Fluidia is a novice game developer with basic programming experience with Java, a little Javascript, (and a reader's knowledge of HTML and CSS) currently pursuing a degree in mathematics. He is also working on his first game, an atmospheric 3-dimensional exploration and puzzle game presently titled Cosmicomics, written with the Unity engine.

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And inevitably the answer will out - it turns out, the whole thing had a simple answer. When I edited the Wordpress theme's functions.php, I did it properly. And, there was not a strange bug after all (though, everything else aside, it should be easier to edit the whitelist of upload-able MIMEs than to edit your site functions.php, even if it was informative. Nope, it turns out, the issue was that my html file, which I (ouch) assumed had an implicit .html extension that my OS was not displaying, actually literally did not have an extension. This never crossed my mind simply because I knew Twine builds were in html.. I know, really stupid. And a large waste of time. Anyhow, it's all worked out now, and you can go play through my short twine game Death In The Night here if you'd like.

Twine is really pretty awesome - and cross-platform. You should give it a try. It can be downloaded here, and anna anthropy (or auntie pixelante) - author of the acclaimed dys4ia - has an excellent introduction to Twine here; there are a couple other good ones somewhere out there as well...

Lastly, right now on indiegamestand.com the awesome - and regrettably Windows-only!!! - Love+ is available for essentially pick your price (and lovely bonuses). I picked it up at a reduced price, while still beating the average. This seems reasonable to me - I am a student, and I can't use Windows directly, at least, not without a lot of wiggling about, so certainly not straight out of the box. I picked it up on the off chance it could be a gift (or, you never know, WINE...?), and because I wanted to support such a cool indie game - and you should too!!!

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