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5 Review

Mod Review on Dec 3rd, 2014

Rife with poor mapping choices (Did the doors REALLY need to take several minutes to open once starting the map?) and dotted with poor enemy placement in such a little mod, it still offers a small bit of decent gunplay with a nice little deathtrap for a small unit of grunts.

Play it on your lunch break :)

Missile strike imminent
5 Review

Mod Review on May 29th, 2014

Not a bad little mod if you ask me, but it is in serious need of polish in level design.

The gameplay itself is very straightforward, until it ends abruptly. Give this a go if you need another half-life fix, but otherwise, your time is better spent elsewhere.

Dopusk 31
5 Review

Mod Review on May 8th, 2014 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

The whole mod is unbalanced, both in terms of gameplay and design.

Many models are blocky while others are higher resolution (The same same goes for the textures) and the whole mod itself is rather unstable, having succumbed to a couple of crashes amongst a difficulty scale that goes up and down like a roller-coaster, especially on medium.

Which is a shame, the spooky first minutes of this mod were very effective at keeping me on edge and the level design isn't that bad either.

Give it a go if you need a half-life fix, otherwise, it's not worth the effort. :(

Last Reaction and Water Bases (or Aquatic TC)
5 Review

Mod Review on Oct 13th, 2013

While offering plenty of levels with unique and interesting level design (With plenty of challenge), they are very hard to navigate and one may find themselves running around a level for almost half and hour before finding the right keycard to exit the maze.

Only bother if you have PLENTY of patience.

Star Wars Testmod
5 Review

Mod Review on Jun 23rd, 2013

While the level design is VERY basic, the custom models and weapons from a mod released so long ago is something to admire, especially considering the resources modders had back in the day.

Not bad, and worth the download for curiosities sake :)

Cyber Scape
5 Review

Mod Review on Apr 12th, 2013 - 1 person agrees

It is an interesting concept and I'm glad this rare mod has been uploaded onto MODDB, but.... it will forever remain unfinished.

The level design varies in detail and while the new models and assets are nicely done, they aren't implemented very well.

Not to mention the difficulty spikes a fair bit and the whole modding team should have given this mod a few more months of development or rather, just cut the mod down if they were under time restraints.

It's an average mod that is fortunately unfinished. But iff this is your cup of tea, go ahead, give it a try :)

5 Review

Mod Review on Mar 9th, 2013

Very short, while very well detailed in the beggining.

However, the level design gets rather clunky once you descend into the mines.

But, I am looking forward to future installments, and I hope they are much longer :)

Hellsound Dreams
5 Review

Mod Review on Jan 18th, 2013

Well designed yet sparse on information regarding navigation and problem solving, many of the puzzles had to be traversed via noclip.

Simply put, there was far too much puzzle solving in this mod and it really broke the flow of the gameplay. Even though I did figure things out on my own near the end, I still felt like I was backtracking far too much.

Overall, it's not terrible as the modder has a keen eye and definitely a talent for modding, it's just that Hellsound missed the mark gameplay wise.

The Aztecs' Bane
5 Review

Mod Review on Dec 10th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

Odd level design and riddled with mapping bugs, TAB is still playable.

However, it is filled with instant death-traps and uneven difficulty. It's not perfect and a far cry from greater mods, but those looking to use the SHL weapons again should look no further.

Half-Life: Black Death
5 Review

Mod Review on Nov 28th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

I remember playing this a long time ago, and it certainly hasn't aged very well.

The level design was simple, yet the pacing and enemy placement was hideous. Most of the time your facing over a dozen grunts who rip you to shreds as soon as you step into a room, making the mod unbearably difficult even on easy settings.

The mod has some potential but besides the interesting perspective of a black ops soldier, there isn't much for me to recommend upon finishing it.

It's meh, and if you can manage to beat the mod on hard, you deserve some sort of medal D:

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