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flurk @ Team Fortress

>>Then, hats and crafting. Probably the worst idea VALVE has ever had. For a minute there, people thought VALVE was becoming Activision.

Hats: purely cosmetic. How does that break the game?
Crafting: if I didn't get the weapon I want by pickup, at least I could craft it.
Trading: If I were a newbie and I found my first hat, I'd gladly trade it out to get a tonne of weapons I can play around and experiment with.

And please don't start with the cash shop.
1) You don't need to pay any money to get every weapon in the game, unless you really, really care about weapon cosmetics. The only exceptions to this are the sun-on-a-stick and sharpened volcano fragment, which are both weak.. and you can just get them through trading anyway.
2) That said, paying money for hats? You probably think it's beyond silly. I agree, and so do a vast majority of tf2 players, but wealthy people will be wealthy and purchase them. It makes Valve happy because they continue to earn revenue, it keeps us happy because we don't have to pay anything if we don't want to. Nobody loses.
3) If you argue that some weapon sets are only completed with the complementing hat, think of the hat as "more weapons". They're inexpensive (ranging between 2 to 4 refs each) so you can really just trade for them if you're really desperate about it. The sets are all quite bad, imo, except for the milkman set which has no drawbacks. I first raged when I read the update where you need hats to complete the set, thinking it'd take me ages to obtain them and so I'd lose an edge to other players who have them. But after an entire year or so, I think almost all the sets are just terrible.

>>And then, the game became free.

F2P is truly terrible. I agree with you here, nothing more needs to be said about this matter.

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flurk @ Team Fortress

>>GhettoGarden1 Aug 18 2011, 11:40pm says:

>>became just garbage, when VALVE introduced achievement weapons.

Adding content is garbage? ..Why?
Assuming you feel that adding different weapons makes the game unbalanced and too unpredictable or RPSy (kind of like MW2?), please note that a recurring theme in tf2 is "just messing around and having fun and laughs". In serious games (pugs or competitive matches), weapon choices are limited.

>>Then, the game got worse when VALVE introduced pickups. Because, then, the people who worked hard to get said achievement weapons don't have an edge to the person who installed the game 5 minutes ago and picked up some weapon within his first minute of playing.

People could get their achievement weapons by calling up a couple of friends and staging it in an empty server. Nobody had to work hard to get achievements.

I personally feel that there is no good reason why older players should have an edge over newer players. They already have an edge in skill, why make them more powerful?

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