Fluidia is a novice game developer with basic programming experience with Java, a little Javascript, (and a reader's knowledge of HTML and CSS) currently pursuing a degree in mathematics. He is also working on his first game, an atmospheric 3-dimensional exploration and puzzle game presently titled Cosmicomics, written with the Unity engine.

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Hey all, nothing to phenomenal happened today for Cosmicomics: I prototyped a very simple teleportation mechanic, more for practicing game coding than for direct implementation; who know however, perhaps it will come in handy...

Anyhow, after working on the Jump mechanism and fixing it up to the point where, aside from a few tweaks and one weird issue that should be fixed with another run at the programming (it's not so hard now that I have the hang of it - I mean, it's only jumping), it's up to-par, I spent today relaxing and not working on Cosmicomics - instead, I wrote a short game using Twine. Twine is a really awesome tool for writing IF (interactive fiction). I've used it before, but issues always come up (indeed, they came up this time too). Regrettably, for the Mac build of Twine at least, it is just too buggy. For instance, I used no special characters, and yet Twine cannot export my source code because of an obscure bug. :( Anyhow, I tried to upload the html file for the game to my website - however(!) Wordpress which I use to "power" my site, is defaulted to only allow upload of certain file types on "the whitelist" essentailly. And, it turns out that I was unable to upload the simple html file! I spent a LONG time on google trying to track down a fix to this odd and arcane issue, with little luck. I found something relavent, but was unable to find the corresponding functions in the css theme code to edit. So, for now, Death In The Night will not be available - Sorry! :( Hopefully I will get this fixed soon (you know, for all you short IF fans out there).

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