 [RETIRED]
FoxFort Oct 29 2014, 11:42am replied:

Well I downloaded BF2142 and I couldn't start it. So after little research on the net and I decided to make this just so I and anyone else can play BF2142. It's a very good game, shame, just shame what EA has done to it :( ...

+3 votes   mod: The Last Storm
FoxFort Oct 28 2014, 5:29pm says:

Not bad but I think Russian Digital should be little darker. And flora body armor texture looks like little blue/purple to me.

+1 vote   download: RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 0.3
FoxFort Oct 28 2014, 3:34pm replied:

Sorry about that, Now there's a standalone Russians :)

+1 vote   download: RHS: Escalation 0.3.0
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