Hi, I like to thinker some music and create maps for mods :Ð

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The OP-1, shortcut for operator-1, is a portable synthesizer and controller.
Made by Teenage Engineering: www.teenageengineering.com
It has allot of sound engines, sample engines and many ways to add effects. It has also some funny stuff like motion sensors, you can add effect with this just by moving the op-1 around. The OP-1 also has a built-in FM, so you can sample direct from any radiostation or record. It looks very playfull n stuff, just like a toy.

Check it out yourself on: Teenageengineering.com


fliros Blog

it is holiday here because it is summer..
and it is getting bored, so do you know something to do, and also what I need for it. It needs to be new or odd (cause everything I like is odd to kizzy o.O).

I have been thinking of buying a cam, lol around and place it on youtube.
Boredom does let me think of much to do, only I am most of the time a bit lazy to do anything, but now I have enough energy to do stuff.

So if you have any advice to do, tell it :P

a few tips:
-no pc stuff, I need to stay away from the pc for a while.
-something realistic.
-something CRAZY

oh and I might even film it if the idea is AWESOME :D

Edit: I found something already: MUSIC
I gone make music (it is on pc though) but I like it :D
If you stille have an awesome idea just post it for fun.


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I think everyone has them.
and I want you to say what your prejudices are about:
the Netherlands,
me (why not) or
anything else maybe

[and modDB wants me to have at least 300 characters in lenght, so here we go. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .]

anyway I would like it if you place very painful prejudices, and maybe they are even true.. or not.


fliros Blog

I started to make music thanks to daniel (speedfire493).
and as you can hear they are stille bad, but they are my very first songs so that is no wonder why they aren't the best.

I use Acid from Sony for it, it is a very easy progem :P

I think I will go remix songs later :D , but that would be a bit hard D:


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I checked out kizzy's profile and I found a blog that he has an formspring account, and I thought shoop da WAT??? So I checked out Kizzy account on Fromspring and I thought: hmmm that is pretty cool to answer strange, stupid, wierd, silly, happy question.

so I made an account too =D
AND ASK so much question you can think of, I will be happy to try to answer it =D

(ASK ME Formspring.me NOW)

Name bla

fliros Blog 2 comments

My fliros name is what a friend come up with like 5/6 years ago. Cause I needed a username for somekind of online game :P . I am aslo called flo sometimes by friends, not very often anymore, but I liked that one actually :D , would be good if that one gets back, so you could call me flo if you want :D

how I met

fliros Blog

wen my age was 11 years a friend of my showed me a little online game, I liked it. We had somewhere an old pc and I thought I can take that pc so I can play the game, it didn't really worked out that great cause the computer was to bad, but I could play it a bit. 2 years later wen I was 13 years I bought a new computer on the internet, my brother and I put the pieces together and it worked.
My brother had a computer too so he know how it worked and just before I got my new pc I broke my left arm. In the while that my arm was broke I played on the computer of my brother Portal, I like the game so must that I bought the orange box on my new pc.
I play Portal on my new pc for a while until I killed glados, I started looking videos on the internet about portal and I learned a new word MOD. I didn't know wat a mod was, so I searhed on Google Portal mods and I download the mod of Martin (skinnycap) it was Portal Underground Story, I liked it and began to searchs for other and I search now even for half-life 2 mods. Everytime I search something with the word mod in it I saw this website. The first times I saw this website I thought nice website and I wanted to place a comment to a mod but I needed to have an account so I made one. Later I was thinking I can do more with this website.
So with this website I met Speedfire, Kizzy, some mods of Skinnycap
and I came in a group Enrichment Center Productions. (ofc some other people to =D

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