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8 Review

Mod Review on Jun 23rd, 2013 - 1 person agrees

Challenging and well detailed, it's a shame this little mod wasn't continued upon :(

Star Wars Testmod
5 Review

Mod Review on Jun 23rd, 2013

While the level design is VERY basic, the custom models and weapons from a mod released so long ago is something to admire, especially considering the resources modders had back in the day.

Not bad, and worth the download for curiosities sake :)

1 Review

Mod Review on Jun 23rd, 2013 - 1 person doesn't

For a mod with so much stolen content and such little effort put into it, it's amazing the file-size is so ridiculously large.

Don't bother.

Biohazard (Half-Life Mod)
1 Review

Mod Review on Jun 23rd, 2013 - 3 people agree

The maps are poorly assembled killboxs with enemies thrown left and right, and it is so short and so buggy it makes you wonder just why this download file is so obnoxiously large.

Don't bother.

Black Mesa: On a Rail - Loop Mod
10 Review

Mod Review on Jun 20th, 2013 - 3 people agree

An excellent addition to such a great mod.

I sincerely hope you continue to map for BMS :)

SSH : Mod Messup 1 : WTF Mod
1 Review

Mod Review on Jun 19th, 2013 - 3 people don't

About as welcoming as stubbing your bare toe on a serrated steel grate in a mad sprint.

This "Funny" mod quickly wears itself thin before you even get to the Anti-Mass-Spectrometer, with needlessly repeated ramblings and quips that that are apparently supposed to be jokes that assault your ear drums.

Play this if you are desperate for a quick chuckle, nothing less, nothing more.

Any more, is suicide.

Half-Life:Black Guard
8 Review

Mod Review on Jun 14th, 2013

Ripe with great detail and challenge, Black Security is a nice edition to the half-life modding library.

There are issues with balancing however, as the initial release had a difficulty that jumped left and right, not to mention this mod could have used an english translator, as much of the dialogue comes off as fatuous and... well... silly...

Regardless, it's a nice way to eat up a gloomy afternoon and shouldn't be missed :)

9 Review

Mod Review on Jun 14th, 2013

I went in expecting a survival horror mod, and I was half-right.

What I wasn't expecting to do was nearly rip my hair out in frustration from the difficulty and overwhelming (And nearly seizure inducing) horde of enemies that attacked at every turn.

And I loved every second of this pulse-pounding thrill ride.

There are some balancing issues, some bugs and like people have complained about, the ball-crunching difficulty, but a fan of old-school shooters like myself will feel right at home while playing Tr1p.

I sincerely hope the modder makes more, this was one hell of a ride! :D

Bunker 66
7 Review

Mod Review on Jun 13th, 2013 - 1 person agrees

Following this for quite a while and learning it would never be finished saddened me, however, I am grateful the alpha was released :)

While the pacing is sloppy, the balancing is non-existent and many elements of the game are unpolished and unfinished, the level design is superb, the attention to detail is marvelous and the atmosphere smothers the player in foreboding.

While it may never be finished and it is quite glitchy, what Bunker 66 has to show is worth the download :)

10 Review

Mod Review on Jun 3rd, 2013 - 1 person agrees

Back in the golden days of hl2 modding, this was something I played multiple times, and looking back at it, I sincerely wish I could go back for more :(

The new additions to the hl2 campaign struck me with surprise and awe and the dozens of new weapons made the action tight and refreshing, with new additional monsters and player abilities to decimate them with.

It's a shame this only partially works with mod fixes following the may 2010 update. Perhaps someone with some free time on their hands is willing to give it a fix. But I know that probably won't ever happen.

It's a sin and shame, but at least I still have great memories booting this up for the first time :)