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Mod Review on Nov 19th, 2014

While it's a joyous romp with plenty of nice details and scripted events, it ends rather abruptly with a sequel planned but ultimately scrapped with no announcement or even another word from the devs :(

Not to mention the voice-work for some characters is heavily accented to the point it's hard to hear what they are saying, especially our two main leads. Which is a shame, because it's decent for the most part.

Give this a gander, once you apply the fix that is.

Go kick some rebel butt (For as long as that lasts, anyway :) )

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Mod Review on Jul 7th, 2014

While it ends rather abruptly with little payoff, Penetration is an excellent Half-life 2 mod from the early days, with splendid pacing, design and gameplay.

Give this a gander, you won't be sorry :)

Men of Valor: Vietnam
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Game Review on Jun 10th, 2014

Playing this back in 2004 on the original XBOX was certainly a painful experience. I never finished it on that console due to the difficulty, but me and my brother did enjoy the online play.

However, blasting my way through the game on the PC recently reminded me how much I missed.

The game was an interesting take on the Vietnam setting, focusing on tactical combat rather then going in guns blazing against a vicious enemy. The graphics also looked top-notch for the time, on par with HL2 IMO.

While it may not have aged well, it's tough-as-nails gameplay, articulate level design and voice-acting made it stand out from generic shooters at the time.

Today, you should nab a copy. Just be prepared to get your butt kicked :)

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Mod Review on Jun 5th, 2014

While a little choppy, Ladder is a great gauntlet shoot-em-up with 30 waves to fight through with a highly destructible environment that keeps you on your toes as you fight heavier and more challenging (not to mention destructive) foes.

Not ground-breaking, but just apply an EP2 fix and you'll be sure to have a blast :)

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Game Review on May 8th, 2014

Seeing the trailer for this game left me in an ecstatic state, the premise was just so surreal!

Granted, I've always wanted a realistic WW1 shooter, but Necrovision got a few things on my wishlist.

But, I have to admit, playing it for the first time in 2012 left me very disappointed. The game just wasn't optimized very well for ATI cards! Alongside a framerate that chugged, I was surprised by gameplay glitches and other snags, including a bug that prevented a bridge from extending, stopping me from crossing a dangerous railroad!

However, I couldn't deny the fun I was having with the game.

Dual wielding shovels, knives, grenades and other weapons with pistols was just ingenious, letting me take on enemies with whatever I damn well pleased alongside ww1 weapons that sounded powerful and gave me a surprisingly realistic kickback.

The enemies themselves were varied and the massive level design was dotted with secrets and little tidbits that rewarded keen explorers!

The story itself was very scatterbrained and many of the voice actors did a pathetic job in some areas, ruining some already silly dialogue. It also didn't help that upon entering level six, you loose a lot of dual wielding options :(

However, I have to give props to the VA behind the main character, Simon Bukner. His voice sounded genuine and his character development was very believable and likeable. Seeing a protagonist who went into a war for glory only to be horrified by what he sees before denouncing his choices and declaring all he cares about now is going home, was honestly very rare in FPS shooters at the time.

It also helped that Simon had some of the best dialogue in the game. There were even some poetic moments that I didn't think would ever occur in such a zany shooter.

NecroVisioN may not be for everyone, playing it a second time with a better rig and some helpful commands smoothed the FPS so be prepared before buying. Those looking for a satisfying shooter should be pleased. :)

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Mod Review on Mar 21st, 2014

There are glitches, such as certain ragdolls falling through the map upon death and the knife attack phases through the weapon you are holding, but for the most part, Smod: Realism lives up to it's name.

The fighting is tense and the AI is very pinpoint and brutal, not to mention the weapon limit made the initial Route Canal levels some of the most intense fighting I've had in a Smod release (Running around with a magnum and only a couple spare cylinders had me making haste like Chow Yun-fat).

While the attack damage and vision blur got on my nerves at tense moments and may put people off from playing for extended periods, the amount of work in Smod: Realism shows and shouldn't be disregarded.

I'll be sure to revisit this Smod Release with community maps very soon :)

Grand Theft Auto III
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Game Review on Aug 22nd, 2013 - 1 person agrees

The game that practically started the 3D sandbox genre.

Well detailed and full of life at the time of it's release, the game was a hard, blood-soaked romp through a pseudo-New York City at a time where America and much of the world was experiencing untold Paranoia and Anger the likes of which the world hadn't seen since the cold war.

Reception from gamers was staggeringly positive and the negative response from rights-groups, politicians, parents and big-brother alike was out of this world.

GTAIII officially kicked off the GTA series as a best-seller with new methods of gameplay and atmosphere not many folks had seen before and a level of exploration that kept players glued to their controllers and PC's for hours on end.

But has it aged well?

After playing the previous games, coming back to GTAIII was a punch to the gut. I simply forgot how hard the game was and how wonky the car physics were!

And while the game offers a lot to do, the player is given buckets of money with not a whole lot to spend it on.

These little cons don't change that fact the game is a blast, even though most players today will be begging for a break from the hard difficulty and the wonky physics can ruin a mission at the last minute and incite rage in the most hardened GTA fans.

One hell of a blast down memory lane!

Half-Life 2: EXIT
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Mod Review on Jul 3rd, 2013

Not a bad start.

The level design is tight and the gameplay is tense, with close-combat zombie fighting and combine near the end.

It's a nice little mini-mod with a lot of action packed within, give it a go :)

Santa's Revenge 2
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Mod Review on Jul 1st, 2013

A wonderful joke mod that does a phenomenal job lampooning modern military shooters.

Give it a go for some good laughs :D

The Challenger Deep 2
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Mod Review on Jun 30th, 2013 - 1 person agrees

A VAST improvement over the previous mod, with greater level design and firefights!

The mod is also substantially longer, with great atmosphere and a better focus on the story and just what the scientists in challenger deep were doing at the bottom of the ocean.

It does come with it's hitches, however.

There are frame-rate issues here and there, and the larger open areas make fights overwhelming at times and hard to navigate.

However, it is a great remake of the original.

Give it a go :D