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I can say that a lot of effort was put into this, just so I can come clean that there is something redeemable about this mod as whole... but, I just don't understand what I went through.

I can relate LZ to an obscure arthouse movie, with some people coming to a conclusion of their own regarding the meaning of what they had just endured. I came to the conclusion that I wasted my time installing this mod and slowly shuffling around a boring environment.

While I admit It was interesting playing as a zombie, there was little gameplay and the story never really amounted to anything.

I can't recommend this to anyone, really :(


Call of Duty: Black Ops

Game review


And this is just me judging by the singleplayer as I refuse to play the multilayer... EVER.

The pacing in this game is even worse then that of MW2 and there is so little characterization and so little time to take your bearings you just don't care what happens to anyone or anything around you.

The enemies are, once again, Russians (This is getting old very fast), and your allies are card-board cut-out American jar-heads who all die, I mean, is it really that hard trying to give them personalities Except for one of them who's Russian American?

The guns are also unbeliveably anachronistic for the time and the levels zip by so damn fast it makes me pitty the level designers who toiled away trying to create beautiful levels that are completely ignored by practically everyone who plays through it.

Just ignore this entry in the COD series and anything else that comes after, it's dead and buried, move on :(


Wages Of Fear

Mod review

While I can see the work that went into this was well intended, it just aggravated me. Many times I felt like the mod was teasing me with sweet ramps and inclines, just begging for me to push the pedal to the floor and let my worries go. But doing so results in failure.

That being said, the timelimit (in dollars) is unnecessary and Far Cry just wasn't known for it's durable vehicles, even if you do somehow manage to take it slow and steady, if your not a good driver your bound to fall off a cliff or ram into a tree.

A ton of work went into this, it just isn't fun :(



Mod review - 1 agrees

It's just a skin pack with a plethora of stolen skins and models.

Good for a personal skin pack... but not something to release as a mod.

Just ignore this beta release :/


Quarter Life

Mod review - 1 disagrees

Like a lot of people have already said, too short with not enough substance :(


Zombie-X 1.0 Final

Mod review

Very poor if you ask me.

The levels are flat-out ugly and the special FX are simply over-the-top. While there are plenty of new enemies, the whole mod comes with plenty of unnecessary content (How many multiplayer maps did this mod need anyway?) that increased the mod size and some weapons couldn't even be equipped unless you went through the console.

Much of the firefights are unfair free-for-alls with the odds almost never tipping in your favor. Only play if you seriously must have another Half-life Fix.


Half-Life 2: Return To Xen

Mod review

This shouldn't have even been released.

But I must admit, the Annabelle shotgun was interesting, as well as "Godzilla's finger" :P


Half-Life: Before

Mod review - 4 agree - 2 disagree

I would have given this a higher score if it was just one level.

Once I got down to the second level, I was driven to madness fighting the boss. Did it REALLY need to follow you at a million miles an hour?

It was just absurd fighting the boss since everytime I died I had to reload a save from the first level and watch a painfully long cut-scene before I got killed again D:

It's probably me just complaining, but I've never gotten so angry at a half-life mod before.

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